Enchanting Update

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Go beyond the maximum Enchanting limits with this new update!

Enchanting update has been added to the live servers on August 27th, 2014.

In this update Breakthrough System has been added allowing players to Enchanting items without any limitations, additionally at +20 your item will receive a random skill and will become wrappable with the wrapping count increasing with every level above +20.


Enchanting Update
3dc7d0082b6168c224b8e639.png Breakthrough System Breakthrough System has been added allowing players to go beyond item's Enchanting limit.
4354d758c36cb2c7d1afb0dd.png +20 Enchanting Effect Items with Enchanting level 20+ have a new effect, receive a random skill and wrapping count increases.
5bb3ceb7916c37abf19a5a16.jpg Other Changes Enchanting Update introduced some minor changes like some Abyss items can now be dyed.
5f71f1575ab58a6698c3cd2b.png Related Items Damaged Evolution Aid l Damaged Evolution Stone l All-Powerful Enchantment Stone

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