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1. A new field, Dumaha, has been added.

L 00120181127152622.jpg

L 00220181127152626.jpg

L 00320181127152632.jpg

L 00420181127152638.jpg

A long time ago, Ancient Dragon Lord Apsu was thriving, but Apsu fell from the hands of Tiamat. As a Dragon Lord, Tiamat devested the lands with her powers, no one survived besides few species that served Apsu. The lands remained in such state for a very long time. As Tiamat Deserters and Stella Industries cooperation forms and Elyos and Asmodians advancing into the new land, a new turning point is born.

- Players can teleport to Dumaha using the Lakrum teleporter, and once the 1st mission in Dumaha is finished, you can also teleport from the main city.

- You can find various raid monsters there that drop fine items.

2. ‘Altar Sieges’ have been added to the Dumaha region.

L 00520181127152643.jpg

L 00620181127152649.jpg

아주 먼 과거부터 드마하에 뿌리 내리고 산 토착 아인종 종족 스누와. 드마하가 용제 아프수의 선치로 비옥해지고 눈에 띄게 번영하면서 스누와족은 용제 아프수를 신처럼 숭배했다. 스누와족은 아프수 치하기에 드마하 각지에 '아프수의 제단'을 세우고 아프수의 위대함을 기렸다. 시간이 흘러 아프수가 티아마트의 손에 살해 당하고, 드마하는 흙더미와 모래에 묻혀 버려진 땅이 되었다. 하지만, 아프수의 힘이 깃든 '아프수의 제단'은 아프수의 사후에도 여전히 건재했고, 스누와족은 드마하를 떠나지 않았다. 용제의 권능이 깃든 제단이 남아있다는 것은 스누와족에게 일종의 신앙과 같은 믿음을 주었다. 현재의 스누와족은 '아프수의 제단'을 지키는 것을 사명처럼 여기고 있다. 스텔라 인더스트리에서는 사악한 아인종 '스누와'를 없애고 이들이 지키는 제단을 점거해 미래의 악을 막고 자신들의 개간 사업도 지켜달라고 부탁해온다. 데바들은 결국 스텔라 인더스트리를 지원하기로 결정한다.

- Altar Sieges take place every day at 12:00 and 20:00 and the race that kills the Priest first will take control over the altar. The legion with the highest contribution will become the owner of the Altar.

- There are 3 types of Altar Sieges. Small, Medium, Large. The small siege will last 15min, medium 20min.

- Each Altar has a chance to give Apsu's Protection buff. The effect depends on certain conditions.

Altar Type Buff Conditions Additional Effects
Small Priest's Death Friendly Guards Appear
Medium Icon Occupied Friendly Guards Appear

- The buff will be activated when you take over an Altar. Special effects can be used by Legion members that own the Altar.

- Depending on the effect, you may be able to buy Legendary/Ultimate Enchantment Stone Exchange tickets, Stella Research Laboratory Entry Scrolls, Ancient Creature Summoning Orders or ‘Stella Research Laboratory’ entry NPCs may appear.

- If a race can not take over an altar a consecutive number of times, a special buff will be applied to that race.

Cumulative Count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Marchutan/Kaisinel Blessings






Teleport Support

Portal Support

20% HP heal buff every 5s

Buff Support

Combat Guard Support

Guard Support

- Depending on the Altar and Fortress ownership, the power ratio will change. When one side is stronger, the other one will receive Ariel’s Blessing (Elyos), Blessing of Azphel (Asmodians).

3. New Stella Research Laboratory Instanced Dungeon has been added.

L 00720181127153553.jpg

L 00820181127153605.jpg

스텔라 인더스트리의 주요 제품을 생산하고 제조하는 가장 큰 시설 중 하나이다. 무법령을 배회하던 범법자 일당들 중 일부가 스텔라 인더스트리의 주요 제품을 탈취하고자 공모하였고, 이 시설에 침입하였다. 그런데 시설 내부에 있던 폐기물들의 영향으로 범법자 일당이 불안정한 상태를 맞으면서 시설은 아수라장이 되었다. 뒤늦게 보안 시스템이 가동되었지만, 혼란이 수습될 기미는 없어 보이는 상황이다.

- The entrance is located near Stella Industrial Site in Dumaha.

Players Level Entries Entry Time Reset 2~6 80 4 Wednesday, 9:00

- There are 2 difficulty levels, easy and normal. The rewards will be different depending on the difficulty.

4. 'Gold Area (3vs3)' has been added.

