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- Available for levels 76~80
- Group ( 3vs3 )
- Available 1 time a day (Daily 9:00)


- Abyss Points

- Ridium

- PVP Enchantment Stones

- Minion Bundle






Everyday at 11:00 ~ 15:00, 19:00 ~ 2:00

Background Story

주신 루미엘이 익숙하지 않은 환경과 상황에서의 적응을 돕기 위해 만든 훈련장. 루미엘의 호기심과 장난기 많은 성격 탓인지 여러 아인종과 동물 등의 허상으로 변신해 전투할 수 있도록 만들어졌다. 이 공간을 만들 때 루미엘이 막대한 오드를 소모하면서 오드의 흐름을 추적해온 천족에게 훈련장이 발견되었다. 천족은 마족의 꿍꿍이를 파헤치기 위해, 마족은 훈련장에 들이닥친 천족을 토벌하기 위해 서로 싸우기 시작한다.


Illumiel can be accessed like any other battlefield. An admission button will appear every day between 11:00 ~ 15:00 and between 19:00 ~ 2:00.

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Result Rewards
Victory Abyss Points

Legendary Ridium (x4)

Warrior Medal Bundle

Battlefield PvP Enchantment Stone Bundle

Battlefield Minion Bundle

Defeat Abyss Points

Legendary Ridium (x2)

PANDORA 03 002 b.jpg

Victory Conditions

1. Destroy the Icon of Life / Icon of Wisdom.

2. Have more points at the end of the battle.

PANDORA 03 002 c.jpg

Illumiel Transformations

Stone Statue Available Skills
Longsword Purple Inquin Transformation Statue Punishment I / Divine Grasp I / Blood Pact I / Eternal Denial I / Bodyguard I
Greatsword Desert Fox Transformation Statue Earthquake Wave I / Wrathful Wave III / Berserking III / Revival Wave II / Severe Precision Cut I
Aethercannon Bunny Bandit Statue Snow Shell I / Seeker Round I / Parting Shot III / Shadow Speed II / Shellshock I
Mace Rotund Transformation Statue Land’s Bargain III / Word of Destruction III / Healing Majesty III / Shroud Shatter II / Spirit Healing I

Battlefield Buffs

After a certain period of time, one of 3 possible buffs will appear in the middle of the battlefield.

Type Buff
Recovery Aura Instantly recovers 100% of HP
Battle Aura Add 20,00 additional damage for a certain period of time
Protection Aura Create a 200,000 shield

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6.5 Update
Dungeons PVE:


Hererim Mine



General Items
New items Senekta

Bitter Ice Set

Cold Set

Gold Sand Shop
Legendary Honourable Warrior Set


Legendary Pandora Set

Ultimate Pandora Set

System Transformation Collection

Daevanion Skill Tuning

Daevanion Skill Enchanting Effect

Pandora Complex

Pandora Human Resources Complex

Pandora Development Complex

Additional Updates KR - Update July 18th 2018

KR - Update July 25th 2018

KR - Update August 1st 2018

KR - Update August 8th 2018

KR - Update August 22nd 2018

KR - Update September 5th 2018

KR - Update September 19th 2018

KR - Update October 4th 2018

KR - Update October 24th 2018

KR - Update November 14th 2018

Next Update:
7.0 Update