Garden of Knowledge

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- Available for levels 78
- Available 4 times a week (Wed 9:00)


- Normal, Elite and boss monsters


- Ancient Equipment




- Available 2 times a week (Wed 9:00)


Ancient Weapon, Armor, Accessory, Feather Accessory/Ancient PvE Enchantment Stone

Background Story

The Garden of Knowledge is an ancient lookout previously used to watch over Atreia. Long abandoned, a malevolent serpent named Piton has taken up residence in this garden. As High Daevas explored the Library of Knowledge in Esterra and Nosra, a passage was discovered to the Garden.

Your mission is to rescue a missing agent and purify the Garden of Knowledge by eliminating Piton and his corruption.


Entrance to the Garden of Knowledge is located at the 'Manushika Lookout Post' for Elyos, and at the 'Hinusha Lookout Post' for Asmodians.

Garden ent1.png

[Elyos] Manushika Lookout Post

Garden ent2.png

[Asmodian] Hinusha Lookout Post

Attack Path

The Garden of Knowledge can be divided into 2 major areas.

Garden of Knowledge

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Silent Square > Refuge of Restraint

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Kill the Gatekeeper to enter the Refuge of Restraint.

After entering the area, you will face the All-Seeing Eye.

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The Eye’s attacks can be avoided by looking at the floor. Kill the eyes that will appear in the middle as fast as you can.

Distribute the loot and proceed to the next area.

Alra's Garden > Contaminated 2nd Hall

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Break the wine doors and take the windstream.

The windstream will take you directly to the Library.

Contaminated 2nd Hall > Vid's Hidden Library

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When you arrive at the Library, you will be able to fly. Your task is to find the entrance to the Vid's Hidden Library.

Pay attention to the Contaminated Silmak.

Stormy Cliff > All-Knowing Tree

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Follow the path and you will find a windstream that will take you to the All-Knowing Tree.

All-Knowing Tree

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Entrance to the Tree > Fount of Knowledge

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Follow the path where Elyos and Asmodian are fighting and soon enough you will end up in front of the Fount of Knowledge.

BOSS Piton

When you enter the Fount of Knowledge, you will be attacked by Flaming and Poisonous Pitons.

Both monsters must be killed quickly to face the real boss.

Flaming Piton Creates Calamity Flame Can be removed by Poisonous Piton Poisonous Piton Applies Piercing Pains debuff Can remove Calamity Flame created by the Flaming Piton

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After Flaming and Poisonous Pitons are dead, a smoke will appear on the ground and all characters will be able to fly. If you do not move from the ground, you will suffer continuous damage.

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Wile flying, kill Piton, the ruler of the Garden of Knowledge.

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The Garden of Knowledge


Choose your path to the Garden's roots


A look inside the contaminated area of the Garden


The final boss in the Garden of Knowledge


Garden of Knowledge
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Main information about the instance.
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List of all NPCs that can be found inside the instance.
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