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Aion: Assault on Balaurea Patch Notes


1. Elyos and Asmodian forces have now advanced into the Balaur homeland, Balaurea There are two new zones, Gelkmaros and Inggison, which are both part of the land governed by the Dragon Lord Tiamat.
Gelkmaros and Inggison, isolated from the Daevas for so long, have retained an appearance reminiscent of the Atreian mainland before the Cataclysm struck. However, the Drana in these lands has also left its mark; there are many areas where the laws of nature are not obeyed.

- Monsters level 51 and above appear in these new regions.
- These new regions contain unique environments.
- The Elyos stronghold is located in Inggison. The Asmodian stronghold is located in Gelkmaros.
- There are two capturable fortresses and four artifacts in each region.
- Windstreams introduce new flight mechanics in the new regions.





2. The new windstream feature allows easier travel about the zone.
- Windstreams are naturally occurring phenomena unique to Balaurea. When Daevas enter these windstreams, they are carried in the direction of the stream.
- The Daeva’s flight timer is not used whilst in the windstream. Daevas cannot attack or be attacked in the windstream.
- Some windstreams are stronger than others. Blue windstreams are powerful, and cannot be left until the windstream has run its path. Purple windstreams are weaker, however, so Daevas can leave them wherever they please. Daevas can leave purple windstreams by simply changing direction, or jumping.
- Daevas who leave purple windstreams with a change in direction will simply glide away; Daevas who break from the windstream by jumping will start to fall.


[A windstream that can be exited (left) and a windstream that cannot be exited (right)]

3. Updrafts and geysers are additional new features that help Daevas access hard-to-reach areas.


[A monster blocking an updraft (left), and the same updraft after the monster is defeated (right)]

- Daevas can enter updrafts by gliding into them.
- Daevas use geysers by standing above them and waiting for an eruption.


[An erupting geyser (left) and a Daeva using a geyser (right)]

4. [Elysea] Modified an area of Theobomos Lab so that monsters can no longer climb up to areas that they were not supposed to be able to reach.
5. [Elysea] Fixed a bug where players cannot climb up trees in some parts of Heiron.
6. [Asmodae] Fixed a bug causing players to glide abnormally in some parts of Beluslan.
7. [Reshanta] Fixed a bug causing the glass wall inside the Top layer fortress dungeon to appear opaque.
8. Fixed a bug causing some monster skills not to be applied in certain parts of the Draupnir Cave.
9. Players can no longer stay for extended periods of time in certain enemy regions of Elysea, Asmodae, and the Abyss.
- Kisks can no longer be installed in certain areas.
- Spiritmasters cannot summon their spirits in certain areas.
- Players who log out or are disconnected in certain areas will now reappear at an Obelisk when they next log in.
10. Modified some terrain in Beluslan that prevented characters from being able to move normally.
11. Fixed a bug that allowed characters to enter certain terrain in the Abyss.
12. Fixed a problem that prevented some monsters’ area of effect skills from working when cast in certain terrain in the Draupnir Cave instance.
13. Fixed several bugs throughout the game that caused characters to become trapped in the terrain.
14. Fixed typos, and incorrect references to location names in many dictionary entries and tooltips.
- [Heiron] Arbolu’s Haven incorrectly labeled Arbolu Village.
- [Brusthonin] Iollu Overlook incorrectly labeled Iollu Scout Post.
- [Poeta] Agaric Spore Road sometimes incorrectly labeled Roclama Spore Road.

15. Corrected the following location names in the minimap/popup text:
- [Beluslan/Draupnir Cave]: “Chirurgeon’s Room” incorrectly labeled “Bakarma Legionary Treatment Room”.
- [Dredgion] Corrected spelling of “Auxiliary” in “Auxiliary Power”.
- [Theobomos] “Port Anangke” incorrectly labeled “Anagke Excavation Camp”.


1. The expansion contains six new instances. Each has a unique theme and environment, and each comes brimming with brand new risks and fantastic rewards.

'Udas Temple'
The Udas Temple stands as an ancient relic of the Millennium War. Built by fanatics brainwashed by the Dragon Lord Beritra, the architecture is similar in style to that of the ancient Atreian humans. Beritra manipulated these fanatics, bending them to his will until they were little more than puppets, and then ordered them to build a colossal temple dedicated to his legend.

