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1. New classes, Soldier and Executor, have been added.

2.7 update 1.jpg 2.7 update 2.jpg

The Executor was once a Daeva of great skill. During a mission, he was attacked by the Tiamat Legion and taken prisoner.

Due to Tiamat’s experiments, lost his wings and was brainwashed into becoming a weapon under Tiamat’s command.

In the process of searching for Sienora, Daeva’s memories were returned and Tiamat’s influence disappeared.

He returns safely to Atreia and was reborn as a Daeva. Rebelled against the higher Daevas who forgot the sacrifices of his comrades who were also captured. Now, calls himself the Executor with a determination to take a different path from the other Daevas.

- Players can change from Soldier to Executor through a special mission.

- Executor is a mid-range class that wears Leather Armor and a new type of Chainblade weapons.


1. New rgion Talos has been added.

2.7 update 3.jpg 2.7 update 4.jpg

Talos is a space created unconsciously by the power of Siel’s Relic when Subject 707 ran away from Tiamat in Tempus.

Talos is a space where memories Tiamat wants to erase and memories of Subject 707’s Daeva days are mixed.

Soldiers that have been brainwashed by Tiamat and became subordinates, use Dredgion to enter Talos in pursuit of Subject 707.

- When creating a Soldier, you will start the game in Talos.

- Soldiers and Executors can not perform certain missions in Ishalgen, Altgard, Poeta, Verteron.

- Other classes than Soldiers and Executors can not enter the Talos region.

Instanced Dungeon

1. A new instanced dungeon, Talos of the Forgotten, has been added.

2.7 update 5.jpg 2.7 update 6.jpg

As Sienora ran away from Talos, which should have disappeared, remained in place for some reason. Upon discovering this, Tiamat dispatched her minions to completely destroy Talos, which reminds her of a secret she wants to hide.

Daevas find a living book in the Abyss and discover the existence of Talos by examining a Rift the book points to.

In order to investigate the mighty power of Aether and Talos, where Drana’s contamination is progressing, an elite unit is dispatched to investigate the area.

Entrance Players Level Entries Reset
Silentera Canyon 6 51+ 1 a week Wednesday, 9:00

2. New quests for the Talos of the Forgotten have been added.

Quest Name Race Level Start NPC Rewards Reset Reset
Elyos 51+ Lania Platinum Medal Shard Wednesday, 9:00
Asmodian 51+ Vergelan Wednesday, 9:00
Elyos 51+ Lania 5,000 AP 1 time only
Asmodian 51+ Vergelan 1 time only

3. Krotan Chamber, Kysis Chamber, Miren Chamber can no longer be accessed.

4. Kaliga will now drop Kaliga's Weapon Selection Box.

5. Instanced Dungeon Tempus has been disabled.

- Entry scrolls to Tempus have been removed from rewards of and .

- Tempus reset scrolls have been removed.

6. The number of relics from treasure chests in the Left Wing Chamber has been doubled.


1. New Stigma skills have been to every class.

- New Stigma Stones can be obtained from the Talos of the Forgotten dungeon.

Class Stigma Skill Name
Gladiator Counterattack Armor
Templar Defensive Armor I
Ranger Destruction Arrow I
Assassin Transform: Slayer I

Transform: Slayer I

Sorcerer Tornado Blast I
Spiritmaster Spiritual Harmony I
Cleric Healing Touch I
Chanter Reinvigoration I
Executor Lightning Armor I


1. Storybook system has been added.

- You can complete storybooks by collecting items throughout your adventure.

2.7 update 7.jpg

Ancient Artwork Essence of Nature Adventure Book
Type Dragon Lord Tiamat Masterpiece Essence of Earth Memories of the Forgotten Legion
Brohum Masterpiece Essence of Fire
Dramata Masterpiece

- Upon completion, players will receive a special reward.

> Stats obtained through the storybooks do not increase Daeva’s potential. This will change later on.

- Storybooks can be completed on each character.


1. The Legion system has been revamped.

2.7 update 8.jpg

- Legion Coin production, missions, crafting and buff functions have been added.

- Provide necessary materials to produce Legion Coins.

- Individuals can produce coins every day to receive additional rewards for continuous coin production.

- If the number of coins produced by the Legion exceeds 60, players can receive additional Legion Essence Fragments.

- Legion missions consist of daily and weekly quests. After completing a set number of quests, growth points and Legion Essence Fragments are paid as rewards.

- Through Legion crafting, you can donate certain items and craft various items that will later be stored in the Legion Warehouse.

- Legion Essence can be used to activate or enhance Legion Buffs specific to the Legion characteristics.

- Active Legion Buffs can be used by purchasing them with personal Legion Coins.

- All Legion members can donate crafting materials and purchase Legion buffs but only authorized members can craft items and activate/enhance Legion buffs.

- If you leave/disband or get expelled from a Legion, 50% of your personal coins will be removed.

- Legion Buffs can not be purchased inside battlefields or arenas and will be removed when entering these areas.

2. Legion search function has been added.

- The legion search function can now be used to find/apply to a legion from the player’s current location.


1. Instanced Dungeon, battlefields, and Integrated World Trade have been split for the 3 new servers.


1. Executor-only items have been added.

- The type and probability of items obtainable when killing monsters have been adjusted.

