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8.0 Update
Apsharanta: Sanctuary

KR: April 21st, 2021EU: TBD

Character: Level 85

Region: Apsharanta, Heart of Apsharanta

System: Daevanion Talent, Lord’s Relic, Pledge, Mounts Cube, Kerubar's Quick Guide

Quest: Legion Quests, Dispatch Quests

7.9history 2.png

7.9 Update

KR: October 29th, 2020EU: April 14th, 2021

Region: Pangaea, Labyrinth


7.7 Update
Silentera: Secret Sword

KR: April 8, 2020
EU: November 4th, 2020

Region: Time Fold, Beshmundir Storm Temple

Items: Glyph


7.5 Update
Land of Storm

KR: November 20, 2019
NA/EU: May 27, 2020 / June 9th, 2020

7.2 Update

KR: May 22, 2019
NA/EU: January 29, 2020 / October 30, 2019

Regions: Red Katalam


7.0 Update
New Season

KR: November 28, 2018
NA/EU: August 21, 2019 / July 10, 2019

Class: Painter, Painter Skills

Regions: Dumaha, Stella Research Laboratory

System: Lugbug Missions

Items:: Ultimate Silent Black Feather Set, Ultimate Raging Intruder's Set


6.5 Update
Frozen Relic

KR: July 11, 2018
NA/EU: March 27, 2019 / April 3, 2019

Instances: Senekta, Hererim Mine, Illumiel

System: Pandora Complex, Ereshkigal Cubic, Transformation Collection

Skills: New Daevanion Skills

Items:: Aching Cold Set, Ultimate Pandora Set


6.2 Update

KR: March 13, 2018
NA/EU: October 24, 2018 / September 19, 2018

Instances: Kubrinerk's Monster Cube Laboratory

System: Cubic System, Minion System Renewal

Skills: Ancient Daevanion Skills

Items:: The 'Shard'


6.0 Update

KR: January 17, 2018
NA/EU: October 24, 2018 / September 19, 2018

Region: Lakrum

Instances: Prometun's Workshop

System: Faster progression, Quna, Transformations

Items:: 3 new item grades, Golden Bars, new currencies


5.8 Update
Land of Battle

KR: July 12, 2017
NA/EU: Januray 10, 2018/February 7, 2018

Region: Abyss Core reopened

Instances: Holy Tower, Mirash Refuge

Items: New Abyss items, Spinel Coin items

System: Minions from Level 10


5.6 Immortal

KR: February 22, 2017
NA/EU: July 19, 2017/August 9, 2017

Instances: Tower of Challenge, Golden Crucible (Group Battles)

System: Additional Rift Entries, New Item Tooltips


5.5 Immortal
Flower of Ice

KR: January 11, 2017
NA/EU: July 19, 2017/August 9, 2017

Instances: Narakkalli, Museum of Knowledge, Neviwind Canyon

Items: Petra Medal, Battle Mark. Ancient Fallusha's Set.

System: Renewal of the Enchanting System, Video Recording feature, Minion System.


5.3 Dragon Lord's

KR: July 6, 2016
NA/EU: March 8, 2017 / February 8, 2017

Instances: Sanctum Battlefield, Pandaemonium Battlefield, Compensation for various instances changed

Items: High Guardian/Archon Abyss items, new High Daeva Equipment

System: Battlefield Union System, Battlefield Union Commander Skills, Atreia Pass System Renewal


5.1 High Daeva
Return of Glory

KR: March 23, 2016
NA/EU: November 9, 2016 / October 19, 2016

Area: Garden of Knowledge, Kroban Base, three kinds of High Daeva battlefields

Item: Apollon's Set, Crucible Insignia of Infinity Items

System: Extended Rookie Server, Buff icon reorganization

Crafting: High Daeva Magical Production


5.0 High Daeva
Successor of Eternity

KR: November 11, 2015
NA/EU: July 13, 2016 / August 10, 2016

Character: Max level increased (75), High Daeva evolution, Creativity, Power Flight

Area: Esterra, Nosra, the Tower of Eternity, Library of Knowledge

Item: High Daeva-only Items, High Daeva Wings, Upgrade Stone

System: Strengthening / Renovation Window, Ring Menu, High Daeva Material Conversion


Winds of Destiny
Rhapsody 2
Typhoon Abyss Update

KR: June 24, 2015
NA/EU: November 18, 2015 / February 24, 2016

Environment: Upper Abyss Renewal, Lower Abyss Renewal, Abyss Core no longer accessible

Items: L65 Mythical Daevanion Set, Violent Mission's Set, Divine Sauro Set

System: Expend inventory with Kinah, Profile window adjustments

Crafting: Gathering/Materials simplification, Divine Sauro items


Winds of Destiny
Rhapsody 1
New World Update

KR: December 3, 2014
NA/EU: June 17, 2015 / September 30, 2015

Environment: Signia/Vengar added, Sarpan/Tiamaranta/Katalam removed
Character: Skill renewal, Stigma renewal, new skills added

Instance  : Makarna, 3 enhanced instances, renewal of existing instances
Items: Beritra Dragon Lord's Set, 55 Brigade General Set, Extended Evolution, etc
System: Conqueror · Protector System, Territorial Battle, Vision Stigma



KR: August 27, 2014
NA/EU: January 28, 2015 / June 17, 2015

System: Breakthrough System, new Enchanting effect at +20
Skills: Breakthrough Skills at +20
Items: Breakthrough Tool, Breakthrough Enchanting Stone