Those brainwashed fanatics worshipped Beritra for centuries, and indoctrinated thousands into their ranks. At one stage the Empyrean Lords grew so concerned with their numbers that Lady Siel sent the Siel’s Spear Legion to destroy the great temple. The attack failed, but the ruined parts of the building still to this day show the scars of that terrible battle.
A group of Balaur worshippers known as the Dragonbound have recently taken up residence in the abandoned temple. Your task is to find out what these traitors are looking for, and to give aid to the few descendants of the Siel’s Spear Legion, the Reian tribesmen.


- The first step in gaining access to Udas Temple is to complete an introductory quest. The Elyos obtain theirs from Versetti in Inggison, and the Asmodians get theirs from Valetta in Gelkmaros.
- Next, Daevas must complete the following entry quests:


- The Elyos enter the instance through the ‘Udas Temple entrance’ near Undirborg in Inggison.
- The Asmodians enter the dungeon through the ’Udas Temple entrance’ near Subterranea in Gelkmaros.
- The wait time to reenter the ’Udas Temple’ dungeon is 6 hours.

Lower Udas Temple
The Jotun are an ancient race created by Aion itself. Their technology exceeds even the most cunning Shugo invention, yet they are also incredibly powerful and resilient beings, absolutely devout in their worship of Aion.

Under Aion’s command, the Jotun created the Petraliths, great stone giants intended as weapons against the Balaur, and were charged with maintaining and protecting these giant machines. However, they were defeated by the Balaur in a ferocious battle, and soon disappeared from sight. Now they have been rediscovered, waiting patiently deep under the crumbling walls of the Udas Temple.
The Jotun Studio is located in the Lower Udas Temple, an area crawling with Balaur warriors. It is time for the Daevas to rise up and safeguard the machinations behind the Petraliths.


- Just like with the Udas Temple, players must first complete an introductory quest from Versetti in Inggison or from Valetta in Gelkmaros.
- The follow-up quests that grant entry to the Lower Udas Temple are as follows.


- Elyos enter the dungeon through the ’Lower Udas Temple entrance’ near Undirborg in Inggison.
- Asmodians enter the dungeon through the ’Lower Udas Temple entrance’ near Subterranea in Gelkmaros.
- The wait time to reenter the ’Lower Udas Temple’ dungeon is 6 hours.

Taloc’s Hollow
When the Cataclysm shattered the Tower of Eternity, thousands of fragments from the great structure rained down all over Atreia. One huge shard tore into the ground beneath a great tree, long believed to be holy by nearby villagers. Soon the tree’s roots fused with the fragment, and the tree gained sentience; it became an Elim.

This Elim, Taloc, grew with each passing day, stretching its roots into Atreia’s very bones, and its branches into the turbulent skies overhead. Eventually Taloc grew so large that the hollows inside it became veritable caverns, and the creatures that took up residence inside the Elim mutated. Daevas were recently sent to explore Taloc’s Hollow, but came back days later with a mystery illness...
The time has come for you to explore the depth of Taloc’s Hollow. Quell the bubbling chaos inside the great Elim, and find a cure for the condition that has struck down your fellow immortals!


- Taloc’s Hollow is a one person instance. Daevas cannot enter the instance if they are in a group.
- The Elyos entry mission is obtained automatically once the ’Bound for Inggison!’ quest has been completed. Asmodians receive the quest automatically once the ’Crash of the Dredgion’ mission has been completed.


- The ‘Taloc’s Hollow’ instance can be entered via NPC.


- Various skills can be used by utilizing instance specific items in Taloc’s Hollow.


- If you help one of the Reians trapped inside the instance, they will fight alongside you.
- The Reians are either Templars or Clerics, and have class specific skills they use to aid you as you progress through the instance.
- The reentry wait time for ’Taloc’s Hollow’ dungeon is 48 hours.

Kromede’s Trial
The tragic story behind Kromede the Corrupt, governor of the Fire Temple, is finally revealed. Fight your way through Kromede’s Trial and experience the tragic love story of Kromede and Robstin.


- Kromede’s Trial is a one person instance. Daevas cannot enter the instance if they are in a group.
- Only level 37-41 characters can enter Kromede’s Trial. A character looking to enter must have either started, or completed, the entry quest.


