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1. <Crucible Challenge>
Encouraged by the success of the Empyrean Crucible, the Empyrean Lords ordered the opening of more such facilities and as a result we now have the Crucible Challenge, which allows individual training--unlike the Crucible, which only allows group training.

Players can enter the Crucible Challenge from the Kaisinel Academy or the Marchutan Priory and progress through the dungeon by PVE combat, just like in the Empyrean Crucible.


- Like the Empyrean Crucible, Crucible Challenge consists of a circular stadium where players must battle waves of monsters.
- There are six stages, each made up of one or two rounds. Players face more and more powerful opponents as they progress through the stages.
- There is no entry quest for 'Crucible Challenge', and players of level 50 or above can enter the dungeon freely. However, there are optional quests that can be completed by playing through the instance.
- Entrances to Crucible Challenge can be found in the following places:
Kaisinel Academy and the Marchutan Priory.
Kaisinel's Teleport Statue in Sanctum, and Marchutan's Teleport Statue in Pandaemonium,
Crucible Teleporter NPCs in Inggison and Gelkmaros.
- Crucible Challenge is made up of a stadium where players battle monsters and a ready room where defeated players are revived.
- When a player defeats all monsters in a stage, the stage is complete and the player can then proceed to the next stage by talking to the Recordkeeper at the center of the stadium.
- Players can stop the training at any time and leave Crucible Challenge by pressing the Stop Training button located on the top right of the screen.
- Unlike in the Empyrean Crucible, if a player dies in Crucible Challenge and doesn't have a Worthiness Ticket in the cube, the training ends and the player is transferred to the ready room and shown a results screen.
- Worthiness Tickets disappear when the player exits the instance.
- Some skills and items are unavailable to players in Crucible Challenge.
- The re-entry cooldown for Crucible Challenge is 22 hours.

2. Added an auto group system to instances.
- The system has been added to the following instance dungeons: Nochsana Training Camp, Fire Temple, Steel Rake, Dark Poeta, Udas Temple, Lower Udas Temple, and Empyrean Crucible.
- Players can apply for an auto group by interacting with the instance dungeon entrance or NPC. Note: Any group created using Auto Group has a limit of one ranger, chanter, and spiritmaster, and two of any other class. This is to ensure a balanced group with a mix of classes and roles.


- There are two types of auto group: New Group Entry and Quick Group Entry.
 Select New Group Entry to find a new group that had not yet started the instance.
 Select Quick Group Entry to join a group that is already inside the instance.


- You can apply for Auto Groups in up to three instances at a time, but if you wish to apply for another, you must abandon one of the previously selected instances before applying for the new one.


- Each instance has a minimum number of players, so players may have to wait a while for enough players to apply for the instance.
- Certain instances may require at least one member of the group to be a specific class, so this can also prolong the wait.
- A player in a group formed via the auto group feature who is killed within that instance will resurrect at the entrance of the instance.
- Players who enter an instance dungeon using the auto group feature are given the 'Pledge of Victory' buff, which will be removed when they exit the instance.


- When a player leaves an instance entered using the auto group feature, the player leaves the group automatically.

3. Changed the way Crucible Insignia are awarded in the Empyrean Crucible to be based on points.
4. There is now a five second wait before resurrecting in the Empyrean Crucible.
5. Fixed some abnormal terrain and textures seen when starting stage five of the Empyrean Crucible.
6. Changed the number of creatures summoned by King Saam in the second stage of the Empyrean Crucible.
7. Fixed a bug where some instances occasionally allowed more than the maximum number of players to enter.
8. Fabled items dropped by boss monsters in the Fire Temple and Steel Rake now drop as chests, which can be opened like a bundle item.


- A player who obtains a Fabled Weapon Chest randomly receives a single item from the chest that can be equipped by the player's class.
- A player who obtains a Fabled Armor Chest randomly receives a single piece of armor from the chest that can be equipped by the player's class.


