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Inggison, the Elyos foothold in Balaurea, is filled with a bounty of wildlife and plant life totally unlike that found in Atreia. Since it's located on the outside of the planet, it can bask in the direct light of the sun. But don't be fooled: much of this wildlife, though spectacular, is aggressive and territorial.

And that's before you even encounter the Balaur-worshippers of Undirborg, the Balaur defending their Drana plantation at Mephistis Farm, or the Asmodians who will fight tooth and claw to claim the Temple of Scales and Altar of Avarice Fortresses.

It'd be safer just to stay in the Inggison Illusion Fortress, but even that is deceptive; if the Wisplight Legion were to let their illusion falter, the fortress would dissolve back into the wilds.