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1. Following areas are available for each race.

Elyos Poeta, Verteron, Eltnen, Heiron, Theobomos
Asmodian Ishalgen, Altgard, Morheim, Beluslan, Brusthonin

2. A total of 10 Instanced Dungeons will be available and the required levels and cooldowns are as follows.

Instanced Dungeon Elyos Lv Asmodian Lv Cooldown
Nochsana Training Camp 25 25 18h
Fire Temple 30 27 30min
Aetherogenetics Lab 35 38 30min
Draupnir Cave 39 39 6h
Steel Rake 40 40 5h
Alquimia Research Center 41 40 30min
Indratu Fortress 41 42 6h
Azoturan Fortress 43 43 30min
Theobomos Lab 46 - 6h
Adma Stronghold - 46 6h

3. Lower, Upper, and Core levels of the Abyss will be available.

- You can enter the Abyss after completing the Abyss Mission at level 25.

- The abyss is a fly-free zone and provides various types of content including Sieges and Artifact battles.

- Sieges take place in the Lower and Upper layers at the following times.

Time 20:00 ~ 20:35 22:00 ~ 22:35
Mon Siel’s Left Wing Krotan Refuge
Wed Siel’s Right Wing Kysis Fortress
Fri Sulfur Fortress Miren Fortress
Sat Siel’s Left Wing

Siel’s Right Wing

Sulfur Fortress

Asteria Fortress

Roah Fortress

Sun Krotan Refuge

Kysis Fortress

Miren Fortress


1. Rifts allow players to travel to the opposite race’s regions and enjoy a variety of content.

2. Rifts appear in specific locations for each race, and the conditionals are as follows.

Race Elyos Asmodian
Area Eltnen, Heiron Morheim, Beluslan
Fixed Friday/Sat/Sun - 15:00/19:00 Friday/Sat/Sun - 17:00/21:00
Random Appear randomly every hour
Condition Opens after killing major boss montsers in the region


1. Players can level up to 50.

2. At least level, you can purchase skillbooks from the trainer. To learn a new skill, use the skillbook.

3. Items can be directly traded between players or sold through personal shops.

- Siel’s Energy is required to use Request Trade and Private Store functions.

Siel’s Energy


1. Siel’s Energy is a buff applied to your account.

2. When Siel’s Energy is ON, there are no limits to the gameplay. When the buff is OFF, the gameplay is possible but some functions are limited.

Siel’s Energy ON (PASS, PCroom, Free Access) OFF (Free Access)
XP Gain 100% 50%
Item acquisition Unlimited Rare or lower
Kinah acquisition Unlimited Impossible
AP Gain Unlimited Impossible
Gathering Unlimited Impossible
Crafting Unlimited Unlimited
Trading Unlimited Impossible
Quest Rewards Unlimited Cannot gain AP
Relic Exchange Unlimited Impossible

3. The buff refreshes for 1h each day at 9:00 for free.

4. Purchasing a PASS or connecting for a PCRoom refresh the buff.

※ However, between 11/11~11/18 the Siel’s Energy is active all the time and you can play for free without any restrictions.

Daeva Pass

데바패스 메인UI.PNG

1. Daeva Pass can be accessed from [Menu - Daeva Pass] or by clicking on an icon next to the minimap.

2. Complete daily/weekly/seasonal missions to raise your Daeva Pass Level and unlock special rewards.

- Missions are reset at 9:00 according to the daily/weekly/seasonal cycle.

- You can check the XP rewards for each mission on the mission list.

- Unlocking premium rewards grants you access to locked rewards.

3. You can level up Daeva Pass by purchasing new levels.

4. Daeva Pass is unique for each character.

- Daily/weekly/seasonal missions can be performed by each character and each will receive the rewards.

- Both ‘Premium Rewards’ and ‘Purchase Level’ have to be used by each character.

5. Missions and rewards change each season.

Quna Market

1. The Quna market offers Pets, Candies, Costumes, and Service items.

2. Live and Master servers share the amount of Quna.


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