- Can be accessed on Friday/Saturday/Sunday between 18:00 and 19:00 through the Admission UI.

- You can enter once a day, 3 times a week.

- Group Entry can be used while in a group of 3 players

- Private Entry and Quick Entry options cannot be used.


1. New Class 'Painter' has been added.

L 00920181127153909.jpg

시엘 주신의 지원 아래, 초대 채화성으로 알려져 있는 '이르닌'이 오드 물감을 개발하고 재능 있는 제자들을 받아들이면서 채화성의 길이 열렸다. 그러나, 대파국 때 시엘 주신이 소멸한 일로 '이르닌'을 포함해 다수의 채화성이 자취를 감췄고, 남은 채화성들도 떠돌아 다니다 겨우 명맥을 잇는 신세가 되었다. 시간이 흘러 아트레이아를 덮친 '폭풍의 날'이 왔을 때, 시엘의 희생을 기억하던 많은 채화성들이 스스로의 목숨을 희생해 무고한 생명들을 구했다. 이 날의 공로를 인정 받아 채화성을 마침내 정식 직업으로 승격되었다.

- Painter is a second class of the Artist.

- It’s a new class using paint to fight. Uses Paint Rings as weapons and wears physical cloths.


1. The scope of Transformation Contracts has been changed.

Before After
Shared across all servers on the same account Shared on the same server on the same account

2. New Colory Transformation has been added.

3. You can now apply up to 6 Transformation Collection Effects at once.

4. The Transformation UI has been changed.

- You can see all the details on already acquired and in-use Transformations in the new window.

L 01020181127154334.jpg


1. ‘Item Guide’ has been added.

- The guide will recommend the best items based on what you are wearing and inform you how to acquire them.

- Can be accessed from [Profile – Item Guide], [Menu – Item Guide], and from the 'Selection of resurrection method’ window when you die.

L 01120181127154521.jpg

2. ‘Lugbug’s Missions’ have been added.

L 01220181127154624.jpg

- Can be accessed from [Menu - Lugbug’s Missions].

- There are daily and weekly missions and the rewards can be claimed by clicking the receive button.

- The final reward can be claimed after completing the task a set number of times.

- The daily missions reset at 9:00 every day, and weekly missions reset at 9:00 on Wednesday.

3. The ‘Shard’ can now be activated/deactivated by clicking the shard icon underneath the profile picture.

4. The cost to expand the initial inventory slots has been changed.

Existing Cost Changed Cost
1 Stage 2,000 200
2 Stage 20,000 2,000
3 Stage 50,000 5,000

5. The number of character slots across all servers has been changed to 13.


1. Tier 2 Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate items have been added.

- Genesis Crystal PVP T1 gear can be upgraded into PVP T2 items when the conditions are met.

- T2 Manastones have been added.

- T2 items can now be produced through the Magical Crafting.

- T2 Manastones can be crafted through the Magical Crafting.

2. Rewards in some Instanced Dungeons have been changed.

3. Magic Plate armor dedicated for the Aethertechs has been added.

- Aethertechs can now wear plate starting from level 10.

- Magical Plate armor has been added to quests, drop and coin rewards.

- Aethertechs can only wear Magical Plate T2 PVP items.

- Aethertechs can upgrade their T1 Chain PVP items into T2 Magical Plate items.

- Upgrading T2 Chain armor to T2 Magical Plate armor is free of charge.

4. The places where you can acquire Daevanion Skillbooks have been changed.

Instanced Dungeon Splendid Shukiruk Shukiruk Smugglers Untrained Smuggler Shukiruk
Holy Tower
Hererim Mine
Prometun’s Workshop
Makarna of Bitterness
Stella Research Laboratory
Ashunatal Dredgion

- Shukiruks no longer appear in Narakkalli.

- The difficulty of Shukiruk Smugglers has been changed to match the difficulty of Prometun Workshop, Makarna of Bitterness.

5. New buff items (Flame's Breath and Tide’s Embrace (7 days)) that can be used along with the transformations have been added.

New Transformation Items

Source Duration Effect
Flame's Breath Golden Crucible

Winning Reward

10min Attack Speed 3%

Casting Speed 3%

Speed 3%

Physical Defence 100

Magic Defence 100

HP 100

Tide’s Embrace (7 days) Tower of Challenge

1st place reward

10min Attack Speed 3%

Casting Speed 3%

Speed 3%

Accuracy 100

Magical Accuracy 100

HP 100

6. New Stellium Coin has been added.

- Stellium can be acquired as Alter Siege rewards and from certain quests.