- Elyos enter the instance by talking to Raninia in Arbolu’s Haven in Heiron. Asmodians enter the instance by talking to Bridget at Camp Kistenian in Beluslan.
- You can acquire four skills which can only be used inside the dungeon.


- These exclusive skills are granted by special items. You can use skills by dragging the item to your quickbar

- The items automatically disappear two hours after they are acquired.

- Various bonuses can also be attained by clicking on specific items within the instance.


- Daevas can use Prophet’s Tower and Garden Fountain repeatedly, but can only use Roast Porgus and Fruit Basket once.

- Players cannot enter the rooms featuring the secondary bosses on their first play through of the instance. They must first defeat the weakened final boss.
- The rooms with the secondary bosses are opened up the second time the players tackle the instance, allowing players different experiences when they repeat Kromede’s Trial.
- The final boss players have to fight changes depending on the path they choose.

- If they proceed without defeating the middle boss monster, an enchanted final boss monster will appear.

- If more than one secondary boss is defeated, the weakened secondary and final bosses will appear.

- If the HP of a secondary boss goes down below a certain figure, it disappears and then reappears in the final boss room.


- The weakened versions of the final and secondary bosses drop legendary class armor.
- The enchanted final boss may drop ’Kaliga’s Key’.
- Daevas who earn ’Kaliga’s Key’ may choose one class weapon or shield, all of which are displayed inside the final room.
- The reentry wait time for ’Kromede’s Trial’ dungeon is 24 hours.

Beshmundir Temple
Beshmundir Temple is an underground cemetery constructed under the orders of Dragon Lord Tiamat. The temple serves to respect the fallen Balaur warriors, and is filled with holy remains and the weapons and armor of their strongest dead. The graves are organized by the rank of the fallen Balaur heroes, so players will have to traverse locales such as the Crypt of the Vanquished, the Hero’s Vault (where many statues of dead warriors are located), the Garden of the Dead, and many others. Balaur priests conduct regular ceremonies within the halls of the Temple of Eternity, and for the first time, Daevas can catch a glimpse of a different side to the otherwise warlike creatures.
However, whispers suggest that something else might be hidden in the Beshmundir Temple. The guards posted there are far stronger than such a strategically unimportant location would require, and scout reports suggest that one of the most fearsome Balaur legions, the Laksyaka Legion, has been ordered to stand guard there.
Your mission there is clear: penetrate the defenses, evade the traps, and find out exactly what the Balaur are plotting.


- Daevas can enter Beshmundir Temple after they complete an entry quest. The Elyos get theirs from Outremus in Inggison, and the Asmodians get theirs from Richelle in Gelkmaros.


- The entrance to Beshmundir Temple is located within Silentera Canyon. Both Elyos and Asmodians must use the same entrance.
- When entering the dungeon, the Group Leader can choose a difficulty level; either the ’Safe Path (normal)’ or the ’Perilous Path (difficult)’.
- In addition to the main entry quest, Daevas must complete extra quests in order to explore other regions inside the dungeon.


- Daevas must use an Abyss Gate to travel to the Prison of Ice, wher Stormwing, Beshmundir’s final boss. Is imprisoned.
- You can generate the Abyss Gate to the Prison of Ice by using the Rift Orb in the Ritual Chamber inside Beshmundir.
- In order to use the Rift Orb Daevas must complete certain quests and defeat Isbariya the Resolute.


- The reentry wait time for the ’Beshmundir Temple’ dungeon is 12 hours.

Strange things have been happening in Verteron and Altgard. The Kobolds and Skurvs have disappeared, and massive quantities of Odium and Odella with no obvious source have been found.

It seems that somebody in Haramel is behind both events—somebody looking to accrue enormous wealth for themselves—but what cost will the Elyos and Asmodians have to pay?
You must uncover the details of this plot by going to Haramel, and uncovering the greed that threatens Atreia’s stability.

- Haramel is a solo instance. Daevas cannot enter if they are in a group.
- There is no entry quest for this dungeon. All characters between level 18 and 22 may enter.
- Haramel related quest on the Elyos side are obtained in Verteron Citadel. The Asmodian quests are obtained in Altgard Fortress.


- The Elyos enter the instance through the Haramel Secret Entrance located on the Cantas Coast in Verteron.
- Asmodians enter the instance through the Haramel Secret Passage located near Impetusium in Altgard.
- The reentry wait time for the ’Haramel’ dungeon is 3 hours.

