7.5 Update

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1. The level of monsters/NPCs has been increased from 40~55 to 76~80.

2. Hunting Monsters has been added throughout the fields.

- Hunting Monsters appear randomly and have a lot of HP, but special items make them an easy target.

- Small and Large Bombs can be purchased from Inggison/Gelkmaros Magical Crafting Suppliers.

3. Inggison/Gelkmaros Arena has been added.

- After killing a certain number of field monsters, a Rift leading to the Arena will appear.

- There are 24 Secret Rifts, each one can be used by 1 player.

- The Arena will last for 10min, and the reward box will appear in the center when the battle starts.

- After 10min, the area will explode and everyone inside will die.

- You can use a teleportation scroll to return.


4. In each area, there is a special device that can summon a special monster. They will drop special items when defeated.

5. Garrisons have been added.

- Capturing a garrison will spawn a Teleportation Device, and monsters will slightly better drop rate will appear nearby.

- If the opposite race takes control over a garrison, you won’t be able to use its feature, and a Dredgion will appear to retake it after 2h.

6. Artifacts that help players in PvE have been added.

7. Rifts have been added.

- 12 or 24 player Rifts will be generated in Gelkmaros and Inggison every hour.

- From 2:00 to 8:00, and between 9:00 to 1:00 the next day.

8. ‘Dredgion Infiltration’ content will appear throughout the fields.

- Dredgion will appear in regular intervals through the Inggison/Gelkmaros fields.

- Dredgion will spawn Machines on the field.

- Destroying the machines may grant you access to the Dredgion.

- Infiltrate the Dredgion and kill the Captain to earn special rewards.

9. In Inggison, players can find Omega, and in Gelkmaros Ragnarok as raid monsters.

- Kill them to obtain Ultimate Weapon/Armour items.

Silentera Canyon

1. Objects in the Silentera Canyon have been changed to level 80.

2. You can find there 2 Raid monsters, Anuhart and Debilkarim.

- Kill them to obtain Infinity Weapon/Armour or Noble Pros Accessory/Feather items.


1. Changed to server-wide field.

2. The entrance has been changed.

- Accessible every day through a corridor in Gelkmaros/Inggison.

3. The level of monsters/NPCs has been changed to 80.

4. Legion Support Quests have been added.

- Legion Support Mission Coupon is required to acquire the quests.

5. Garrison support buffs have been added.

6. Names and rewards from Raid monsters have been changed.

- By killing Anomos, players can acquire various items and Divine Vision Weapons.

7. Legendary and Ultimate items have been added to the Genesis Crystal Sale Agents.

8. The hourglass must be charged to enter.


1. Changed to server-wide field.

2. The entrance has been changed.

- Entry is available every Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sun from Inggison/Gelkmaros.

3. Legion Miner has been added.

- A total of 48 Miners have been added.

- Miner Imprint Stone can be used to occupy a Mining Camp.

- Miner Imprint Stone can be purchased and used only if the Legion is level 8 or higher.

4. Names and rewards from Raid monsters have been changed.

- Killing the Raid monsters rewards players with various items and Paralyse Vision Weapons.

5. Some limited-sale items from Altars have been changed.

6. Altar rewards have been changed.

7. The hourglass must be charged to enter.

Red Katalam (North)

1. The entrance has been changed.

- Travel through a corridor in Inggison/Gelkmaros every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

2. ‘Unstable Hall of Knowledge’ dungeon has been added. Players can enter it on a first-come, first-served basis.

Entrance Players Level Entries Entry Time Reset
Red Katalam (North) 1 80 1 a day Daily, 9:00

- The entrance is located at the Lake of Solitude in Red Katalam (North).

- The corridor will reappear 1h 50min ~ 2h 10min after disappearing.

- The corridor appears for 30min and will disappear after 20 players have used it.

3. 12 out of 25 Garrisons have been removed and the remaining 13 have been relocated.

