7.7 Update - Silentera: Secret Sword

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Silentera: Time Fold

01 120200407162027 2.jpg

Time Fold Panorama

1. Silentera: Time Fold can be accessed through 지하 균열 and 지하 틈새 in Silentera Canyon.

2. 지하 균열 and 지하 틈새 can be used by characters level 80 or higher.

3. The Time Fold consists of one main base (Temple of Eternal Life), 10 border areas and 3 Sanctuaries.

4. 아로간트의 화로 and Fame Officers sell a wide variety of items, including Ultimate Severe Thorn Equipment.

5. To purchase items from the Time Fold, you will need Silentium, 실렌티움 융화제, 사로잡힌 영혼. Each item can be obtained in the following ways.

- Silentium: Monster drop.

- 실렌티움 융화제: Can be purchased from Fame vendors in exchange for Experience Mark.

- 사로잡힌 영혼: Use 투명한 호리병 on the Soul that appears after defeating Jotun monsters to obtain 1~3 사로잡힌 영혼.

6. Monsters in the Time Fold do not reappear after being killed. Instead, the following conditions must be met before all monsters reappear at once.

- When you kill most of the monsters in the Boarding Areas, Border Area Manager appears along with a notification and a map icon.

- Once all Border Area Managers have been killed, all monsters in the region will reappear. All Manager monsters disappear.

7. When all monsters in the region reappear, 아로간트의 비밀 화로 appears.

- 아로간트의 비밀 화로 sells 궁극의 혹독한 가시 장비 상자.

- Secret Furnace appears in one of 10 Boarding regions and 3 Sanctuaries and can only be used on a first-come, first-served basis.

8. If you die in the Time Fold, you will have to use a Kist, Quna Resurrection or Resurrection skill to get up.

9. If the game ends abnormally, and you reconnect to the game within 3h, you will be taken to the Dimensional Gap. After 3h, you will be returned to the Obelisk.

- In the Dimensional Gap, 사로잡힌 영혼 does not disappear from your inventory.

- In the Dimensional Gap, two rifts will allow you to either return to the Time Fold or your Obelisk.

- If you close the game while still in the Time Fold, you will be returned to the Obelisk.

- If you close the game in the Dimensional Gap, you will be returned to the Obelisk.

- PVP is not possible in the Dimensional Gap, you won't be able to glide, fly, use mounts or kicks.

10. Silentera: Time Fold is a server-wide area like Lakrum / Red Katalam / Dumah but does not require the Dimensional Hourglass (60 min).

11. Silentera: Time Fold Fame Points have been added.

Stormy Beshmundir Temple

1. Stormy Beshmundir Temple (Easy/Normal) has been added.

05 520200407175954 2.png

<Stormy Beshmundir Temple>

Entrance Players Level Entries Entry Time Reset
Silentera Canyon 2~6 80 4 entries - Easy

2 entries - Normal

Wednesday, 9:00

- Players can obtain Ultimate Sealed Storm Equipment snd Ultimate Unleashed Storm equipment, Legendary Manastones. and crafting Materials.

- Ultimate Unleashed Storm Weapons and Armours can be obtained from 폭풍의 루드라 최상급 보상상자 that appears after achieving rank S in the Stormy Beshmundir Temple (Normal).

- Depending on the final Rank in the Stormy Beshmundir Temple (Normal), players can obtain a different number of 폭풍의 파편.

- You can acquire 궁극의 해방된 폭풍 장비 상자 by assembling 100 폭풍의 파편 and 1 파슈만디르 사원의 봉인 주문서.

- 파슈만디르 사원의 봉인 주문서 can be obtained by extracting the following items.

Item Probability
Ultimate Merciless Intruder’s Weapon/Armour

Ultimate Sealed Storm Weapon/Armour

Certain Probability
Ultimate Unleashed Storm Weapon/Armour 100% Probability

- The rewards will be based on the time in the Normal difficulty.

2. Rewards in some dungeons have been changed.

- Udas Temple, Esoterrace, Stella Research Laboratory, Beninerk’s Manor, Prometun Workshop, Makarna, Altar of Awakening, Hererim Mine

3. Rewards for all Battlefields have been revamped.

Item Collection

02 220200407162231 2.jpg

<Item Collection UI>

1. Item Collection can be opened by going to the [Menu - Item Collection] or by left-clicking on an item and bringing up the Ring Menu.