Abyssal Splinter
When the Balaur occupied the Divine Fortress, one of the fortresses of the Abyss, they installed a machine that distorted time and space. They planned to use this distortion to create rifts leading to Elysea and Asmodae, but the rifts instead led them to a small splinter of the Abyss that had previously been inaccessible.
This small outcrop features one of the largest Aether Crystals ever documented. There is also a new Artifact, the Artifact of Protection, within this floating debris field. Furthermore, the creatures alive here have mutated, and now slavishly obey the Artifact Protector.
Now our Daevas have managed to manipulate the rift, and can get to this outcrop themselves. What can we learn there? What is there that you can use for the great war effort?


- There is no entry quest for the Abyssal Splinter. All characters level 50 or above can enter.
- It is an area for up to 12 Daevas. Members of the same Alliance can enter together.
- In order to enter the Abyssal Splinter instance, you must belong to the race that controls the Divine Fortress.
- Once your faction has established control of the Divine Fortress, you can enter the dungeon via the Abyssal Splinter Entrance inside the fortress.
- Your actions within the instance dictate the strength of the final boss.

Chantra Dredgion
The Chantra Dredgion is a Balaur supply ship tasked with supplying the Balaur forces around Atreia with supplies and equipment. However, it has so far been kept secret from the Elyos and Asmodians, hidden behind Aetheric storms and jumping silently through portals when no eyes were watching.
Now it has been found mostly through sheer luck, and now the Elyos and Asmodians must fight desperately if they wish to gain access to the ship and plunder the astonishing technology and invaluable supplies aboard. Of course, it is not just the Balaur the Daevas have to worry about; two entrances mean both Elyos and Asmodians will be aboard the ship simultaneously.


- There is no entry quest for this dungeon. All characters level 51-55 can enter.
- Both Elyos and Asmodian Daevas can enter simultaneously and compete in this unique PvPvE instance.
- Daevas can apply for entry to the ’Chantra Dredgion’ three times a day.

- When it is time to apply for entry, a system message will appear alongside an [Request Entry] button on the bottom right of screen for all characters who are able to enter.

- Daevas can apply for entry by clicking the [Request Entry] button or talking to NPCs placed in the Balaur region.


- The reentry wait time for the ’Chantra Dredgion’ dungeon is 2 hours.
- All systems other than this are same as the ’Dredgion’.

'Changes to existing instances:'
2. Introduced a new scoring system for the Dredgion.
- If the score difference between two teams goes over a certain amount, players on the winning team will lose more points than players on the losing team when they die.
- The losing team will now gain many more points for killing a player on the winning team.
- The winning team will now gain no points for killing a member of the losing team.
3. The amount of experience available for entering Dark Poeta decreases when characters level up beyond 50
- A higher level character will earm less experience than a lower level character for killing the same monsters.
4. Decreased the difficulty of the Steel Rake instance.
- Decreased the number of monsters and changed the locations of some monsters.
- Lowered the stats of some monsters while raising the EXP earned from killing them.
- Increased the overall item drop rate from boss monsters.
- The boss Brass-Eye Grogget will now drop one additional type of class weapon with another class weapon having different bonus Stats.
5. Decreased the difficulty of Azoturan Fortress.
- Lowered the stats of monsters and changed the locations of some monsters.
- The Boss ’Lab Director Elizer’ now drops a class-specific ring.
- The Boss ’Rm-56c’ now drops a class-specific shield.
- The Boss ’Betrayer Icaronix’ now drops Heroic class weapons (orbs, tomes, greatswords, spears, staffs, and bows).
6. Decreased the difficulty of Indratu Fortress difficulty.
- Decreased the number of monsters in Azoturan Fortress and changed the locations of some monsters.
- Lowered the stats of general monsters and increased the drop rates of Balaur materials.
7. Decreased the difficulty of the Nute Warrens in Heiron.
- Decreased the number of monsters and changed the locations of some monsters.
8. The boss monsters in the Fire Temple now drop Heroic class armor.
9. Addressed a bug that caused players who had left an instance and were now trying to re-enter to be counted against the maximum player limit. Players will now be able to re-enter properly.
10. When kicked out of an instance, characters will now be moved outside the Dungeon as intended.
11. Reduced the minimum level for Elyos to enter Draupnir Cave from level 43 to 39.