4. Key Points configuration has been changed.

Key Points Garrisons
1 Key Point 1, 2, 3 Garrsion
2 Key Points 4, 5 Garrsion
3 Key Points 6, 7 Garrison
4 Key Points 8, 9, 10 Garrison
5 Key Points 11, 12, 13 Garrison

5. Key Point rewards conditions have been changed.

Previous New
Capture Tire 3 Garrison Capture Tire 1 and higher Garrison

6. Key Points rewards have been changed.

Previous New
Raid Monster Appears Treasure Chest Trader appears in the base

7. The way players acquire Treasure Chests has been changed.

- A key, which is required to open the chests, can be obtained from Garrison battles.

- There is a certain probability a fake chest will appear.

8. Raid objects no longer appear.

Red Katalam (South)


1. Pandarung Infiltration for solo players has been added.

Entrance Players Level Entries Entry Time Reset
Red Katalam (North)

Each Race’s Camp

200 Players 80 Until the number of entries reaches 0 Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 9:00

- It can be accessed from Red Katalam (North) using Mysterious Transformation Potion. This Potion can be looted from Garrison Officers and Assassins with a certain probability.

- Pandarunerk's Port Teleport Scroll can be obtained from Cargo Boxes hidden in the starting area.

- There are a total of 16 Pandarunerk's Port Teleport Scroll which can teleport players to Pandarung Dock, the final battle stage.

- When you activate the Express Cargo Unit, after 1 min, an Express Cargo Box will appear in that location.

- The Express Cargo Box can be claimed by only 1 player and if after 20min no one obtains it, the Infiltration will end.

2. Prades Fortress will no longer become vulnerable. Prades Fortress transition proceeds.

3. Windstreams have been removed.


1. Bassen Fortress/Prades Fortress have been added.

entrance Players Level Entries Entries Time Reset
Red Katalam (North)

Each Race’s Base

192 per race 80 Until the number of entries reaches 0 Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 10:00

- Use the corridor to move to the Siege area.

- Only players with the [Title] Fierce Challenger of Katalam (7 days) title can enter.

- [Title] Fierce Challenger of Katalam (7 days) can be traded for Ultimate Blood Mark at the Red Katalam Exchanger.

- The corridor maintains active between 21:00 and 24:00 and will reappear after being closed.

- The race that kills the Balaur Guardian General will occupy the fortress and Victorious/defeated races will receive encouragement buffs and rewards via mail.

2. Inggison/Gelkmaros Fortresses have been added.

- The siege starts every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at 22:00.

- Elyos/Asmodian Fortresses will be returned back to Balaur before the siege starts.

- The Balaur Guardian General appears at the beginning of the siege and the race that kills it first will take control over the fortress.

3. Lakrum and Dumah Fortresses are now closed and no longer become vulnerable.

4. The difficulty of Dumah Altar has been increased by increasing stats of Altar-related objects.

5. The Divine Fortress becomes vulnerable every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 22:00

6. All sieges start at 22:00 across all servers and will last for 50min.


1. Field Fame System has been added.

- Field Fame System applies to following areas.

- Inggison, Lakrum, Gelkmaros, Dumah, Silentera Canyon, Red Katalam (North/South)

- You can see your Fame level at the top of the minimap.

- The field window can be accessed by clicking on the icon on the minimap.


- The Fame Level determines what kind of items you can purchase and what kind of content is available.

- Fame Points can be acquired by killing monsters, performing quests and using fame items. Fame items can be acquired from areas where the fame system has been applied.

- Fame Points will be reduced if you die from a monster attack but can be restored by a Soul Healer.

- Every Monday, your points will be reduced based on your level.

2. Fame Rifts that can be opened to Inggison/Gelkmaros by players with high enough Fame level have been added.

Rift Fame Level Admissions Cooldown Number of Rifts
Fame Rift 9 4 Alliances (96 players) 168h (7 days) 1
Fame Rift 7 1 Alliance (24 players) 72h (3 days) 2
Fame Rift 5 1 Alliance (24 players) 24h (1 day) 3

- Rifts can be opened by players that meet Fame level conditions using a special item.