KR: May 28, 2014
NA/EU: November 5, 2014 / March 25, 2015

Hunting: Kaldor, Akaron, Runatorium, Baruna Research Laboratory
Items: Kunax Set, Ascended Agent's Set, Mythical Grade Abyss Items
Warfare: Holy Land, Governors, Kaldor Garrisons
System: Beritra's Invasion, Equipment Evolution System, Atreia Pass


Violet Revolution

KR: January 15, 2014
NA/EU: June 18, 2014 / September 24, 2014

Hunting: Renewal of the Sauro War Depot and Steel Rose
Item: Ancient Coins and Ancient Coin Boxes
Forts: New time table and rewards
System: New teleports in Katalam


4.5 Update
Steel Cavalry

KR: August 28, 2013
NA/EU: January 29, 2014 / April 9, 2014

Character: New class, new skills, honor points
Hunting: Increased drop rate, new instances
Item: Packaging systems
Abyss: Upper Abyss forts renovated


Jormungand Marching Route

KR: May 29, 2013
NA/EU: January 29, 2014 / April 9, 2014

Battlefield: New battlefield
Hunting: Difficulty of 4.0 instances have been changed, increased drop rate
Item: New wings
System: Rating table function


4.0 Update

Part 3: Katalam invasion

KR: March 13, 2013
NA/EU: June 26, 2013 / November 20, 2013

Hunting: Sauro War Depot, Steel Wall Bastion, Kamar Battlefieled, etc.
Item: new production items
Quest: Hero Quests
System: View screenshots


4.0 Update

Part 2: Song of the battlefield

KR: January 16, 2013
NA/EU: June 26, 2013 / August 28, 2013

Character: New class
Item: Grendal set, Hyperion set
Hunting: Hall of Knowledge, Runadium, Katalamize, etc.


4.0 Update

Part 1: First Shots

KR: December 20, 2012
NA/EU: June 26, 2013 / August 28, 2013

Character: level cap rises to 65, New class
System: Chargeable skills, Enchantment Stone synthesis, integrated-server party search
Item: Level 65 Abyss items
Hunting: North and South Katalam, Steel Rose


3.5 Update
Tiamat’s Ruin

KR: July 11, 2012
NA/EU: October 10, 2012 / January 16, 2013

Instance: Tiamat's Hideout, Tiamat's Fortress, Arena of Cooperation, Arena of Glory, Shattered Abyssal Splinter
System: Cross-server instances, changes to rookie server
Legion: Legion max level rised to 8, Legion Quests, Legion coins
Item: Mythical weapons, new mounts


Age of Heroes

KR: May 9, 2012
NA/EU: July 18, 2012 / November 14, 2012

Hunting: Increased drop rate, lowered instance difficulty
Monster: Menotios' Fragment of Rage
System: Abyss item price cuts, updated siege rewards



KR: February 1, 2012
NA/EU: April 11, 2012 / August 15, 2012

Hunting: Satra Treasure Hoard
System: New siege times
Quest: Lowered quest difficulty


3.0 Update

KR: November 9, 2011
NA/EU: April 11, 2012 / August 15, 2012

System: Neutral zones, housing, mounts, rookie server, map drawing
Character: level cap raises to 60
Hunting: Aturam Sky Fortress, Raksang, Argent Manor & Elementis Forest, Muada's Trencher, Rentus Base
Item: Level 60 Abyss items, level 60 arena items, level 60 daevanion, New Wings


2.7 Update
Daeva for a Daeva

KR: July 27, 2011
NA/EU: October 19, 2011

Hunting: Padmarashka's Cave
Arena: Arena of Discipline, Arena of Chaos
System: in-game browser, Conditioning
Item: Arena items, strengthening existing items


2.6 Update
Crucible Challenge

KR: May 3, 2011
NA/EU: August 3, 2011

Hunting: Empyrean Crucible
System: Auto-party configuration system


2.5 Update
Empyrean Calling

January 26, 2011
NA/EU: May 25, 2011

System: Advanced graphics engine, pet system changes
Character: new skills, customized skills, motion changes
Hunting: Empyrean Crucible system, Esoterrace
Item: Crucible items


2.1 Update
Golden Daeva Syndrome

KR: November 10, 2010
NA/EU: November 17, 2010

System: Iitem drop rate increased
Quest: Better rewards from quests, weekly quests, difficulty has been lowered
Craft: Reduced the amount of required material, new way to obtain Balic Designs
Item: Wings producing pet


2.0 Update
Assault on Balaurea

KR: May 26, 2010
NA/EU: September 7, 2010

System: level cap rises to 55, Advanced Stigmas, new areas
Hunting: Haramel, Kromede's Trial, Udas Temple, Taloc's Hollow, Beshmundir Temple, Abyssal Splinter
Item: Yamennes Weapons, Stormwing Set, master craft items


1.9 Update

KR: March 24, 2010
NA/EU: June 2, 2010

System: Armsfusion, +15 enhancement, enhanced flight movement
Hunting: Increased drop rate
Item: New Wings, Judge series, daily quests


1.5 Update
Balaur Shadow

KR: August 5, 2009
NA/EU: September 22, 2009

System: Advanced Stigmas, new production items
Hunting: Dark Poeta, Abyss treasure rooms, Steel Rake
Item: Level 50 Daevanion, Anuhart, Elite Abyss, Steel Rake


1.2 Update

KR: April 15, 2009
NA/EU: September 22, 2009

System: Slayer system, Titles
Hunting: Theobomos Lab, Adma Stronghold
Item: traditional costumes, new wings


1.1 Update
Wake Up!

KR: March 4, 2009
NA/EU: September 22, 2009

System: Level cap raised to 50
Items: Level 30 Daevanion, platinum coins, set effect


1.2 Update

KR: November 11, 2020