12. [Sulfur Tree Nest, Right Wing Chamber] Pesky Drakies will now give DP.
13. [Dark Poeta] Marabata Property Controllers, Marabata Defense Boosters, and Marabata Attack Boosters will now give DP


1. Added new campaign quests that send the player to Balaurea.


2. Added many new quests and campaigns in Balaurea.
3. Added crafting quests to promote a crafting expert to a master.
- You can obtain the Master Quest from the Crafting Master NPC upon reaching 499 in the relevant crafting skill.
4. Many quests have been added for the new Instances.
5. Added a new daily quest faction to each side.
- Upon reaching a certain level, you will automatically acquire the join faction quest.
- You can apply to one of these newly added groups via the relevant NPC.


6. Added many new daily quests to existing factions.
7. Some new Radiant Ops and Blood Crusade daily quests are available only on certain days.
- Daevas have a chance to obtain certain daily quests on the designated days.


8. Many coin and coin reward quests have been added in existing zones.
- Elysea: Eltnen, Theobomos, and Heiron
- Asmodae: Morheim, Brusthonin, and Beluslan.
9. Made changes in the quests [Elyos] ‘Persistence and Luck’ and [Asmodian] ‘Luck and Persistence’ so that the items ‘Tear of Luck’ and ‘Light of Luck’ are much more likely to be recovered with Relir’s Extraction Tool and Sabotes’s Extraction Tool.
- Elyos Collection Item: Perer, Griffonia, Lunime
- Asmodian Collection Item: Cippo, Grobule, Leopis
10. Added a new quest marker to guide players as they transfer to a new area.


11. Lowered the difficulties of some group quests
- Campaign quest items have been changed from individual drops to group drops.
- Raised the drop rates of all quest items.
12. Corrected typos in some of the quests.
13. Raised Kinah, Stigma Shards and EXP rewards for all existing quests.
14. Reduced the number of items required to complete the Heroic Armor quests in Elysea’s Kaidan Headquarters and Asmodae’s Mist Mane Village.
15. Changed some quest names to indicate that they are for an Alliance.
- Before: “[Spy] Fundin’s Old Grudge”, “[Spy] Fundin’s Orders”, “[Spy] Kirhua’s Special Order”
- After: “[Spy/Alliance] Fundin’s Old Grudge”, “[Spy/Alliance] Fundin’s Orders”, “[Spy/Alliance] Kirhua’s Special Order”
16. In the quests [Elyos] Obtain the Balaur Supplies and [Asmodian] Sieze the Balur Supplies, players can no longer acquire more than one quest item, since only one set of Balaur Supplies is necessary to complete each quest.
17. Changed the following quests’ names either to more appropriately reflect quest objectives or to decrease the length of the quest’s name so as to fit into the UI better.


18. Changed the name of the [Elyos] Heiron quest “[Spend Coin] Silver (Warrior/Scout)” that involved killing five each of Silver Frillnecks, Redclaw Frillnecks, and Violent Frillnecks, to “Kill Those Frillnecks”.
19. [Elyos] quest “Someone Superior” now indicates in its title that it is a group quest .


1. Added a new Master level of Crafting.
- Upon reaching level 499 in a particular crafting skill, players can complete a quest and payi Kinah to the appropriate teacher NPC in order to become a Master.
- Master level crafters can increase their maximum skill level to 549.
- Players may only become a Master in one discipline.
2. Added a new design to allow players to craft many materials at once.
- The design for bundled items can produce 10 of the material in one production.
- They may be purchased from stores or NPCs like regular designs.


'3. Decreased the quantity of Aether Powder, Aether Crystals, Aether Gems, and Aether required to craft average level items.

4. Added new resources for skill levels over 400.
- These new items are located in Balaurea (Inggison, Gelkmaros).
- Magical Aether, Malevite Miasmas, and Weathered Objects can only be extracted with a special extraction tool. Extracting from these items consumes one extraction tool.
- The extraction tool for Magical Aether and Malevite Miasma can be purchased from Essencetapping Merchants, Aethertapping Merchants, and Ordnance Quartermasters.
- The extraction tool for Weathered Objects can be purchased from designated NPCs in the field.
5. By Essencetapping from Weathered Objects located near windstreams, you can extract bundles that can be dismantled to reveal the following
- A variety of gatherable items.
- Fabled weapons. (These are found in "Mysterious Lump" bundles.)