- Fame Rifts last for 3h.

3. After reaching Level 4 at the Silentera Canyon, you can exit on the opposite race’s map.


1. New Extreme Set has been added.

- Ultimate Paragon Enchantment Stone can be used to enchant the items up to +15.

- Extreme equipment consists of weapons and Armour parts and can be sold at the broker.

- If the enchanting process fails, there is a chance the item will be destroyed.

2. Vision weapons with special skills have been added.

- Depending on the weapon’s characteristics, different vision skills, like silence of paralysis, will be available.

- The skill effect can be strengthened by enhancing the weapon.

3. New Accessories and Feathers have been added.

- New Accessories and Feathers are neither PVE or PVP and can not be enchanted.

4. New Cubic items have been added.

Name Acquisition
광폭한 용암, 폭염의 수호자 큐빅

모르타샤 큐빅

Kubrinerk’s Cube Laboratory / Fame Rewards

5. Some Scrolls have been changed.

- The regions you can access with General Return Scroll have been changed.

- Lakrum Neutral Base Teleport Scroll and Demaha Neutral Bind Point Teleportation Scroll can now only be used in those regions.

- The list of instances a Optional Superior Bonus Entry Scroll can reset has been changed.

6. Daevanion Skill Boxes can be obtained from the following instances.

Instanced Dungeon Smuggler Shukiruk / Splendid Shukiruk Untrained Smuggler Shukiruk
[PCroom] Esoterrace of Opportunity
Altar of Ascension (Easy)
Altar of Ascension (Normal)
[PCroom] Altar of Ascension of Opportunity

7. Ancient Refining Stone has been added.

- Ancient Refining Stone is used to polish Odians and Runes.

8. Ancient Sanctity Potion has been added.

- Ancient Sanctity Potion is used to purify contaminated Odians and Runes.

9. Extraction Solvent has been added.

- Extraction Solvent can be used to extract Refining Stone Dust and Sanctifying Dust from Accessories and Feathers that have Odian and Rune slots.

10. Ultimate Starlight equipment has been added.

- It can be obtained by upgrading Light Fragment equipment into Ultimate Blinding Starlight equipment.

11. Blessed Socket Stone and new Supplies have been added to the Magical Crafting.

- Blessed Socket Stone can be used to open Odian/Rune Slots.

12. Stats of some Accessories have been changed.

13. You will no longer be able to purchase reset scrolls for the Narakkalli, Holy Tower, Makarna of Bitterness, Prometun Workshop instances from the Gold Sand Shop.

14. Some items that can no longer be used (Ex. Lakrum Return Scroll) will be replaced by other items (Ex. Integrated Return Scroll).


1. Accessory-exclusive Odian system has been added.


- Odians can be equipped into Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, and Belts.

- Only Odians that match your class can be used and attached Odians can be removed.

- The Odian slot must be first unlocked before being able to attach an Odian.

- When an item with an Odian is equipped, you can use the normal or Odian enhanced skill.

- You will need multiple Odians to be able to use the Odian Skill. To enhance the skill, you will need to polish the Odian.

- Equipment with Odians can not be traded or stored in the account warehouse.

2. Odian extraction feature has been added.

- Use Extraction Solvent to extract odians and obtain Ancient Sanctity Potion.

3. Odian Synthesis feature has been added.

- By synthesizing Odians, players can obtain new Odians.

- Synthesizing Odians of the same colour and grade will give you an Odian of the same colour and grade but a different skill. The assigned skill is random so there is a chance to receive an Odian with the same skill.

- Synthesizing 2 Odians of a different colour will result in obtaining and Odian of a different colour.

- Synthesizing Odians of a different quality will result in obtaining an Odian of random quality.

- If you combine Odians of different qualities, you won’t be able to receive Dazzling Odians.

- Odians for different classes can not be combined.


1. Feather-exclusive Rune System has been added.


- Runes can be used on Wings, Feathers, Bracelets. Equipped Runes can be removed.

