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Experience early Aion’s battle thrill!
Apsharanta, a battlefield that requires a strategic advantage

Apsharanta, a new field that will appear in April 2021, is the territory of Apsu, the unfortunate Dragon Lord who was killed by Tiamat in the past. It’s the stage where the following stories surrounding Inanna's awakening will unfold and great battles take place.

Apsu was a Dragon Lord of powerful magic, and secret areas and artifacts containing his power still linger. Even after a long time, if you use the power of Apsu still remaining here, Elyos and Asmodian, and even the Balaur will be able to gain great strength from it. In Apsharanta, various forces seeking to gain the power to achieve their own goals will gather, and new factions for each race will appear.

Apsharanta background concept

We are trying to create an environment where the glory of Apsu’s era and area that has been ruined since then coexist. We are reviewing various ways to express the situation where wars of various forces are underway.

The main concept refers to the Mesopotamian Civilization.

Mesopotamian Civilization is a starting point for many different civilizations, and the fact that that they achieved military and cultural development through many peace and war eras is suitable for this new field.


Among the buildings of this civilization, the courtyard structure turns the central space into a garden. It is characterized by closed structures of high outer walls, making it difficult to see the inside from the outside. This creates a tense environment where you don’t know how many people are inside until you enter it yourself. Inside, you will be able to surprise the opponents who rush in. It will be a truly attractive field where you can enjoy PVP. If you take advantage of these elements, you should be able to use the terrain to take strategic advantage.

Apsharanta’s unique field elements for combat

Apsharanta is being developed as a new field composed of 3 combat strategic fields. Apsharanta-specific rules will be applied. It will be possible to utilize various objects and places to gain a strategic advantage.

● 1st element, a field that changes with the play

First, we tried to break away from the fact that the current game elements have a fixed time frames, and the outcome can be easily predicted.

For this, it was judged that elements that constantly change according to the conditions associated with the field were necessary, and if there was a device like a Watchtower that gives advantages high ground, it could lead to other changes. Additionally, we are preparing to organize a field where today and tomorrow can feel different across the area, depending on individual strategic choices.


We are also developing various types of gameplay, like quick kills by approaching the opponent from rocks and trees arranged in various places, or individuals escaping or falling through a gorge.

We are expecting this map to be the best place for Daevas looking for opponents.

● 2nd element, a huge Temple that will help you with directions

We are planning to place a magnificent landmark in the middle of the field to make it easier for you to recognize where you are going.

Wherever you are on the field, you will be able to see the temple, and easily guess your current location, and we plan to use it as a factor to recognize the current situation around the field as the background around the temple changes.


Daevas, remember this place as massive battles and powerful enemies await you there.

● 3rd element, competition between forces depend on your choices

Apsharanta gives players various different options that influence the people in the same space.

In particular, we plan to create moments that might be important to you and not the race, legion, or alliances. We want you to be able to influence the field according to your choices so that you experience different things that sometimes benefit or make it harder for you.


Of course, too many choices can derive you from your main goal, so we are preparing countermeasures, and we are thinking about providing an efficient flow so that your experience is right for you.

In the future, cooperation and competition are to be expected. From a distance, it seems everyone is dreaming the same dream, but from a closer perspective, we are focusing on Apsharanta to provide an environment where different goals can be achieved.