[Example of a Sword (left) and Example of a Polearm (right)]

6. Slightly increased the probability of gaining Superior, Heroic and Fabled items through Essencetapping or Aethertapping.
7. Performing Essencetapping in Balaurea (Inggison, Gelkmaros) at a skill level above 400 has a low chance of producing Fabled weapons.


[Example of a Sword (left) and Example of a Polearm (right)]

8. Slightly raised the number of some resources spawned in some areas.
9. Added a character level requirement to the skill level requirement to gain a higher rank in Essencetapping.


10. The socketing screen that currently appears only when a Socketing Supplement is used now always appears. Its UI has been changed.


11. Slightly raised the bonus stats of some items, including some produced through crafting and some obtained in instances.

' 12. Rewards currently gained through random drops may now be purchased with coins obtained through completing some quests.
- NPCs who award coins also sell these items.


[Coin Item Purchase Window]

13. Added new items available for purchase with coins.


14. Added new camouflaged Kisks that can blend into certain kinds of terrain.



[Marine Kisk (left), Sandy Kisk (middle), and Tundra Kisk (right)]

15. Fine catalysts are now sold by Elyos and Asmodian material merchants.
16. Changed the icons of some cooking items.
17. Added Regular and Greater Enchantment Aids, which may be purchased from NPCs that appear under certain conditions after conquering a fortress in Balaurea.
18. Special Greater Fluxes that can be used to craft items above level 51 are now sold by NPCs selling limited quantity items.

19. Magical Aether is now sold by NPCs selling limited quantity Aether items.
20. All Anuhart head armor now gives a “Strike Fortitude” bonus.
21. Fixed a bug where the basic attack speed of some Balic Bows was incorrectly 2.5, when it should have been 2.4 to match the others.
22. The “Blessing of Concentration” and “Blessing of Devotion” items no longer share a cooldown timer with buff scrolls (such as Courage, Awakening, Raging Wind and Running).
23. Corrected typos in some items’ descriptions.
24. Increased the success rate when crafting the Elyos Armorsmithing item Klawnickt’s Shield.
25. Fixed a bug in the Asmodian alchemy craft where Major Elemental Water was incorrectly listed as a material for crafting a Fine Recovery Potion. Recipe now correctly calls for Fine Elemental Water.
26. Changed the icons for certain Buff Scrolls.


27. Fixed a bug that caused some gatherable items to be located in spots that were inaccessible to the player.

28. Fixed a bug causing some items to display incorrectly when equipped.
29. Changed the icons of Dye Petals, which are obtainable from gathering, to make them more easily distinguished.
- The radar display of gathering items while the player is wearing a gathering hat will now take into account character Level as well as Skill Level, If either requirement is not met, the gatherable item will appear gray on the radar.
30. The appearance of Anuhart head armor can now be changed.
31. Changed the effects color of Superior/Heroic level jewels which can be purchased with Abyss points.
32. Fixed a graphical error that occurred when an Asmodian character had certain swords (with the same item model as the Anuhart Elite’s Azure Scale Sword) equipped as a dual-wielding weapon. The swords will now display correctly when the character moves forward while in combat mode.

33. Fixed graphical glitches that occurred when some items were equipped.
34. Increased the drop rate of Balaur materials dropped by elite level Balaur.
35. Decreased the drop rate of Balaur materials dropped by general level Balaur.
36. Fixed a problem where the Strike Fortitude stat bonus was not being applied correctly to certain Noble Balic eye glasses-type head armor.
37. Changed the names of the processed versions of Starturtle Cream Soup (Elyos) and Tayga Cream Soup (Asmodian) to match their basic versions. Both had previously been called Tasty Starturtle Cream Soup.
38. Renamed level 50 “Expert Essencetapping Hat” to “Essencetapping Expert’s Mask” to distinguish it from the level 40 “Expert Essencetapping Hat”.
39. Renamed the following weapons and armor to reflect the names of existing related items.


40. Renamed the following items to fit better with similar related items.


41. Renamed many dropped items so that they would now correctly match the name of the monster that drops them.




1. Two new fortresses have been added in each new zone in Balaurea.
- Inggison: The Temple of Scales and the Altar of Avarice.
- Gelkmaros: The Vorgaltem Citadel and the Crimson Temple.
- These new fortresses function just like theexisting Abyss fortresses.