- The Rune slot must be first unlocked before being able to attach a Rune.

- Equip runes to active a unique passive skill, and polish them to strengthen the effect.

- Equip 3 Runes with the same prefix to enhance your transformations.

2. Rune extraction feature has been added.

- Use Extraction Solvent to extract Runes and obtain Ancient Sanctity Potion.

3. Rune Synthesis feature has been added.

- By synthesizing Runes, players can obtain new Runes.

- Synthesizing Runes fo the same shape will grant you a Rune of the same shape.

- When you combine 2 Runes of a different shape, you will receive a Rune of a random shape.


1. Odian/Rune Contamination/Purification systems have been added.

- Runes/Odians can be strenghten by grinding and polished through the Boost/Modify Window.

- Odians/Runes can be polished using the Ancient Refining Stone.

- If the polishing process fails, there is a chance your Odian/Rune will become Contaminated. Contaminated items can no longer be polished.

- A Contaminated item can be purifed with Ancient Sanctity Potion. As the number of Purifications increases, so does the number of required Ancient Sanctity Potion.

Altar of Ascension


1. A new group dungeon, Altar of Ascension, has been added.

Entrance Admissions Level Entries Entry Time Reset
Silentera Canyon

Unknown Lands

2~6 80 2 entries Wednesday, 9:00

- There are different rewards in the Easy, Normal and PCroom versions of the dungeon.

- Obtain new Accessories and Feathers.

- Altar of Ascension gives different rewards based on your time.

- Altar of Ascension quests have been added.

Instanced Dungeons

1. Some Instanced Dungeons have been removed.

- Narakkalli, Holy Tower, Prometun Workshop (Normal), Makarna (Normal), Beshmundir Temple

2. [Mission] tag has been removed from growth instances.

3. Makarna of Bitterness (Hard) has been added.

Entrance Admissions Level Entries Entry Time Reset
Silentera Canyon

Hope’s Demise

2~6 80 4 Entries Wednesday, 9:00

- The Instanced Dungeon shares the cooldown with the Prometun Workshop (Hard).

- You can obtain materials required for Blinding Starlight equipment there.

4. The score and appearance conditions for the Dredgion monsters have been changed.

5. The spawn times for items in Runatorium have been changed.

6. Teleport NPCs have been added to Runatorium.

7. Ambush used by Girad in the Tower of Challenge will no longer trigger the Remove Shock Icon.

8. You will now obtain more Kinah from the 8th floor of the Tower of Challenge.

9. Only up to 30 players will now receive rewards for the best score in the Tower of Challenge ranking.

- The ranking rewards have been changed.

10. The duration of some Battlefields and Arenas have been chaned.

- Ashunatal Dredgion

- Runatorium

- Arena of Discipline

- Arena of Cooperation

- Illumiel

- Kamar's Battlefield

- 3vs3 Golden Crucible

11. If you successfully kill 4 bosses in the Prometun Workshop, and the final boss in Makarna of Bitterness, there is a chance to receive an additional reward box.

- The box contains Extreme equipment.

12. The respawn position after dying inside the Esoterrace Instanced Dungeon has been changed.

13. The drop from the final boss inside the Esoterrace Instanced Dungeon has been changed to come from the boss directly.

14. A Pcroom-only version of the Esoterrace Instanced Dungeon has been added.

15. Entrance locations to some dungeons have been changed.

16. If you succeed in following instances within the time attack time, additional reward boxes will appear.

- Altar of Awakening (Easy), Altar of Ascension (Normal), [PCroom] Altar of Ascension of Opportunity

17. The number of entries and the location of Kubrinerk’s Cube Laboratory have been changed.

- 3 entries a week (reset at 9:00 on Wednesday)

- The Gatekeeper will appear randomly in 2 locations in Gelkmaros/Inggison every 2h.