- It can be exchanged for Upgrade materials, Enchantment Stone Exchange tickets, consumables.

- Stellium can also be used directly as a consumable item. It will increase your PVP Damage by 150.

7. New Platinium grades of Cubics have been added.

8. New stages of Silver/Gold Cubics have been added.

- Silver Cubic: 5 Stages

- Gold Cubic: 4 ~ 5 Stages

9. Level 1 ~75 items have been improved.

- ‘Speed’ bonus has been added to the level 1 ~75 shoes.

- Ancient PVE Enchantment Stones and Legendary Grade equipment have been added as rewards for 1 ~ 75 Instanced Dungeons.

10. Gold Cubicles can no longer be sold.

- Gold Ereshkigal Cubicles will maintain sellable.

11. The cost to fuse two-handed weapons has been lowered.

12. Atreia Pass rewards for PCroom players have been changed.

13. The items sold at the Gold Sand Shop have been changed.

14. Grades of some stigmas have been changed.

15. Minion Contract Stone will now be required to use the Extra Minion Function.

- Minion Contract Stone can be purchased at any time from the Gold Sand Shop and acquired as a limited reward for some quests.

- Kinah can no longer be used to pay for the Minion Functions.

16. If you connect from a Pcroom, you will receive PC Café Crystal according to the playtime.

- They can be exchanged at the Peeceerunerk in the main city and Lakrum.


1. Some skill effects have been changed.

2. Character/Collection/Minion Skill tooltips have been improved.

L 01420181127155556.jpg


L 01520181127155605.jpg


3. Some debuff skills can now be removed with 1 Healing Potion or Dispel.

Target Skill
Ankle Grab Chain of Suffering Judge's Edict Blast Spell Mountain Crash
Venomous Strike Shackle Arrow Curse of Weakness Infernal Blight

4. The skills and abilities of the Guardian Deity have been upgraded.

Instance Dungeons

1. Entry conditions to some dungeons have been changed. An ‘Admission Request’ feature has been added that allows you to quickly enter Instanced Dungeons according to your level.

Instanced Dungeon Min Level Available Admission Entry Application UI Entries
Fire Temple 31 31 ~ 39

L 01620181127160516.jpg

5 times
Esoterrace 40 40 ~ 48 5 times
Beshmundir Temple 49 49 ~ 57 5 times
Rentus Base 58 58 ~ 66 5 times
Tiamat's Fortress 67 67 ~ 75 5 times

- If your level is above the application level, you can still enter the dungeon from the regular entrance.

2. Some solo dungeons can now be accessed by a group of up to 6 players.

Race Instanced Dungeon Elyos / Asmodian Haramel, Kromede's Trial, Taloc's Hollow, Lower Udas Temple, Tiamat's Hideout, Makarna Elyos Aetherogenetics Lab, Indratu Fortress Asmodian Alquimia Research Center, Bakarma Fortress

- [Mission] has been added to the name of instances.

3. The difficulty, entry conditions and entrance location to Narakkalli and Holy Tower have been changed.

Instanced Dungeon Race Min Level Players Entrance
Narakkalli Elyos 76+ Solo Lookout Post of the Dragonfly Forest
Asmodian Lookout Post of the Mysterious Mushroom Colony
Holy Tower Elyos 78+ 2 ~ 3 Lookout Post of the Dragonfly Forest
Asmodian Lookout Post of the Mysterious Mushroom Colony

4. The difficulty of the Tower of Challenge has been changed and a new competition ranking and seasons have been added.

- The season will start at 2am on December 3rd.

5. Pcroom-only versions of Narakkalli and Holy Tower have been added.

- They can be entered once a day, and reset every day at 9:00.

- Special PCroom Boxes will appear there.

- Pcroom versions can be entered through a shugo standing in fron of the entrances to the regular Narakkalli and Holy Tower.

6. A new entrance to the Prometun Workshop has been added. The overall difficulty has been lowered.

Elyos 123rd Garrison Asmodian 126th Garrison

7. The required number of players for the Makarna of Bitterness has been changed to 6 and the difficulty has been lowered.

8. A newly refurbished Nochsana Training Camp has been added.

- It can be entered by using Nochsana Training Camp Novice Recruitment Letter that you acquire from certain missions.

