4.7 Invasion Update

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Ambitions of the Solvent Claw and newly discovered lands.
Who will win this endless battle?

On May 28th, 2014 (EU: March 25th,2015) Invasion Update was released. In this expansion new areas and instances have been added. Large scale PVP content has been introduced.


Main Content

What's in the Invasion Update?

1. Beritra's Invasion
2. Equipment Evolution System
3. Large scale combat system
4. New solo instance 'Baruna Research Laboratory'
5. New battlefield 'Runatorium'
6. New Abyss items for Officers, Generals and Governors
7. Divine, Inggison and Gelkmaros forts have been upgraded to level 65
8. Eternal Ancient Manastones
9. New Jormungand items
10. Changes to existing instances

Invasion Update
Play Guide Tourunrunerk Play Guide (Elyos of level 65) Tourunrunerk Play Guide (Asmodians of level 65)
New Areas Kaldor

Anoha Fortress

Raging Anoha

Proud Darock



Akaron's Ancient Monsters

Ceranium Medals

Instances Changes to Existing Instances
Changes to Instance Entrances
New Instances

Baruna Research Laboratory

Heroic Instances
Runadium (heroic)
Rune Shield Tower (heroic)

Characters Skill Changes
Raids Beritra's Invasion
Raging Anoha
Akaron's Ancient Monsters
Fortress Anoha Fortress
Anoha Fortress Quests
Changes to the Existing Forts
Inggison and Gelkmaros Repeatable Quests
Items New Items
Ascended Agent's Set
Kunax Set
Fire Dragon's Set
Level 65 Beritra Supplies Set
Level 55 Beritra Supplies Set
Level 40 Beritra Supplies Set

Crafting Items
Legendary Master's Catalium Set
Jormungand's Special Greater Noble Set
Popoku Set
Deep Sea Chapir Set

Equipment Evolution Items
Enhanced Angry(Enraged) Hyperion's Set
Enhanced Unique Dynatum Set
Enhanced Mad Grendal's Set
Abyss Items
Elite Guardian Governor Set
Guardian Special Ops(Task Force) Set
Elite Archon Governor Set
Archon Special Ops(Task Force) Set
Extendable Abyss Weapons

Abyss Items(with lower rank restrictions)
Guardian Executor Commander's Holy Set
Guardian Master(Special) Executor's Holy Set
Archon Executor Commander's Holy Set
Archon Master(Special) Executor's Holy Set
Daeva Essence
Illusion Godstones
Equipment Evolution System
Evolution of Abyss Items
Eternal Ancient Manastones
Integrated Return Scroll
Etc. Honour Points
Atreia Pass
Quest Auto-Complete Function
Changes to the Levelling Process
Expansion of Hero Quests

Returning Daeva Support
Returning Daeva's Sanctuary
Returning Daeva's Support Equipment
Returning Daeva's Support Quests
Additional Updates

KR - Update August 20th 2014 ic_475.png

KR - Update July 30th 2014 ic_475.png

KR - Update July 23rd 2014 ic_475.png

KR - Update July 16th 2014 ic_475.png

KR - Update July 9th 2014 ic_475.png

KR - Update July 2nd 2014 ic_475.png

KR - Update June 25th 2014

KR - Update June 18th 2014

KR - Update June 11th 2014

KR - Update June 3rd 2014

4.7 Invasion Update
01f5d8333b2cfb3f8c81cd64.jpg Environment Kaldor and Akaron have been added.
4152039343eb5626d71208ad.jpg Endless Battle Server battles have been added. Constant battles are still under evaluation and are subject to change
a547f8d0676f953525ff7ae8.jpg Instances Runatorium and Baruna Research Laboratory have been added. Multiple changes to existing instances.
38747f0a07c5fca3a02ce411.jpg Beritra's Invasion Beritra's invasion army just got a lot bigger.
fb3f5eb65fd8692b6f1e3106.jpg Warfare New forts have been added and new systems associated with them.
f15e01dc46b1f57517265f8e.jpg Items Equipment Evolution System has been added. Variety of new items have been added including new Abyss ones.
3b22debb826117aa2ae88ba5.jpg NPC Gelkmaros/Inggison Governors have been changed. Adjustments in existing instances.
5dded11d2689817e655a24c7.jpg Quests New missins have been added, existing ones were made easier to complete. Auto Complete Feature.
3d8986048ccb585eeb96fd60.jpg UI Atreia Pass, Transaction Information Window and other convenient features like Favourite Instance have been added.
bc7a74ba28fdecceda0f5d10.jpg Honour Points Variety of new ways to gather Honour Points have been added.
3ccb3278ecd760ab8b241cab.jpg Characters Skill adjustments.
fedf210a9bc133266eadf521.jpg Growth Levelling process has been reorganized.

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