2. After registering an item for the Collection, the item will disappear and your character will receive bonus stats or items as a reward.

3. When you complete Item collections for each level, the Collection level increases, and additional bonuses are added to your character.

- Collection Level Rewards can be viewed after clicking the [Level Reward] button.

4. Collection Level applies differently for each Collection Class.

5. The abilities earned from the Item Collections are shared among all characters on the same server.

Lumiel's Transmutation

03 320200407180259.jpg

<Lumiel's Transmutation UI>

1. Lumiel's Transmutation can be opened by going to the [Menu - Lumiel's Transmutation] or by left-clicking on an item and bringing up the Ring Menu.

2. By registering Convertable items, you can get ‘Conversion Power’. When the Conversion Power is full, Transmutation can be performed.

3. After executing the Transmutation, you will see 5 possible outcomes but you will only receive one of them.


1. New Glyph equipment slot has been added.

04 420200407180432.jpg

2. Glyphs can be obtained from 묵직한 문양 상자

3. 묵직한 문양 상자 can be obtained by assembling 문양 상자 파편. 문양 상자 파편 can be obtained from Fame Rewards Shops and Lugbug Missions.

4. Glyphs can be enchanted up to +5 with 100% probability using 문양 강화 주문서. However, the number of bonuses from enchanting are applied at random.


1. Magical Crafting has been reorganized.

- New Magical Crafting designs have been added.

- Required items for some Magical Craftings have been changed.

- Some Magical Craftings have been removed.

2. Some crafting materials have been changed.

3. New Cubics for the Stormy Stormwing have been added.

- Stormy Stormwing Cubics can be obtained from the Kubrinerk’s Cube Laboratory.

4. Names of some Fame items have been changed.

5. Sleep/Resist Fear Penetration from Runes would not apply. This issue has been fixed.

6. Outdated items have been removed from shop lists.

7. Small Hunting Bomb and Large Hunting Bomb can now be used while moving.

8. The list of items sold by Fame Shops has been changed.


1. AP rewards for some monsters in the Hererim Mine have been changed.

2. The item drop of some monsters on the server-wide maps has been reorganized.

3. XP gained from monsters in Lakrum, Dumah, Katalam has been increased.

4. Additional monsters have been added to Lakrum.

5. In some areas of Gelkmaros/Inggison, additional monsters have been added. Respawn time for some monsters has been adjusted.


1. AP rewards for Victory/Defeat in Sieges have been changed.

- Crimson Temple, Vorgaltem Citadel, Altar of Avarice, Temple of Scales, Bassen, Prades


1. New Missions and Quests have been added to the Silentera: Time Fold area.

2. New quests have been added to the Stormy Beshmundir Temple dungeon.

3. Item Collection Tutorial has been added.

4. Some quest rewards have been reworked.

5. Quests related to the Altar of Awakening and the Valley of Chaos have been changed.

6. Hunting Wind quests have been removed.

- Unused items will be automatically discarded once you login to the game.

7. Daily/Weekly Lugbug Missions have been reorganized.


1. Neutral areas have been added to Lakrum.


1. The default sound volume has been changed from 35% to 80%.

- Click [Options - Reset settings] to load the default options.

- If you do not reset the settings after the update, current setting will be maintained.

07 720200407181002.png

<sound Settings>


1. Up to two clients can once again be opened on the same PC.

- In the case of Pcrooms, the client that was launched first will receive Pcroom benefits.

-. If you want to change the account that receives the benefits, close all account and login on the correct account first.


7.7 Update
Regions Time Fold
General Items Glyph
New items PVE:

Ultimate Sealed Storm Set
Ultimate Unleashed Storm Set

Ultimate Lapis Set

Ultimate Protector Set

Ultimate Merciless Counter Set

Ultimate Lisiel Set


Ultimate Severe Thorn Set

Ultimate Jeros Set

Ultimate Scout Set

System Item Collection Lumiel's Transmutation
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