6.2 Update

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1. ‘Cubic’ that can enhance character’s abilities has been added.

- By collecting ‘Cubicles’ and using them in the ‘Cubic’, your character will be given the ability corresponding to the used cubicle.

1. Select the category to see the list and details of the cubic.

2. Cubics are divided between Gold/Silver/Bronze and the stats of the highest level of each Cubic are applied.

3. Click the button to register Cubicles in your inventory.

4. Shows collected Cubicles across the whole account.

- Cubicles can be obtained from the Kubrinerk's Monster Cube Laboratory and Lakrum field bosses.

- Cubicles can be exchanged for higher level ones through Lakrum [Special Reward Supplier]


1. You can now re-identify items with Kinah without a special order.


- When you register an item in the Boost/Modify window, you can see the attributes and possible stat ranges given during re-identification.

- Re-identification costs are paid with Kinah, and the amount depends on the item’s level and Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate grade.

- Existing Re-identification scrolls cannot be used on Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate items.

- Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate Re-identification scrolls have been removed from the Gold Sand Shop.

2. Selective Re-identification function has been added.

Selective Re-identification

- You can reassign secondary stats by selecting one of the stats given to the item.

- The price will be paid in Quna, and the amount depends on the Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate grade of the item.

- For items obtained before the update, Selective Re-identification can only be performed after Re-identifying the item with Kinah.

3. A ‘Shard’ has been added that can improve the power of attacks and healing.

Shard's image

- The ‘Shard’ can be activated with the [B] button after being socketed in the right slot.

> Characters already using the [B] button needs to assign a separate button.

> The ‘Shard Activation/Deactivation’ hotkey is located under [Options - Key Mapping - Combat].

- When you active the ‘Shard’, the effect will be visible on your weapon.

- Depending on the weapon, a different number of Shards will be consumed with each normal attack.

However, the consumption is not different when using skills with different weapons.

- The number of shards necessary to use an attack skill, recovery skills, and other skills is different. Shard consumption can be seen in the skill tooltip.

- The shard is consumed only with the initial attack for AOE attacks/recovery spells and dots.

- Shards can be obtained from monsters and the Gold Sand Shop.

4. You can now sell Daevanion Skillbooks to NPCs for more Kinah.

5. New Magical Crafting designs have been added.

6. The number of materials needed for the Magical Crafting has been lowered.

7. The drop of Kibrium has been expanded.

8. The rewards you can purchase with Coin of Challenge have been changed.

9. Strigma Bundle reward has been added to the Kirshka's Treasure Chest in the Mirash Sanctuary.

10. Abnormal appearance of some items has been fixed.

11. The probability to enchant PVP items ha been slightly increased.

Instanced Dungeon

1. New Kubrinerk's Monster Cube Laboratory Instanced Dungeon has been added.



슈라크들이 점령한 큐브린의 큐빅 연구소, 큐브 제작 기술을 통해 공간을 다루는 것에 능숙했던 큐브린은 아무도 발견하지 못 할 이공간에 연구소를 세우고 큐빅을 연구했다. 하지만 이공간을 누비며 도둑질과 약탈을 일삼던 슈라크에게 큐빅 연구소가 발견되고, 그들에게 연구소를 빼앗겨 버린다. 큐브린은 무사히 탈출하지만, 슈라크들은 연구자들을 제압해 큐빅을 다량 생산하도록 만들고 있다. 질좋은 큐빅은 슈라크의 대장이자 매드 사이언티스트인 매드루킨이 독점하고 있다.

Players Level Entries Entry Time Reset
1 Level 80 7 Wednesday, 9:00

- When you occupy a garrison in Lakrum, there is a certain chance the entry NPC, ‘Cubic Laboratory Gatekeeper’, will appear near the base.

- The entry NPC will stay for 12min and up to 24 people can use it.

2. Clumsy Smuggler Shukirukin will now appear with a certain probability in the Garden of Knowledge and Garden of Knowledge of Opportunity.

- If you kill the monster, you can acquire ‘Ancient Daevanion Skillbook’ and ‘Legendary Daevanion Skillbook’ with low probability.

- Opening the Ancient Daevanion Skill Box will give one skillbook for the class.

3. The issue with players being able to resurrect during the final stage of Prometun's Workshop has been fixed.

4. ‘Cool Rabge’ will no longer disappear after destroying the ‘Ice Prison’ during the final battle with Prigga in the Prometun's Workshop.