Letter Details
Nochsana Training Camp Novice Recruitment Letter One entry between level 11 ~ 40
Nochsana Training Camp Experienced Recruitment Letter One entry between level 41 ~ 55
Nochsana Training Camp Veteran Recruitment Letter One entry between level 56 ~ 70

9. Instances below have been removed.

- Mirash Sanctuary

- Garden of Knowledge

10. You can now enter the minimum number of players when admissioning for a dungeon.


1. Siege times of the Lakrum and Divine Fortresses have been changed.

Time Mon Thu Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
22:00 Lakrum








2. A supporting corridor will appear before the sieges in Lakrum. By using the portal, you can automatically join a group / alliance.

Race Area Level Entries Entry Time
Elyos Everlasting Life Refuge 80 192 21:30
Asmodian Temple of Perpetual Wisdom

3. Some victory/defeat rewards for sieges have been changed.


1. Dumaha region quests and missions have been added.

2. 'Stella Research Laboratory' Quest has been added.

3. Lakrum quests have been reorganized.

4. 'Narakkalli' Quest has been added.

5. Improvements have been made to the existing quests according to the addition of a new Painter class.

6. Growth Compensation missins have been added that reward you for achieving certain levels.

Mission Name Level Condition

7. New Tutorial Quests has been added.

Quest Name Level

8. New quests have been added to the 1 ~75 Instanced Dungeons.

9. Old Cubic quests have been removed and new Cubic quests have been added.

10. Pre-requirements for the (E), (A) have been removed. When you reach level 55, the quest will be added automatically.

11. The level, rewards, and steps of some tutorial quests have been changed.

12. Some stigma quest rewards have been changed because of the change in stigma grades.

13. Manastone rewards from some quests have been changed.

14. A total of 14 Siege quests have been added.


1. Berserk Anomos will now appear in Lakrum more often.

2. Named monsters have been added in the level 1 ~75 areas.

- Named monsters drop Legendary Weapons and Ancient/Legendary Transformation Potions.

3. New Nope Team Leader, Lunar Team Leader attackers have been added to the level 1 ~ 75 areas.


1. Genesis Crystal Merchants will no longer appear when you control certain Lakrum Garrisons.

2. PVE Genesis Crystal merchants have been removed from Lakrum.

3. The location and of PVP Genesis Crystal Merchant has been changed to the location of the Stigma Master.


1. The splash image when you start the game has been changed.

2. The amount of AP acquired from PVP has been increased.

3. Channels have been added the Heiron and Beluslan regions.


7.0 Update
Class Painter

All Painter Skills

Translated Painter Skills

Skill Changes

30.01 Skill Changes

17.04 Skill Changes

Regions Dumaha Nochsana Training Camp

Stella Research Laboratory

Gold Arena (3vs3)

Kamar's Battlefield

General Items Paint Rings Stellium
New items PVP:

Ancient Resilient Fighter's Set
Legendary Silent Black Feather Set
Ultimate Silent Black Feather Set

Raid (Extendable):
Legendary Dumaha Set
Ultimate Dumaha Set

Stella Research Laboratory:
Ancient Merciless Intruder's Set
Legendary Merciless Intruder's Set
Ultimate Merciless Intruder's Set (Easy)
Ultimate Raging Intruder's Set (Normal)

Prometun's Workshop (Difficult)
Light Fragment Set
Ultimate Blinding Starlight Set

Dragon King:
Wise Dragon Set
Wise Dragon King Set
Mysterious Wise Dragon King Set

PVE Craft:

Ancient Splen's Set
    Ancient Noble Splen's Set
Legendary Splen's Set
    Legendary Noble Splen's Set
Ultimate Splen's Set
    Ultimate Noble Splen's Set

PVP Craft:
Ancient Pros' Set
    Ancient Noble Pros' Set
Legendary Pros' Set
    Legendary Noble Pros' Set
Ultimate Pros' Set
    Ultimate Noble Pros' Set

System Dumaha Altar Siege

Lakrum Fortress

Lugbug Missions
Additional Updates KR - Update November 29th 2018

KR - Update November 30th 2018

KR - Update December 5th 2018

KR - Update December 12th 2018

KR - Update December 13th 2018

KR - Update December 19th 2018

KR - Update December 26th 2018

KR - Update January 9th 2019

KR - Update January 16th 2019

KR - Update January 30th 2019

KR - Update February 13th 2019

KR - Update February 20th 2019

KR - Update February 27th 2019

KR - Update March 6th 2019

KR - Update March 20th 2019

KR - Update April 3rd 2019

KR - Update April 17th 2019

KR - Update May 2nd 2019