Instanced Dungeon Drop

Field Monster Item
Fire Temple Lava Gatneri White Flame Chainsword
Black Smoke Asparn
Kromede the Corrupt Kromede's Chainsword
Vile Judge Kromede
Draupnir Cave Commander Bakarma Commander Bakarma's Chainsword
Commander Bakarma's Chainsword
Dredgion Air Captain Girana Elder Chainsword
Adjutant Kundhan
Chantra Dredgion Quartermaster Bhati
Gatekeeper Sarta
Officer Kamanya
Theobomos Lab Unstable Triroan Triroan's Chainsword
Adma Stronghold Lord Lannok Lannok's Chainsword
Dark Poeta Tahabata Pyrelord Elder Chainsword
Tahabata's Chainsword
Anuhart Elite's Chainsword
Calindi Flamelord Anuhart Elite's Chainsword
Vanuka Infernus Anuhart Elite's Chainsword
Esoterrace Warden Surama Scabrous Chainsword
Subterranean Chainsword
Surama's Chainsword
Lower Udas Temple Debilkarim the Maker Debilkarim's Chainsword
Padmarashka’s Cave Padmarashka Padmarashka's Raging Chainsword
Beshmundir Temple (normal) Stormwing Scabrous Chainsword
Subterranean Chainsword
Elder Chainsword
Vorpal Chainsword
Beshmundir Temple (difficult) Stormwing Scabrous Chainsword
Subterranean Chainsword
Elder Chainsword
Vorpal Chainsword
Stormwing's Chainsword
Liberated Beshmundir Temple Unyielding Stormwing Scabrous Chainsword
Subterranean Chainsword
Elder Chainsword
Pacification Chainsword
Liberated Stormwing's Chainsword
Abyssal Splinter Abyssal Treasure Box Forgotten Abyssal Chainsword
Chaos Chainsword
Yamennes' Chainsword

Field Drop

Field Monster Item
Inggison Chief Kurnus


Scabrous Chainsword

Subterranean Chainsword



Skuma Silvereye

Kyang Redmane
Gelkmaros Highpriest Heka Heka's Chainsword
Flesh-eating Swarm Scabrous Chainsword

Subterranean Chainsword

Alpha Kuruku
Alpha Mansat
Camu the Forestkeeper
Minga Bigeyes
Turatu Spawnfoot

- The type and probability of items that can be obtained from bundle items have been adjusted.

2. Skill items exclusive to instanced dungeons will now be stored in dedicated cubes.

- If items in the exclusive cube are not aligned, you can sort them through the alignment function at the bottom of the inventory window.

3. Udas equipment and Udas Supply Equipment will now be in the same set group.

- The hidden wear effect of the Udas equipment set will now be included in the 5-part wear effect.

4. Deletion schedule has been added to the description of Apprentice Crucible Insignia, Apprentice Discipline Insignia and Apprentice Chaos Insignia.

5. The sound effects of Disco Ball Party Wings have been fixed.

Daeva Pass

1. Newbie Pass season missions have been changed.


1. Krotan Chamber, Kysis Chamber, Miren Chamber quests have been changed due to inability to enter said dungeons.


1. The requirements to start and have been corrected.

2. Items required to complete and can now be purchased with Groggie.

Items available for purchase Price
Fragment of the Shining Tower, Ancient Balaur Heart 5
Drana-forged Steel, Pure Drazma Crystal 5
Elements Crystal, Blue Golem 5

3. The number of items required to complete the Greater Stigma quest has been changed.

Before After
Processed Drana, Drana Fragment x100 Processed Drana, Drana Fragment x10

4. The number of Groggie required to purchase Hewahewa's Research Report and Hewahewa's Scroll has been lowered.

Before After
20 coins to purchase Hewahewa's Research Report, Hewahewa's Scroll 5 coins to purchase Hewahewa's Research Report, Hewahewa's Scroll


1. Executor-only items have been added to the sale list of shop NPCs.

2. Executor-related information has been added to road signs in Sanctum and Pandaemonium.

3. Reapperance time of some monsters in the Silentera Canyon has been changed.


1. Login background and server selection window have been revamped.

2. Race selection and character selection windows have been revamped.

3. Server connection queue window has been revamped.


1. The max number of characters has been increased to 9.

2. The waiting time to close the game or go to the character selection screen has been changed to 5sec.

3. Players were able to glide in order to reach abnormal positions. This issue has been fixed.

4. Some environment settings did not work properly. This issue has been fixed.

5. The number of items that can be sold per day was sometimes displayed incorrectly. This issue has been fixed.

6. Emoticons can now be used with chat shortcuts.

- Emots can be used through input in the popup windows.

7. The sound would output awkwardly when jumping. This issue has been fixed.

8. Billowing Dandelion standby motion has been improved.

Graphics Quality

1. The overall graphics in the game has been improved.


1. An issue with Inggison terrain displaying abnormally depending on the distance has been fixed.


Classic - 2.7 Update November 9th, 2022
Character Soldier Class Executor Class
Regions / Dungeons Talos Talos of the Forgotten
Items Chainblade
System Storybook System Moros’ Time Records
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