5. The issue with Priggia not using the ‘Cold Anger’ Buff in Prometun's Workshop has been fixed.

6. Prigga will now longer appear twice under certain conditions in the Prometun's Workshop.

7. It will no longer be possible to move to the next area of Prometun's Workshop without killing necessary objects.

8. Rewards for Dredgion, Runatorium, Neviwind Canyon have been increased.

9. The number of entries to the battlefields would sometimes reset. This issue has been fixed.

10. Fixed an issue where under certain conditions you would be moved from Makarna to a different region.

11. Rewards for the Arena of Cooperation, Arena of Discipline have been increased.


1. Minion Skill have been changed to support the Character.

- The 1st Minion skill can be used once when the skill points are charged to 100%, 2nd skill can be activated after summoning the Minion.

Minion Skill UI

- The Skill Points can be seen at the bottom of [Menu - View Minion List - List] tab.

Minion Skill Points UI

- Skill details are as follows.

Minion Grade Skill Effect
(Depending on the evolution stage, the effect might be different)
Sita A Buff Empowered Spirit Wave - Increases PvE, PVP damage for 15s
Toggle Enhanced Wolf of Death - Silences the target with certain probability with each attack
Grendal A Buff Winter’s Vengeance II - Teleports forward

- Increases All Altered State Resist and Movement Speed

Toggle Enhanced Tear Space - Removes debuffs with certain probability
Weda A Buff Strengthened Splendor of Restoration - Increases strength for 30s

- Increases magical attack, Casting/Attack Speed

- Decreases spell cast time

- Increases HP

Toggle Enchantment Buff: Old Friend - Applies a strengthening effect for 7s with certain probability

- Increases movement/flight speed

- Increases the effect of healing spells

Kromede A Buff Strengthened Shocking Repeat Fire - Increases PvE, PVP damage for 15s
Toggle Strengthened Miserable Struggle - Stunes the target with certain probability
Hyperion A Buff Energy Rush - Increases PvE, PVP defence for 15s
Toggle Strengthened Ide Aetheric Field - Increases PvE, PvP for 5s each time you get hit with certain probability
Karemiwen B Buff Strengthened Cold Storm - Reflects the incoming damage for 10~15s
Toggle Strengthened Deep Wound - Decreases target's speed with certain probability
Saendukal B Buff Strengthened Pulverizing Attack - Adds a splash damage to your attack (AOE attacks excluded)
Toggle Strengthened Furious Outburst - Causes the target to Stumble with certain probability
Hamerun B Buff Enhanced Assault Slash - Increases weapon rage by 1m for 20~30s
Toggle Enhanced Hamerun's Anger - Reduces target's attack speed with certain probability
Abija B Buff Revitalized Life Orb - Heals imiedetely

- Restores HP in 2~3s intervals

Toggle Enhanced Health Enhancement - Recovers HP with certain probability when hit
Steel Rose C Buff Enhanced Powerful Shot - Gives a chance for additional blow for 20~30s
Toggle Enhanced Mental Eruptive Shot - Reduces target's MP with certain probability
Seiren C Buff Enhanced Water Energy - Creates a protective shield for 8~10s
Toggle Enhanced Summon Water Drop - Heals with certain probability with each hit
Arch Kerubiel A Toggle Crouching Dragon Kick - Deals damage to the target with certain probability
Kerubiel B Toggle Crouching Dragon Kick - Deals damage to the target with certain probability
Kerubian C Toggle Crouching Dragon Kick - Deals damage to the target with certain probability
Kerubar D Toggle Crouching Dragon Kick - Deals damage to the target with certain probability

2. New ways of obtaining Minion Contracts and Minionite have been added.

- Instanced Dungeons

Instanced Dungeon Monster and Treasure Chests
Mirash Sanctuary Kirshka's Treasure Chest
Garden of Knowledge Typhon
Narakkalli Simple Bastion of Souls Treasure Chest
Divine Tower Nergal
Prometun's Workshop Maddened Frigida

- Field Bosses

Berserk Anomos

- Quest Reward

Race Quest Name

- You can obtain Minionite and Minion Contracts from some monsters in the Lakrum area.

- You can exchange Tower of Challenge reward coins for Minion Contracts.

Tower of Challenge Coin Exchange NPC
Elyos Walzen
Asmodian Kijan

3. The way you obtain Skill Points has been changed.

- Some of the experience you gain through questing, hunting, etc, is now used to increase Skill Points.

- Every opponent will increase the Skill Points by a set number.

- You can no longer use Kinah to increase Skill Points.

4. A new way to gain Growth Points has been added.

- Some of the experience you gain through questing, hunting, etc, is now used to increase Growth Points.

- The ability to use other Minions to obtained Growth Points will remain.

5. Rules and UI for the Minion fusion have been changed.

- The synthesis probability has been increased, and 4 Minion in 4 evolution stages are required.

