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Join the Endless Battle and Fight Against Players from Different Servers!

Pangaea is an always ongoing battlefield that connects players from different servers.

Each race from every server is assigned to a different camp inside Pangaea and players from all other camps are your enemies.

That means even players from the same race but from a different server can be attacked.

■ Endless Battles Times

Pangaea Siege Every Saturday at 21:00 ~ 22:00 (60min)
Antriksha's Ascension Site Every Saturday at 22:00 ~ 23:10 (70min)

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Background Story

Pangaea was the Rune tribe's region in Balaurea. The soil of Pangaea was permeated with Idgel for a long time, making it porous. There was an explosion of Id, which tore the land asunder and pulled it into another dimension.

The individual shards are saturated with Aether. This makes them float and pulled them to their current location.


Fragments of buildings scattered all over the sky


Appearance of a Pangaea Fortress


Pangaea is divided into 4 territories. [Belus - Aspida - Athanos - Deylon].

Each manor has it's own fortress, 4 camps and 8 artefacts. All estates are connected to each other and players can move freely between them.

You can fly outside of Pangaea's forts which means it's a combination off aerial and ground battlefield.

However, unlike in the Abyss, you can not fly inside Pangaea Forts.


Pangaea's location


Pangaea is divided into 4 regions


Structure of each territory. When a Fortress is not under siege
you can hunt for monsters and players at the outskirts of each manor


All 4 regions are connected and you can move freely between them

Pangaea Fortress

All players will be allocated at a randomly assigned camps around Pangaea Forts and all players from other camps, regardless of their race, are your enemies.

For balancing purposes, only 100 people from each race can participate in the Pangaea warfare.

Therefore, the forces that compete for each fort are pretty much the same.

■ Pangaea Siege Features

Features Description
Time Siege stars every Saturday at 8pm and lasts for 60min. (There is a 10min period for admissions)
Conditions Only level 65 1-Star Officers and higher can participate. Up to 100 people per camp.
Matching Method Each race from every server is assigned to one of the camps.Once the siege starts players will be fighting against 3 other camps to conquer a fort.
How does it work You will have to fly from the starting point to the 1st gate, beyond it flight is no possible.You are given 60min to kill the Guardian inside the fortress.Once all camps are occupied the Guardian will emerge.
Compensation Up to 100 people that conquered a Pangaea Fort will be reworded with 400 Honour Points and [Title] Panesterra Conqueror (3 days) title.


You start at the edge of each region and progress towards the centre


Each region has 4 randomly assigned camps
Forts are attacked from multiple directions (3 Occupiers/1 Protector)

■ Participating in a Pangaea Siege

Portals are created in the Hall of Fame and Temple of Honour 10min before forts become vulnerable.

There are 4 portals for four different rank groups, each portal has a limited amount of entries.

When the limit is reached the portal automatically closes.

Entrance Rank Limitations Number of People
Advance Corridor (Governors) Governor 1 person
Advance Corridor (Top 100) Top 100 in the ranking First 49 people
Advance Corridor (Officers and higher) 1 Star Officer and higher First 50 people
Corridor of Heroic Deeds Unlimited Up to 100


Elyos portals to Pangaea


Asmodian portals to Pangaea


■ Pangaea Fortress Structure

Pangaea Forts consist of 3 floors and you can not fly inside them.

In order to get inside you will have to destroy 2 gates.

- On the 1st floor you can find the Throne Room.

- The chapel on the 2nd floor is the place where the Guardian appear.

- Stairs to the 3 floor lead to an elevated part of the Guardian chapel. From the 3rd floor you can attack the Guardian with range attacks.


Structure of the 1st floor
There are sets of 4 gates, 2 for each camp


Structure of the 2nd and 3rd floor
2nd floor is where the Guardian appear
From the 3rd floor you can attack the Guardian from a distance

■ Base Resurrection Stone

When Pangaea Forts become vulnerable Resurrection Stones appear. (1 Resurrection Stone per camp, 4 Stones in one region)

As long as the crystal remains active you can always resurrect at your camp in case of death.

It is possible to destroy Resurrection Crystals of opposite camps. They are one of the most important things during Pangaea siege, crystal is the only thing allowing you to resurrect inside Pangaea after death, without it you will be forced out of the zone when you fell.

- Required to resurrect at the camp during Pangaea siege.

- All 4 can be destroyed making it impossible for anyone to resurrect.

