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Instanced Dungeon

1. Dark Poeta Instanced Dungeon has been added.

Players Level Cooldown Entry Conditions
6 50Lv 24h Time Activation Stone x1

- The first entrance quest can be acquired from Leah in Sanctum and Heimdall in Pandaemonium.

- After completing the quest, you can repeat it in order to acquire the Time Activation Stone.

Area NPC Quest Quest Item
Heiron Maloren Repeatable Quest Blue Balaur Scale x20

Rift Essence x1

Beluslan Hresvelgr Repeatable Quest Blue Balaur Scale x20

Rift Essence x1

Eye of Reshanta Suirunerk Daily Quest Blue Balaur Scale x5

Rift Essence x1

- The rank conditions are as follows.

Rank Points Remainting Time
S 19643 2H
A 17043 1H 30M
B 13055 1H
C 9334 30M
F 0 0

2. Kromede's Trial Instanced Dungeon has been added.

Players Level Cooldown
1 37Lv ~ 44Lv 22h

- Entrance quest can be acquired from Perento in Heiron and Nerita in Beluslan.

3. Dredgion Battlefield has been added.

Players Level Cooldown Entry Time
6 vs 6 46Lv ~ 50Lv 2h Every day 12:00, 20:00, 00:00

- You can apply to the battlefield using the application icon next to the minimap or through an NPC.

Area Elyos Asmodian
Reshanta Hippotades






- After the battlefield is over, no matter from where you applied, you will exit at your base in the Abyss.

4. A direct portal to the Draupnir Cave has been added to the Heiron area.

- The portal appears every day at 08:00~14:00, 20:00~02:00.

Daeva Pass

1. A begginer’s pass has been added for new characters.

2. Only characters level 10 and below can acquire the pass, and it will continue to level up even after exceeding level 10.

Siel’s Energy

1. Items above Normal grade can no longer be obtained without the Siel’s Energy.


1. The HP and Abyss Points have been increased for the Guardian General, Doors, Balaur Commanders and Barrier Generators.

- The HP is affected by the race ratio.

2. The number of players that receive siege rewards has been increased.

3. Te range of the area where players are teleported away from a fortress has been increased.


1. The Abyss Points that are acquired and deducted from PVP in Morheim and Eltnen have been changed.

- Abyss Points acquired from killing infiltrating characters have been increased.

- Abyss Points acquired from killing other players have been decreased.

- The number of Abyss Points deduced from players killed by infiltrating characters has been reduced.


1. Level 50 Daevanion Quests have been added.

2. The first quest can be acquired from Lavirintos in Sanctum, and Kvasir in Pandaemonium.


1. ‘Confirm Delete’ will now be required to be typed in order to destroy NPC Elyos B-grade House Butler Costume.

2. Special Cookies and Jellies will no longer share cooldown.

3. The appearance of Wings can now be changed.

4. Some Normal grade Weapons, Armours, Accessories can no longer be traded. (Broker and Mail)


1. The amount of Kinah dropped from monsters in Theobomos and Brusthonin has been lowered.


1. The message that appears when trying to use an image that does not fit the Legion Emblem has been changed.

2. N Shop icon in the Menu has been changed.

3. The appearance of wings can now be displayed in the Preview Window and in the Quna Shop.

4. Hide Legion Hat and Cloak function has been added. You can use it by checking the boxes in the Profile window.

5. The Personal Store Advertisement would sometimes not be displayed. This issue has been fixed.

6. Access Reward Even Window has been added. You can check what kind of rewards you can obtain by maintaining a connection to the game there.

7. It can be accessed by clicking on a button at the right side of the screen.

8. If there are items to be obtained, the window will open automatically when you log in.

9. Check the “Don’t show any more today” box to stop displaying the window for the rest of the day.

10. The window can be opened through [Menu - Atreia Pass].


1. The waiting time for unpaid Siel’s Energy account has been lowered.

- The waiting queue position may increase for unpaid Siel’s Energy accounts.


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