- Rank D Minions can no longer be synthesized, can only be used to increase other Minion’s Growth Points.

- The synthesis UI has been changed to reflect the changes.

Minion Fusion UI


1. The siege compensation for the Lakrum and Divine Fortresses has been increased.

- The rewards have been changed and you will now receive more Abyss Points.

- If you fail to capture the fortress, you will now receive Fortress Battle Reward Box, Honour and Abyss Points.

2. Ocuppying the Lakrum Fortress by one race for a consecutive number of sieges will now trigger a special buff.


1. Quests that can be carried out inside the Kubrinerk's Monster Cube Laboratory dungeon have been added.

2. Coin rewards for the 'Youth Lifeguard Society/Lumiel Wisdom Protectors' quests have been increased.

3. Quests that reward players with Ancient PvP Enchantment Stones can be carried out when occupying Lakrum Garrisons.

Race Min Level Quest Name Location
Elyos 76 121st Garrison
78 122nd Garrison
79 123rd Garrison
80 124th Garrison
80 125th Garrison
80 126th Garrison
80 127th Garrison
80 128th Garrison
80 129th Garrison
Asmodian 80 121st Garrison
80 122nd Garrison
80 123rd Garrison
76 124th Garrison
78 125th Garrison
79 126th Garrison
80 127th Garrison
80 128th Garrison
80 129th Garrison

4. tutorial has been added.

5. [Immediate reward] has been changed to [Report Immedietely] in the Mission/Quest UI.


1. After attacking Smuggler Shukirukin/Great Smuggler Shukirukin in the Holy Tower, it was impossible to loot monsters. This issue has been fixed.

2. Attributes of Training Dummies in some areas have been changed.

3. The part about reduced recovery has been removed from the tooltip of ‘Debilitating Curse’, a skill used by Beritra Minions in Makarna of Bitterness.

4. A typo in Ashunatal Dredgion Captain’s name has been fixed.


1. 11 Ancient Daevanion Skills have been added.

Existing Skill Daevanion Skill Additional Skill Effect
Righteous Cleave Paralyzing Swing - Reduces [Wild Leap]’s cooldown by 20% after using

- If the skill deals critical damage, the target is immobilized for 3s

Break Power Opportunistic Strike - If the target was knocked down, increases attack by 20%

- Increases the chance to land critical damage with the next hit

Killing Spree Serial Slash - If the target is stunned or Poisoned, deals critical damage
Silencing Shot Silencing Bolt - Silence increased by 2s

- Damage increased by 50%

Big Magma Eruption Volcanic Destruction - 4s effect delay, 1.5s Aether Hold
Soul Torrent Soul Surge - After using this skill, Weaken Spirit, Elemental Smash’s cooldowns reduce by 1s

- If the damage deal critical damage, reduces cooldowns by 2s

Divine Touch Divine Thunder - 5m AOE effect added

- 0.5s stun effect added

Resonance Haze Resonating Dance - If the target was knocked down, increases attack by 20%

- Increases the chance to deal critical damage

Restoration Volley Restorative Fire - after using the skill, Materialised Magic Form’s cooldown reduces by 10%

- If the skills dealt critical damage, recovers twice as much HP

- Animation speed increased

Gust Requiem Hurricane’s Chant - 4m AOE effect added

- Effect changed to Aether’s Hold

Cannon Shot Riposte Deflecting Fire - After using this skill, Sprint Strike’s cooldown reduces by 50%

- Resets cooldown upon critical damage

2. Tooltips and effects of some class skills have been changed.

- Magical and physical values of Bard’s ‘Wind Harmony’ have been changed.

- Magic Resist and Magic Defence reduction of Bard’s ‘March of the Bees’ has been changed.

- ‘Elemental Defence’ has been changed to ‘Magic Defence’ in Bard’s ‘Melody of Joy’ tooltip.

- ‘Magic Suppression’ has been changed to ‘Magic Defence’ in Blessing of Stone’s tooltip.

- Stumble effect has been added to ‘Deadly Blow’.

- ‘MP Recovery’ has been added to Gladiator’s Counter Leech tooltip.

- The acquisition level of Aethertech’s ‘Flame of Demolition’ has been changed.


1. No longer is use items have been removed from the World’s Map basic information.


1. The terrain in the Lakrum area has been changed.


6.2 Update
Dungeons Kubrinerk's Monster Cube Laboratory
General Items Shard Cubic
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System Ancient Daevanion Skills
Additional Updates KR - Update March 21st 2018

KR - Update March 28th 2018

KR - Update April 4th 2018

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