- Destroying opponent's crystals gives you a huge advantage. It is essential to keep your resurrection crystal alive.


There is a Resurrection Stone behind each camp


The Resurrection Stone can be easily destroyed

■ Artefacts

Near the starting point of each camp players can find 2 Artefacts.

In order to use an Artefact you need to kill it's Protector and take control over it. You will have to wait a bit before being able to activate it.

- Pangaea Artefacts can be activated without any additional items.

- Powerful Artefacts that can shift the outcome in your favour.

- After using an Artefact you wont be able to activate it again for a while so make sure to time it right.

- In order to use an artefact you must capture it first.

Artefact Description
Sword Dance of Illusion Affects players inside the fortress. Deals Great Damage + Continues Dealing Damage
Storm of Chaos Affects players around the fortress. Deals Great Damage + Reduces Flight Time


There are 2 artefacts near each camp


Activating a Pangaea Artefact doesn't require any additional items

■ Cannons

In the vicinity of Pangaea forts players can find multiple artillery cannons.

If the fortress in Balaur's after destroying a cannon it will become usable.

Cannons can be useful to protect the fortress from incoming enemies thanks to the anti-aerial attack.

- After destroying a Balaur cannon it will become usable.

- Cannons can be used without any additional items.


Around the fort you can find multiple cannons


Use the cannons to kill flying opponents


In Pangaea players are rewarded for capturing forts.

Additionaly, immediately after Pangaea siege is over corridors to the Antriksha's Ascension Site open, so be prepared for another battle in the Antriksha's Ascension Site.

■ Pangaea Siege Rewards

Category Compensation
Personal Rewards Rewards paid for merits ( up to 100 people)
Occupation Rewards 1. 400 Honour Points
- immediately after capturing a fort

2. [Title] Panesterra Conqueror (3 days)
- At the end of siege in the mail


You will receive the title in a mail


It gives pretty good stats

Antriksha's Ascension Site

Antriksha's Ascension Site is a battlefiled only for players that conquered one of Pangaea's Forts.

Do not leave your league after Pangaea siege because once the siege is over the battlefield will open.

Pangaea Siege Every Saturday at 21:00 ~ 22:00 (60min)
Antriksha's Ascension Site Every Saturday at 22:00 ~ 23:10 (70min)

Corridors to the Antriksha's Ascension Site appear in each Pangaea Fort every Sunday at 9pm and stay open for 10min.

Your title must be set to [Title] Panesterra Conqueror (3 days) in order to use the corridor.

■ Antriksha's Ascension Site Entrance

1. After conquering a Pangaea Fort you will receive the [Title] Panesterra Conqueror (3 days) title in the mail

2. Go to the conquered Pangaea Fort through the 'Advance Corridor (Conquered Fortress)' in the main city

3. Through a corridor 'Advance Corridor (Antriksha's Ascension Site)' inside the Pangaea Fort you can teleport to the Antriksha's Ascension Site (up to 100 players per camp)


Receive the title in the mail


Go to Pangaea through a corridor in the main city


Entrance to the Antriksha's Ascension Site


You can find the corridor in the Throne Room

■ Antriksha's Ascension Site Features

Features Description
Time Every Saturday at 9pm, you have 70min to finish. (10min to prepare and gather, 60min for the actual battle)
Conditions Only players that hold [Title] Panesterra Conqueror (3 days) title can participate. (up to 100 people)
Matching Method Just like in Pangaea, you are going to be match with three other camps. Players from all camps are enemies.
How does it work The most important thing is to protect the corridor to your camp. Once it's destroyed everyone from your camp will be forced out of the instance.Compensation is paid once Antriksha is dead. However, there is a 30min period before you can attack the boss.In PvP it is very important to take advantage of the Tanks.
Antriksha Compensation Among rewards players can find parts of the Antriksha's Set and other valuable items. (For the camp that contributed the most)Additionally you will receive 100 Honour Points from a quest. (For all participants)


Exterminate Antriksha in the massive camp vs camp battle


Items from the Antriksha's Set

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Pangaea Field

After successfully capturing one of Pangaea Forts you can teleport to that fort freely between sieges.

As a compensation for the whole race anyone can teleport to Pangaea when forts are not vulnerable. (No rank restrictions)
You can go to Pangaea to hunt monsters and use various NPCs inside the fortress. Also you can take advantage of the features that garrisons provide and enjoy PvPing with players from other servers.


