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Every Sunday, protect Sanctum!

Sanctum Battlefield is an instance for up to 384 people.

It's an Elyos-only dungeon that opens every Sunday at 21:00. Asmodian version of this instance, Pandaemonium Battlefield, opens at the same time.

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● There are various mini-event like hunting named monsters, defending strongholds, alternative battles, and Dredgion infiltration instade the instance.

● Up to 384 players can participate.

● The final rank is calculated based on acquired points, following by a final attack on the Dredgion.

● Compensation is sent after the final attack. Never leave before the 45m time limit!

Progress Details


When you enter the Sanctum Battlefield, you will find yourself in the Lyceum.

Following event will occure depending on the time.

■ Occurance by Time

Time Event Description
Start Drakan Instructor Drakan Instructors appear in 3 different places.

When a Drakan Instructor dies, friendly NPCs appear to protect the base.

3min Drakan Battle Overseer Drakan Battle Overseers appear in 3 random locations.

Drakan Battle Overseers re-appear every 3min after being killed.

5min(*) Unfair Battle Unfair battle in taking place above the city.

Use the flight path to move to the hot zone.

Dredgion Infiltration A battle is taking place above the city.

Talk to a Shugo to infiltrate the Dredgion.

Base Defence Large Drakan Troops appear in the bases where NPCs appeared a few minutes ago.

If the leader of the friendly NPCs has died, Drakan Instructor will re-appear.

20min(*) Turret Battle The main battle starts.

Transport the tanks, activate rear turrets and defend them from the Balaur.

30min Commander Jubeda Commander Jubeda appears at the Elyos Square.

The battle will end when the Commander Jubeda is dead or 5min have passed.

35min Final Dredgion Battle Depending on the final score, the last Dredgion appears.

Use the stream that appeared near the Square to get above the city.

45min Rewards Delivered Once the last Dredgion is destroyed or 10min have passed, the battle ends and the final score is calculated and rewards delivered.

  • The events at the 5th and 20th minute can reverse, meaning the Turret battle can startat the 5th minute and the Unfair Battle at the 20th.

1. Drakan Instructor and Base Defence

Drakan Instructors appear in the Lyceum, Hall of Prosperity and Protectors Hall.

After killing each Instructor, friendly NPCs will appear to protect that spot.

- At the 5th or 20th minute, large scale battle begins at each base.

- If a leader of a base dies, Drakan Instructor will re-appear.


Drakan Instructors appear in 3 major locations


A Drakan Instructor


When you kill a Drakan Instructor, friendly NPCs will appear


At certain points, Balaur Troops will come to retake each post

2. Drakan Battle Overseer

3min after the start, 3 Drakan Battle Overseers will appear in 3 out of 5 random locations.

They will re-appear 3min after being killed in a random position.


Drakan Battle Overseers appear in 3 out of 5 locations


Kill all of them every 3min to gain points

3. Unfair Battle

5 or 20min after the start, unfair aerial battle with a Dredgion starts.

Use the teleporter near the bridge to join the fight.


Teleporter location


Use it to move to one of two battle sights

■ Non-Combat Method

- After arriving at the sight, mouth all the turrets.

- You can also fly up to attack the Dredgion directly.

- Destroy 4 Dredgion generators (2 on each side) to win the battle.

- You must protect the Turret Generator from the Balaur. If the generator is destroyed, nearby turrets will not be usable.

- During the unfair battle, missiles might fall on the ground. They will cause great damage if not dealt quickly.


Use turrets during the unfair battle


Or attack directly


Destroy 4 Dredgion Generators to win the battle


Deal with missiles as fast as possible

4. Dredgion Infiltration

5 or 20min after the start, a Dredgion will appear over the city.

A Shugo that can take you to the ship will appear near the Hall of Prosperity. Buy a ticket before proceeding.

- The Shugo is directly connected to the Dredgion.

- Once on the Shugo Ship, you can purchase 2 items that will help you infiltrate the Dredgion.


Location of the Shugo


Don't forget to buy a ticket first!


From the ship, enter the Dredgion


You can buy two items that will help you infiltrate the Dredgion

■ Dredgion Infiltration

- Inside the Dredgion, your objective is to kill the captain. Neutralize the cannons next to the boss before attacking.

