8.2 Update

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1. Apsharanta Elyos, Asmodian and Neutral Factions have been changed.

Type Faction Agent Faction Name
Elyos Nezekan 아이기스 icon_faction_season2_emblem_light_02.png Immortal Shield
프리드웬 icon_faction_season2_emblem_light_03.png Deliver of Justice
Asmodian Zikel 미스틸테인 icon_faction_season2_emblem_dark_02.png Sword of Doom
칼리번 icon_faction_season2_emblem_dark_03.png Black Fangs
Neutral Strigik 강철부리 울로쿠 icon_faction_season2_emblem_owllau_01.png Steelbeak Hunters
Macori 공주 코코마 icon_faction_season2_emblem_makori_01.png Star of Elementis

- new Faction Quests have been added.

- Faction Dispatch Quests have been changed.

- Teleport Shugos have been replaced by teleportation devices.

- Required Glory to use teleportation devices has been replaced by Faction Prestige.

- The use of teleportation devices will now consume some goods.

2. The agents participating in the Apsharanta Agent Battle have been changed.

3. Faction Quests will now be selected based on operation site and Dispatch Quests reset time.

4. Extreme monsters will now appear more frequently.

5. Desctructable and collectible objects for Faction Quests will now appear more frequently.

6. Stats of Garrison Guard NPCs have been increased.

7. Some terrain errors have been fixed.

Instanced Dungeon

1. Heart of Apsharanta (Normal) have been added.

- Heart of Apsharanta (Normal) and Heart of Apsharanta (Easy) do not share entries.

Entrance Players Level Entries Reset
Apsharanta 2~6 81+ 2 Wednesday, 9:00

2. The probability of obtaining Jorgoth equipment from Makarna of Bitterness (Normal) has been increased.

3. Players will no longer be teleported to Griffoen/Habrok after leaving Discipline Training Grounds.

4. The number of entries to Makarna of Bitterness (normal) has been changed to 10.

5. The number of entries to Beninerk’s Manor (normal) has been changed to 4.

6. The amount of AP players can obtain from Hererim Mine has been adjusted.

Lord’s Relic

1. With Faction changes, the Lord’s Relic principals have also been changed.

A120210907171409.png A220210907171431.png

2. Level achievement rewards have been changed.

- Item rewards will be granted after reaching levels 100, 200, and 300.

Relic Level Item Count
100 궁극의 투혼 무기 상자 1
200 서약의 석판 20
300 아프수의 환영 방어구 상자 1

3. New 주신의 성수 has been added.

- It can be purchased with 군단 활동 증표 from <Operation Field Soldiers>.

- The item can also be crafted with Magical Crafting


1. Dispatch Quests have been reorganized.

- When you reach a certain Faction Fame Level, the number of dispatch quests will increase.

- Different rewards are given for each Dispatch Quest completed.

- Related details can be viewed in the pop-up window in the Dispatch Quests.

2. Faction Quests will now be selected based on operation site and Dispatch Quests reset time.

3. Repeatable quests have been added to the Heart of Apsharanta (Normal).

Kerubar's Quick Guide Season 2

1. A new season of Kerubar's Quick Guide has been added.


- In the 2nd season of Kerubar's Quick Guide, you must first complete all of the Rapid Growth I steps to unlock the next guide.

- By performing Kerubar's Quick Guide missions you can acquire various items and guide items.

2. Kerubar's Quick Guide missions can be performed from level 76.


1. Factions have been replaced, and all of the existing Faction’ Glory will be reset.

2. Some items, prices, and number of purchases in the Glory Shops have been changed.

3. The number of Glory deduced each week has been changed.

4. <Silentera Canyon Prize Giver> has been moved to Inggison/Gelkmaros.

5. Glory XP rewards from quests have been adjusted.


1. A recipe for 궁극의 투혼 방어구 상자 has been added.

- 이오 겔 obtained from extracting Vents, and 투혼 방어구 조각 obtained from extracting Ultimate Fighting Spirit Armor are used as materials.

2. Recipes for crafting equipment items have been added.

- Use Experience Mark and Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate Magic Crystals as materials.

- The recipes are learned automatically and can be found under Magical Crafting - Miscellaneous.

Type Item Type
Esoterrace Legionary 고대의 아라카 군단병 장비 상자

고대의 아라카 군단병 장신구 상자

고대의 아라카 군단병 깃장식 상자

Ambush 궁극의 참혹한 침입자 장비 상자

궁극의 참혹한 침입자 장신구 상자

궁극의 참혹한 침입자 깃장식 상자

전설의 참혹한 침입자 장비 상자

전설의 참혹한 침입자 장신구 상자

전설의 참혹한 침입자 깃장식 상자

Silent Black Feather 궁극의 고요한 흑깃 장비 상자

궁극의 고요한 흑깃 장신구 상자

궁극의 고요한 흑깃 깃장식 상자

Flaming Altar 궁극의 타오르는 제단 장신구 상자

궁극의 타오르는 제단 깃장식 상자

Burning Altar 궁극의 작열하는 제단 장신구 상자

궁극의 작열하는 제단 깃장식 상자

3. Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate Magical Crystal items have been added.

- All party members can obtain them from the last boss in the instances listed below.

Instanced Dungeon Number
Makarna of Bitterness (Normal) 2
Prometun’s Workshop (Normal) 3
Stella Development Laboratory (normal)
Beninerk’s Manor (Normal)
Ara Infernalia (Normal) 4
Beshmundir Storm Temple (Normal)
Heart of Apsharanta (Normal)

- The grade of the Crystal is based on probability but the chance to acquire the specified number is 100%.

4 투혼 방어구 조각 has been added.

- It can be obtained with a certain probability when extracting Ultimate Fighting Spirit Armour.

5. Summonable monsters have been added to the 남부 생명체 소환 주문서.

6. The probability of obtaining 파슈만디르 사원의 봉인 주문서 when extracting items has been increased.

7. The sound when flying backward while wearing any of the 4 types of ***moon Wings has been changed.


1. New type of gatherable, ‘Vents’, has been added.

- They can be collected with 연금술사의 유리병.

- When 아다드 appears, a large number of Vents will also appear.

2. XP from some monsters has been increased.

3. Glory from some monsters has been increased.

Kaldor: Time Fold II

1. The damage of all monsters has been adjusted.

2. The level of all monsters has been adjusted.

3. The XP from all monsters has been adjusted.

Silentera: Time Fold

1. 2 영혼s will now appear with 100% probability, and the number of 사로잡힌 영혼 that can be obtained from Souls has been increased.


1. Secret Rift content has been disabled.

Gold Sand Shop

1. PVP Enchantment stones could not be purchased from the Gold Sand Shop. This issue has been fixed.


1. Some terrain errors have been fixed.


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