Pangaea's main functions

■ How to enter Pangaea

when Pangaea Forts are not vulnerable you can move then through portals that appear in the main cities.

All level 65 characters can enter, there are no rank restrictions.


Elyos portal in Sanctum


Asmodian portal in Pandaemonium

■ NPCs inside Pangaea Forts

Inside Pangaea Forts players can find NPCs with various functionalities. The main function of those NPCs is to sell and exchange Ancient Relics, they exchange Ancient Relics with the highest rate.(Abyss Core 150% / Pangaea Fort 160%)

Category Features Remarks
Relics Commissioner Exchanges Ancient Relics of the Rune Tribe, Ancient Crowns and Ancient Goblet for Abyss Points. You can exchange as many items as you want. Exchanges Relics with the highest rate. To make it simpler you can exchange as many Relics at once as you want.
Special Materials Vendor Sells special materials for Abyss Points
Blade Crystal
Bastion Crystal
Taw Crystal
Sells special crafting materials.
Crafting Materials Vendor Sells special crafting materials
Razor Crystal
Deadly Razor Crystal
Cleansed Crystal
Deadly Cleansed Crystal
Sells special crafting materials.
Abyss Equipment Vendor Buys Abyss equipment for Abyss Points. The exchange ratio is not the highest.


Some features are not so unique…


but Pangaea is the best place to exchange Relics.

■ Pangaea Filed Hunting

Just like in Abyss players can hunt monsters in Pangaea.

Monsters in Pangea, especially the ones at the outskirts of the estate, drop special items that can be exchanged for Abyss Points at the Pngaea Garrisons and various other items.

1. Tapium Set (Eternal class items)

2. Mystical Idians

3. Composite Manastones

4. Production materials for Legendary Master's Catalium Set and Jormungand's Special Greater Noble Set

5. Special Goods. You can exchange them for Abyss Points


By killing Pangaea monsters you find various materials


Better items come from stronger monsters

■ Pangaea Garrisons

In each territory of Pangaea there are 4 garrisons, each base can be captured by killing commander standing in the centre of the camp. When a base is occupied special NPCs and teleports will become available. Each base has different functions and teleport to different locations.

Category Features Remarks
Teleportation Device Allow teleportation between garrisons within the same manor. -
Supplements Merchant For 26,800 Abyss Points you can buy Greater Mythic Supplement Box. (Limited to 3 per day) A box that contains 70 Greater Supplements (Mythic).
Special Merchants Items that drop from monsters in Pangaea can be exchanged for Abyss Points. Merchants in every base exchange items from nearby enemies for Abyss Points.
Special Materials Merchants selling special materials required to craft Legendary Master's Catalium Set and Jormungand's Special Greater Noble Set. Merchants that sell various goods.


Pangaea Garrison. Commander appears inside the camp.


Gain access to various NPCs by capturing a base.



First Fort to be conquered on the PTS


Around the fort you can see remnants of a suburban life


Red Crystals are very important during Pangaea Battles


Place when a Guardian appears


Elyos Guardian appears in the chapel


Walls around the Iron Fortress


Inside the Fortress there is a lot of space to fight


Fortress of Eternity


Using Artefacts in Pangaea is very important


Atmosphere around Deylon Territory in quite unique.


Starting point


Rich variety of monsters outside the fortress


Antriksha's Ascension Site




Endless Battle
59244b668a9eed28130dc88b.png Pangaea Pangaea is a place where players from different servers fight each other to take control over Pangaea Forts.
There are many features that might help you to end up victorious in the siege.
5ddb787edb77afa77089980d.png Antriksha's Ascension Site The Ascension Site is a 4 sides massive battlefield. The best rewards come to those who succeed in defeating Antriksha.
49c7e286bb5776f7e7f3f35e.png Ascension Site - Rewards Information about rewards obteinable in Pangaea and Antriksha's Ascension Site.
4251fce0c4b1cf33fa42f7a0.png Antriksha's Set The best level 65 Mythical items.
PvP stats, 6 Manastone slots and random attributes.
4251fce0c4b1cf33fa42f7a0.png Roaring Antriksha's Set Level 80 High Daeva Antriksha items.
PvP stats, 6 Manastone slots.
552991c84694fcc1d79023ab.png Endless Battle - Quests Quests related to Pangaea and Antriksha's Ascension Site.