9. Changed some terrain in the Abyssal Splinter.
10. Fixed an unlootable item in the Ancient Treasure Box in the Siel Western's Fortress Instance .
11. Fixed the problem in the Empyrean Crucible where the training results were sometimes shown before the instance was finished.
12. Increased the drop rate of Balic materials from the Balaur in the Esoterrace instance.
13. Fixed an issue where players are able to kill both Warden Surama and Kexkra Prototype in Esoterrace.
14. Reduced the number of mobs in some stages of the Empyrean Crucible.
15. Reduced the time between the waves of monsters in some stages of the Empyrean Crucible.
16. Fixed a problem causing players not to be able to pick up the drop from the Plaguebearer.
17. Added a skill effect to the Catastrophe skill used by Empyrean Crucible boss monster RM-1337c.
18. Increased the time taken to eat Taloc's Fruit from 0 sec to 1 sec.
19. Fixed an issue where sometimes the Sundries Box did not spawn in Esoterrace.
20. Fixed issue where sometimes Sundries Box disappeared when the Esoterrace Warden was defeated.
21. While fighting Warden Surama in Esoterrace, the upper current now appears correctly.
22. Fixed an issue in Kromede's Trial where sometimes the Petrahulk Gatekeeper would not drop the Temple Vault Door Key.
23. The exit door in Taloc's Hollow will no longer close before the fight with Kinquid begins.

24. Reduced the difficulty of Stormwing, the final boss in Beshmundir Temple.
- Decreased its attack power.
- Decreased the power of its attack skills.
- Changed the range and casting time of its skills.
- Decreased the Skill attack power of the Sharp Twister and Root Twister mobs that it summons.
- Reduced the duration of the summoned Root Twister's root skill from 5 sec. to 3 sec.


1. Added eight new crafting designs for each race.
- Added four new designs for crafting Lesser, Greater, and Major elemental stones.
 Each design uses elemental stones of higher quality to create stones of lesser quality.
 The designs can be purchased from alchemy merchants found in the major cities.


- Added four new designs for crafting Greater Courage Scroll, Greater Awakening Scroll, Greater Running Scroll, and Greater Raging Wind Scroll.
 These designs require different materials to existing designs for crafting.
 The new scroll designs can be obtained from certain monsters.
2. Added new godstones.
- Added seven new godstones that can be obtained in Crucible Challenge.
- The effects of the new godstones are shown below.


3. Increased the amount of White/Red/Blue Heliotrope Powder that can be purchased each day from one to two.
4. Slightly increased the chance of obtaining higher quality variants of Magical Aether when Aethertapping.
5. Slightly increased the chance of obtaining higher quality variants of Malevite Ore when Essencetapping.
6. Fixed a bug with some armsfused weapons, where the manastone slots on the secondary weapon were not visible or socketable.
7. Fixed an issue with armsfused weapons with a secondary weapon that was conditionable. The conditioning effect will no longer go away upon exiting the client.
8. Changed item usage requirement for the portable conditioning item so that it can be used if the conditioning level on the item is at 90% or lower.
9. Fixed issue where items from the Empyrean Crucible and the Esoterrance were not temporarily tradeable.
10. Fixed an issue where Archon/Guardian Brigade General's plate helm had the wrong magic resist value in the listing at the NPC vendor.
11. The evasion boost on the Noble Horned Dragon/ Noble Sky Dragon Emperor's Malevite Glasses will now be higher than that on the non-noble versions of the glasses.
12. Changed the visual effects on the Sky Dragon/Horned Dragon weapons when in combat mode.
13. Fixed an issue where some items did not show a +15 enchantment effect from godstones.
14. Items skinned with the Porgus costume pieces can now be dyed normally.
15. Buff pets can now use regular/essence items.
16. Fixed issue where when summoning a pet in certain locations, including on moving objects, would cause an error message.
17. Fixed a bug in the crafting window for Tailoring where “Craft: Worthy Prolix Belt” was mislabeled as “Craft: Worthy Anathe Belt”.
18. Changed the names of some designer costume outfits to reflect that they appear as dresses on female characters, and as suits on male characters:


19. Changed the name of the green level 22 "Researcher's” armor set to “Erudite's”, so that it would no longer be confused with the level 42 green “Researcher's” set.
20. Changed the name of the quest item for Asmodian campaign quest “Know Your Enemy” from “Zemurru's Totem” to “Zemurru's Totem”, since that's what the quest tells you to look for.


1. Added new pets.
- A new pet is now available for purchase from the consumable item distributors outside the Empyrean Crucible.


- The new pet is a Fortune type pet which eats snacks that can be obtained in Crucible Challenge.
- There is a small chance of obtaining Platinum Medals from the gifts that the pet gives in response to feeding.
- There is a limit on the total number of times a pet can be fed.
2. Added an indicator to the tool-tip for purchasable pet eggs to alert the player when they already have this pet.
- The pet egg icon is shown in red.
- The tool-tip displays a message saying, 'You already have a pet of this type.'


