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The Asmodians have taken Gelkmaros as their Balaurean stronghold, and are finding it in many ways as hostile as their homeland. It is a region devastated by ancient battles, by fissures and rents torn in the earth by powerful ancient forces. The ruins of the once-great city of Marayas stand amidst the devastation, overrun by the terrifying animated statues that once decorated it.

The Asmodians have, at least, found some tentative allies in the Reian tribe, a group of Daevas stranded in Balaurea since before the Cataclysm, who until recently had no knowledge of the terrible war between the Atreian Daevas. In Gelkmaros, they stand watch over Subterranea, home of the evil Dragonbound.

As if this isn't enough, the Asmodians must also defend the Vorgaltem Citadel and Crimson Temple against the encroaching Elyos and Balaur.