18. The difficulty of some instances has been reduced.

- Stella Research Laboratory (Easy), Stella Research Laboratory (Normal), Beninerk’s Manor (Easy), Beninerk’s Manor (Normal)



1. Valley of Chaos Battlefield has been added.

Entrance Admissions Level Entries Entry Time Reset
Admission Button 2~6 80 1 a day Daily, 9:00

- In the Valley of Chaos, everyone battles with the same stats.

- The game lasts for 10min and whoever accumulates more points at the end or earns a 2,000 points advantage will win.

- Defeat other players, kill Stella Guards, the Captain and find real Inanna to score points.

- You gain 5 points for regular guards, 50 for opposite players, 100 for the captain, 200 for real Inanna, and 100 for players in you are outmatched.

- You can obtain root, Aether's Hold, and scarecrow polymorph items from boxes that appear on the fild.


1. You can now set up 8 equipment sets.

2. Level 55 constraints have been removed.

- At level 55, if you gain enough experience, you will level up to 56 without any additional requirements.

3. According to the number of Quna resurrections used by the player, the waiting time will now keep increasing.

- Soul Healer will be able to reset the number of uses.

4. The number of cube rows a Cube Expansion Key can unlock has been increased.

5. Characters bound in the following locations will be re-bound in specified areas.

- Heiron, Beluslan, Inggison, Gelkmaros -> Elyos: Heiron / Asmodian: Beluslan

- Signia, Vengar, Lakrum, Dumah -> Elyos: Inggison / Asmodian: Gelkmaros


1. Lugbug Missions have been changed.

- Level 1~75 missions have been changed, and new level 76~80 missions have been added.

- Lugbug rewards have been changed and new items have been added.


1. Some quests in Lakrum/Dumah have been changed.

2. New quests in Lakrum have been added.

3. New quests have been added to the Gelkmaros/Inggison regions.

4. Some quests in Heiron/Beluslan have been changed and new quests have been added.

5. Quests that can no longer be completed have been removed.

6. New quests have been added to the Valley of Chaos.

7. New Pandarung Infiltration quests have been added.

8. Quests for the Legion Mining Camp have been added.

9. New Quests have been added to the Silentera Canyon region.

10. New quests have been added to the Unstable Hall of Knowledge.

11. Tooltips and targets for the Legion Tasks have been changed.

12. New quests have been added to the Makarna of Bitterness (Hard).

13. Experience Mark quests can now be performed in Gelkmaros/Inggison.

14. Quests to earn Fame have been added.

15. Fortress Medal reward quests have been added.

16. Windstream quests have been changed.

17. Pandora quests have been removed.


1. Red Katalam (North/South) has been added to the entire world map.

2. The death Menu will no longer appear upon death in the Coliseum Training Arena.

3. World system messages upon item acquisition have been changed.

- the message will no longer appear when someone acquires a Legendary item.

- The world message has been changed as follows.

Before New

Big Cities of each race



Big Cities of each race


1. The Growth areas of Heiron/Beluslan have been changed.

- Unused NPCs have been removed, new NPCs have been added.

- Tough Acorn NPCs have been added to Heiron/Beluslan.

- Tough Acorn can be exchanged for level 1~75 equipment and supplies.

- The level of NPCs and objects in the region has been changed from 10~40 to 10~75.

- Some Teleport Bases have been added.

2. Signia/Vengar regions have been removed.

- You can no longer move to Signia/Vengar regions.

- Pandora Raids have been removed from Signia/Vengar.


7.5 Update
General Items Rune Odian
New items PVE:

Legendary Fierce Katalam Set
Ultimate Fierce Katalam Set

Legendary Cruel Dumaha Set
Ultimate Cruel Dumaha Set

Legendary Silent Lakrum Set
Ultimate Silent Lakrum Set

Legendary Legion Guard Set
Ultimate Legion Guard Set

Extreme Set

Vision Set
Rare Vision Set
Noble Vision Set


Legendary Fierce Battle Set

Legendary Legion Scout Set
Ultimate Legion Scout Set

Legendary Lakrum Scout Set
Ultimate Lakrum Scout Set

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