3. Added a note to the tool-tip for purchasable pet eggs to alert the player when the pet has the same size pet pouch as a Pack pet that the player already has.
- The tool-tip displays a message saying, 'You already have a Pack pet with this functionality.'


4. Fixed an issue that caused some pets to appear oddly.
5. Fixed an issue where the pet pouch and the legion warehouse would sometimes open at the same time.


1. You can now hover the mouse over a flight transportation destination to see the places that can be reached by flight from that location.


[Connecting Flight Paths]

2. Added a personal status note in the group window.
- When you join a group, your status information is shown in the group window.
- This function is on by default, and can be turned off in Options→ Game Options.
3. Added a Relic Appraiser to allow players to calculate AP rewards from relics.
- Menu → Support → Relic Appraiser.


[Relic Appraiser]
4. Fixed an issue where rotating the camera by pressing both mouse buttons while moving would cause shortcut keys not to work.
5. Fixed a bug where moving the chat window caused the repositioning arrow to disappear, not allowing players to reposition the window again.
6. Fixed a bug where new characters did not see macro-related Help messages.
7. Fixed a bug in the list tab of AionTweet where the [Previous] and [Next] buttons did not display correctly.
8. Fixed a bug in the list tab of AionTweet where the text was not aligned correctly.
9. After customizing the hotkey set up, and then reconnecting to the game, the hotkeys will no longer reset.
10. Fixed an issue where some commas were not showing in the chat window.
11. Fixed an issue where right clicking the monster's status while moving will make the status window open and then immediately close.
12. Fixed issue where players were able to move items while the stack-splitting window was open.
13. When using the find group interface (shift + v), the mentor box will now be checked by default, so that mentors are included in the search.
14. Fixed issue where enchantment effects were not showing in a party member's information window.
15. When zooming into a map location that has a tooltip, the tool tip will not disappear.
16. The broker window's <+> button will now scale correctly according to the screen mode.
17. Fixed an issue where Beluslan's "Beritra's weapon" area was showing in yellow.
18. Now when you search for characters, it will display up to 110 people.
19. Some skin color palettes have been changed in character customization.
20. Fixed an issue where ninja motions and hovering motions were not searchable at the broker.
21. When first logging into the game, the scroll bar will not show up in the chat window until there is enough text.
22. Shortened several tooltip messages to fit better inside the UI boxes and to clarify their meaning.
23. Corrected the in-game help section about slash commands, where it referred to the wrong commands.
- “/promote” is actually “/lpromote”
- “/ExtractionStatus” is actually “/ExtractStatus”


1. Asmodian Sorcerers can now use 'Ice Sheet I~IV' while moving.
2. Corrected the tooltip description for the Cleric skills 'Healing Wind I~III' to display the correct casting range.
3. Fixed the animations for the skills 'Provoking Severe Blow I~IV' and 'Break Power I~IV' so that different gender characters will now have the same animations when using the skills with a greatsword while in motion.
4. Fixed the delay in the whirlwind animation for the Sorcerer skill "Summon Whirlwind I~II".
5. The Spiritmaster's 'Vacuum Choke I ~ III' skill animation will now show up while in flight mode.
6. If multiple Chanter's 'Recovery Spell I ~ II' buffs are applied to the same target, the higher level buff will now take precedence.
7. The Cleric's 'Summon Holy Servant IV' skill will now gain levels correctly.
- A high level character who has already had this skill for many levels will gain all the missing levels automatically.
8. Changed skill tooltips that referred to elemental “defense” to element “Resistance” (eg. Fire Defense became Fire Resistance), to match the name of the attribute that it affects.
9. Changed the tooltip for Chanter skill “Protective Ward” to clarify that it blocks X% of damage rather than just X damage.
10. Fixed tooltip for Gladiator skillbook “Advanced Greatsword Training II”, which incorrectly stated that the book taught Dagger proficiency.
11. Fixed tooltip for Assassin skill “Shadow Walk I” to clarify that players can use buffs on themselves up to three times, rather than two, without breaking stealth.
12. Changed tooltip for Gladiator Greater Stigma stone “Sure Strike I” to specify that the prerequisite skill is “Severe Precision Cut”. (The skill was misnamed.)
13. Changed the name of level 55 Sorcerer skill “Magic Assist I” to “Magic Assist I”, to reduce confusion with the Magic Boost character attribute.


