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High Daeva Asmodian Filed with the Tower of Eternity

Nosra is a new field added in the 5.0 Update, it can only be accessed by High Daevas.

Content available here has been tailored for level 66-75 High Daevas, local environment and weather will change over time.

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How to Move

Nosra is located at the bottom of Asmodae, you can teleport there from Pandaemonium.

In the center of Nosra there is Azphel's Crucible Temple. You can find there flight paths that will transport you to 4 sub bases.


From Nosra you can only teleport to Pandaemonium


From the main base you can teleport to 4 locations

Background Story

Long ago, the war between humans and Balaur raged. Aion created the Daevas – the mighty High Daevas among them – and sent them all together with the Empyrean Lords to save mankind.

Lord Israphel lured the Balaur into an ambush under the pretence of peace negotiations. The protective Aetheric Field surrounding the Tower of Eternity was deactivated to allow them to pass. But Lord Fregion saw through this plan. In his fury, he destroyed Aion's Tower and Atreia broke asunder. At the last moment, the High Daevas succeeded in reactivating the Aetheric Field and managed to rescue the planet from complete annihilation. But the once glorious warriors had exhausted their seemed their time had come. Lady Siel was able to stop time within the Aetheric Field and thus saved the High Daevas.

Many long years have passed since then. The Aetheric Field grows ever weaker and has revealed the regions of Nosra and Esterra, long thought to be lost.

Base Structure

Azphel's Crucible Temple is the main base in Nosra.

Following picture shows the main features like Energy of Repose regenerating pad and High Daeva Material Conversion merchants.


Monster Distribution

Nosra can be divided into four difficulty zones depending on the monster's level.

Note that you might meet monsters much stronger then you, the higher the level difference the stronger monster's attacks will be. It's a good idea to hunt monsters with the level difference not higher than 3.

Classification Monster Levels Characteristics
District 1 Level 66-68 Area surrounding the main base. This is where High Daevas begin their hunting journey, this is where the instances and the Tower of Eternity's entrances are located.
District 2 Level 69-72 Area where deformed monsters appear, and monsters with specific types (Warrior/Assassin/Mage/Special). It's located relatively close to the main base.
District 3 Level 72-75 Level 70-75 main hunting grounds. Monsters with unique properties appear here. You will need to walk all the time there.
District 4 Level 75-78 Highest level hunting grounds, monsters up to level 78 appear here. You might want to wait till 75 before moving there.


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Azphel's Crucible Temple


People's Plain


Tranquility Marsh


Spirit's Estate


Kalliga's Gorge


Cursed Gorge


Plateau of Judgment


Blue Phantom's Forest


Lake of Life


JenJen Tribe's Estate


High Daeva: Successor of Eternity




High Daeva


Growth Aura


Regions · Dungeons



Sky Islands

Library of Knowledge

Adma Ruins

Elemental Lord's Laboratory

Arkhal's Hidden Space

General Items

High Daeva-only Items

High Daeva Wings

Primary Manastones

Strengthening/Modification Window

Enchantment Stone Dust

Soul Binding Release Function

Enhanced Lord's Feather

New Items Instance Items

Chosen Guardian's Set

Elemental Lord's Set

Ruin Fiend's Set

Arkhal's Set

Maze Set
Secret Maze Set
Old Holy Maze Set
Mystic Maze Set
Legendary Maze Set
Winding Maze Set
Endless Maze Set

Field Drop Items

Thunder Set
Full Moon Set
Firmament Set
Dawn Set
Sunset Set
Paradise Set
Pride Set
Demise Set
Heavens Set

Quest Rewards

Atreia Conqueror's Set

Morph Items

Rune Hero's Set

Joyous Fungie's Set
Whispering Woman's Set

Named · RvR Items

Eternal Vow's Set
Eternal Oath's Set
Eternal Hope's Set
Eternal Glory's Set

Eternal Honour's Set

Bygone Atreia Weapons


High Daeva Mission

Monarch Quests


High Daeva Material Conversion

Growth Item Changes

Additional Updates KR - Update November 18th 2015

KR - Update November 25th 2015

KR - Update December 9th 2015

KR - Update December 16th 2015

KR - Update December 23rd 2015

KR - Update December 30th 2015

KR - Update January 13th 2016

KR - Update January 27th 2016

KR - Update February 3rd 2016

KR - Update February 17th 2016

KR - Update February 24th 2016