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- Alliance (18)

- Available for levels 80
- Available 2 times a week (Wed 9:00)
- Time Attack (20min)


- Ereshkigal, the 3rd Dragon Lord

- Elite and Boss monsters


- Ultimate Equipment

- Legendary Equipment






전설 및 궁극 무기, 방어구, 날개 / 전설의 PvE 강화석, 궁극의 PvE 강화석

Background Story

Senekta is an ancient Aion’s Temple located deep within the Lakrum Fortress. 3rd Dragon Lord Ereshkigal is currently in Senekta trying to gain overwhelming power by taking Aion’s Sacred Relic for herself. After successfully conquering the Lakrum Fortress, troops were dispatched to find a passage to Senekta and defeat Ereshkigal.

However, despite having confirmation of success from the first team to enter the temple, any further communication has been cut off. Even when additional troops were dispatched, they were never heard from again. Elyos/Asmodians must gather the most reliable people and organize a second wave. The second wave will now head to Senekta with a sense of duty to take Ereshkigal down once and for all.


In order to enter Senekta, the Lakrum Fortress must be controlled by either the Elyos or the Asmodians. If the fortress belongs to the Balaur, Senekta cannot be accessed.

Depending who is occupying the castle, the portal will appear in a different place.

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Rank Criteria Compensation
S 10,280 Points or more 찬란한 세네크타 보물함
A 7,760 Points or more 세네크타 보물함
F - -

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[PVE] Aching Cold Set

Aching Cold Set can be obtained from the Senekta dungeon. Some parts will grant you an extra skill.

The special skill can only be used when the corresponding item is equipped. There are 9 types of skills.

PANDORA 01 003 a.jpg

Weapon / Shield
Item Name Skill Name
Crystal Cold Weapons / Shields 빙룡의 파편: 고통
Freezing Cold Weapons / Shields 빙룡의 파편: 탈진
Cold-blooded Weapons / Shields 빙룡의 파편: 쇠약

Item Name Skill Name
Crystal Cold Armor 빙룡의 비늘: 방어력 강화
Freezing Cold Armor 빙룡의 비늘: 충격 저항 강화
Cold-blooded Armor 빙룡의 비늘: 이동 속도 증가

Item Name Skill Name
Crystal Cold Wings 빙룡의 깃: 공격력 강화
Freezing Cold Wings 빙룡의 깃: 치명타 증가
Cold-blooded Wings 빙룡의 깃: 공격 둔화

Senekta Monsters

4 Leaders

I have to kill the four Leaders of the 37th Legion first. Then the battle against Ereshkigal will begin.

The above message will appear on the screen when you enter the dungeon.

Kill the leaders in the north, east, south, and west to acquire powerful items and spawn additional troops.

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BOSS Ereshkigal, the 3rd Dragon Lord

Ereshkigal, the 3rd Dragon Lord is preparing to turn Aion's Relic into a force of destruction.

It's time to fight against the brutal Dragon Lord and stop her from becoming the strongest being on the planet.

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Main information about the instance.
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List of all NPCs that can be found inside the instance.
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Check what items you can find in the Senekta.
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Information on available quests.

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