1. The resurrection animation will now always display correctly when players resurrect.
2. Fixed some inaudible character voiceovers that went with certain emotes.
3. Fixed an issue when in combat with the ninja motions and using Stormwing's Jewel, the weapon would look abnormal.
4. Fixed an issue where using the ninja motions with a shield would cause the shield to cover the character's face during combat.
5. When using custom motions and no weapon, the combat animations will now display correctly.


1. Added new quests for the Crucible Challenge.
2. Changed the ‘Brigadier Indratu' campaign quest for Elyos so that players can now decline to go to the Abyss Gate during the mission.
- Previously players were teleported instantly to the Abyss Gate, but now players can decide after talking with Perento.
3. Fixed the text in a few quests where code showed up instead of an in-game dictionary link:
- In Elyos quest “[Spy/Weekly] Operation: Asmodae”, the link for NPC Valentius
- In Elyos quest “Quest for Siel's Relics”, the quest item name “Powerful Balaur Blood”
- In Elyos quest “Eat Like a Bellepig”, the location “The Stalking Grounds”
- In Asmodian quest “A Little Extra Cash”, the location “The Crash Site”
- In Asmodian quest “The Secret Ingredient”, the link for quest item “Odella”.
4. Changed the name of Elyos quest “The Agrint Problem” to “The Klaw Problem”, since the quest asks you to kill Klaws, not Agrints.
5. Elyos quest “The Priest's Nightmare” now asks players to find “Kirenne's Corpse” instead of “Kirenne's Grave”, because the interactible object is called “Corpse”. Players can now use the /where function to search for the quest object.
6. Asmodian quest “[Weekly] Purge the Perpetrators” now correctly specifies that the player needs to kill two Elyos, not three.
7. Asmodian quest “Irresistible Soup” now specifies that you can add “Daru Brisket” to the soup rather than “Scarlet Brisket”, to match what the actual quest item is called.
8. Fixed the text in Asmodian quest “A Spriggley Situation” to specify that the Spriggle Gatherers are found in Mosbear Snowfield, not in the Black Plains as it previously said.


1. Fixed an abnormal message that displayed in the Legion History when a legion member changed his or her character name.
2. Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to unequip their legion uniform, legion hat or elite uniform when they quit the legion while wearing them.
3. When registering a custom legion emblem, it is no longer possible to upload one that is identical to the emblem currently in use.
- The incorrect message that shows when an emblem upload fails will be fixed soon.
4. Legion members who are permitted to deposit items in the legion warehouse but not withdraw them will no longer be able to withdraw kinah from the legion warehouse.
5. When items are auto-arranged in the legion warehouse, the new arrangement will now show up for other legion members.
6. Clarified information about using 32-bit files in the popup windows when creating a custom legion emblem.
- The info had previously stated that only 256x256 pixel (24-bit) size files named emblem.bmp or emblem.tga can be used as a legion emblem., but now 32-bit files can also be used.
7. Fixed an issue where customized legion emblems sometimes reverted to the initial emblem.
8. Legion members with permission to deposit items in the legion warehouse will now be able to do that.


1. Increased the chance of the Dredgion appearing when the Balaurea fortresses are vulnerable.


1. There are now places in Inggison and Gelkmaros where players cannot install kisks.
- Players logging in in these areas are teleported to their obelisk bind point.
2. Players are now unable to go inside some abnormal terrain in Inggison.
3. Changed some terrain in Inggison and Gelkmaros.
4. Changed some terrain in Eltnen.
5. Fixed the in-game dictionary entry for “Right Wing Chamber” location. (It used to say “Shade of Right Wing”.)
6. Fixed transparent map label for “Senea's Campsite” in Heiron, which used to say “Senemonea's Campsite”.


1. Fixed a bug in the Empyrean Crucible that caused some monsters to drop out of combat and their HP to reset.
2. Turncoat Monks in Gelkmaros will now correctly give AP when defeated.
3. The external form of Umbatana in Inggison will now be visible.
4. NPC Noratha in Inggison can now teleport the player to the Empyrean Crucible.
5. Players will no longer be damaged by ‘Wave of Surkana'.
6. Fixed an issue where sometimes, when fighting with Balaur Statue in Beshmundir Temple, the statue's ‘Indomitable Armor' skill did not disappear.
7. Changed Production Lab Golem's animation to look less awkward when the monster is affected by ‘Aether's Hold'.

Advanced Graphics Options

1. Fixed the bug that occurred when using the advanced graphics engine, which caused Asmodian characters equipped with a beach hat to display incorrectly.
2. Improved the shadows in indoor environments when using the advanced graphics engine.