- Destroying Surkanas will disable each cannon for a while. Surkanas will reappear after a minute.

- The Observer is to be feared. Use bombs or hiding shield to deal with it.

  • TIP2. Destroying both Surkanas at the same time will make it easier to kill the captain.


Structure inside the Dredgion


There are 2 cannons next to the boss


Destroy both Surkanas to disable the cannons


Attacked Observer will summon more monsters

5. Turret Battle

20min after the start, Turret Battle will begin and 2 Transport Tanks will appear in the Lyceum.

Talk to a Shugo behind each Tank to make them start moving to each Turret.

■ How to Proceed

1. Escorting Transport Tanks

- First of all, you need to take care of Balaurs that are currently attacking the Turrets.

- Talk to a Shugo behind each tank to make them start moving to the area where the Defense Turrets are.

- On their way, the tanks will be attacked multiple times by the Balaur. Protect them at all cost.

- Once the tank is destroyed it will re-appear in the Temple of Artisans.


Both tanks must be safely transported to each Defense Turret


Protect the tanks from Balaur attacks

2. Ammo

- Each time you click on the Tank, you will receive one Energy Source.

- On each side of the Turret, there is a generator. It can be fueled with the Energy Source you have just obtained.

- When both generators have been charged enough times, the Turret will perform a powerful attack on the Dredgion.

- The Turret must be activated twice to destroy the Dredgion.

- The Balaur will continue to attack the Turret and the Generators. When a Generator is destroyed, it will re-appear after a while completely empty.


Obtain the Energy Source from the Tank


And use it to power up the Generator

3. Turret Cooling

- Each turret can not be used for a while after firing a shot.

- A Coolant can be purchased from a Shugo that appears near the Defense Turret.

- A Coolant can be used to shorten the overheating time.


Charge the Generators a set number of time to fire a powerful shot


The Turret will overheat after being used

5. Commander Jubeda

After 30min, Commander Jubeda will appear in the Elyos Square.

The final rank is calculated when Commander Jubeda is dead or 5min have passed.


Commander Jubeda's Location


You have 5min to kill him

■ Rank Requirements

Points needed for each rank are as follows.

The difficulty of the final Dradgion attack as well as additional rewards depend on the final rank.

Rank Points
S 164,157
A 139,674
B 61,208
C 39,735
D 20,000

6. Final Dredgion Battle

After 35min, a windstream will appear near the Elyos Square.

Use the windstream to participate in the final battle.


The Final Dredgion Battle. You can see the location of each
Generator on the map


Use the windstream in the Elyos Square

■ How to Progress

- During the final Dredgion battle, you can fly freely.

- If you destroy all Power Generators within 10min, you will take the last remaining Dredgion down.

- Each Dredgion Power Generator is protected by a shield. It can be deactivated by destroying nearby controllers.


Destroy all the Controllers before attacking the Generator


Your objective is to destroy as many Generators as you can


When the final battle ends, all the rewards are sent to each participant.

Rank Points Rank Compensation Additional Compensation for the
final attack on the Dredgion
S 164,157 Premium Frigida Legion Supply Box Premium Frigida Legion Loot Box (3 Generators destroyed)

Major Frigida Legion Loot Box (2 Generators destroyed)

A 139,674 Major Frigida Legion Supply Box Greater Frigida Legion Loot Box
B 61,208 Greater Frigida Legion Supply Box Lesser Frigida Legion Loot Box
C 39,735 Lesser Frigida Legion Supply Box Minor Frigida Legion Loot Box
D 20,000 Minor Frigida Legion Supply Box


Dredgion Invasion
8c5cee509b7840937406bd52.png Sanctum Battlefield Save Sanctum from the Dredgion Invasion.
D8ff31f5e433620a3e5f8094.png Pandaemonium Battlefield Save Pandaemonium from the Dredgion Invasion.
475acd9c21ab896e5b78dbc6.png Quests Quests that can be completed during Dredgion Invasion.

As a infiltrator, advance through a special Rift and help your comrades with the attack.

76d4e151340e6235dc115d35.png Rewards Rewards for participating in the Dredgion Invasion.