- As with existing Abyss fortresses, occupying these new fortresses affects the influence ratio on the server.
- As with existing Abyss fortresses, a Guardian Deity must be defeated to occupy these new fortresses.
- Unlike existing Abyss fortresses, players cannot fly in Balaurea fortresses. Guardian Deities are only vulnerable after destroying all three gates.
- Guardian Deities in these fortresses are protected by their own Aetheric Field, similar to the one protecting the fortress itself. Invaders must destroy the Aetheric Field Activation Stone in order to penetrate this field.
- Players may only install Kisks in designated areas inside the fortresses. Certain areas right outside fortresses are also barred from Kisk placement.
- Upon successfully capturing or defending a Balaurea fortress, participants gain Kinah and Platinum Medals depending on their Abyss Contributions.
- Following the conquest of a Balaurea fortress, the attacking side receives buffs according to siege success, and the defending side receives buffs according to defense failure.
2. If a race conquers both fortresses in the opposing race’s region, the regional Governor will appear two hours later.

- Marchutan’s agent Mastarius appears in the Lost City of Marayas when Elyos occupy both fortresses in Gelkmaros.
- Kaisinel’s agent Veille appears in Inggison Outpost when Asmodians occupy both fortresses in Inggison.
- A system message announces when the Governor appears, and an icon appears on the map.


[Kaisinel’s Agent Veille (left) and Marchutan’s Agent Mastarius (right)]

- Players must go through numerous gates to approach the Governor. When the Governor appears, the gates also appear. These gates cannot be repaired.


[A Governor’s Gate]

- Characters allied to the Governor can use a special item to aid their Governor. Once this item has been used 100 times, the Governor will use a powerful skill against nearby enemies.
- Each Governor drops an Eternal class item. Depending on the achievement, players with certain ranks receive a dropped item as well as rewards and gifts via Mail.
- These gifts contain daily quest tokens, Platinum Medals, and Stigma Shards. They also have a chance of containing random attribute godstones and titles that can be used for 7 days.
- After defeating a Governor, a buff that lasts for 1 hour is given to all characters online.

3. If a race conquers both fortresses in their own region, a gate to Silentera Canyon opens.
- When the Elyos conquer both fortresses in Inggison, Silentera Eastgate opens.
- When the Asmodians conquer both fortresses in Gelkmaros, Silentera Westgate opens.
- A system message announces when the gate opens, and an icon appears on the map.

[Silentera Canyon Gate]

- Players may enter the enemy-controlled Balaurea zone through Silentera Canyon.
- The instance Beshmundir Temple is in Silentera Canyon.
- Silentera Canyon contains three exits each to Inggison and Gelkmaros.
- Kisks cannot be installed inside Silentera Canyon.
- The gate will close if the opposing race or the Balaur conquer any fortress in the allied region.

4. Each of the Balaurea fortresses have Artifacts nearby.
- The Inggison region and the Gelkmaros region have 6 artifacts each.
- You need a Greater Temporal Stone in order to activate these artifacts.


5. Changed the reward system for fortress siege participation.
- Reward methods that used to bestow rank based solely on Contribution Rate now take character class into account.

6. Fixed a bug where some skills were not usable while the "Kerubic Metamorphosis" artifact near the Sulfur Fortress was active.

Functional Pets

1. Pets with functional characteristics have been added.
- Each pet has a unique function.


- Functional pets can be purchased with Kinah, or be obtained as quest rewards.
- You cannot choose the pet’s color.
2. Added pet-related NPCs to each race’s large citiy.
- You can purchase, sell, or surrender pet eggs through the Pet Manager.


- You can select from 3 accessories when you purchase a pet.


[Pet Decor Explanation]

3. Added pet-related quests, which have a Praise Pet emote as a reward.


4. A pet list screen has been added.
- You can select and use the pet list screen from the start menu.



- You can select and summon the pet that you want from the pet list screen.

5. You can check pet abilities through the pet information screen.
- Double-click on the summoned pet from the pet list screen or by using the shortcut key ‘[‘.
- A pet’s basic information and breed description is listed in the pet info tab.


[Info Screen for Using Pet Abilities]

- When you summon a Pack pet, an icon that allows you to put items directly into the "pet bag" is created in the player’s cube.


[Pet Bag Icon]

- You can check your pets’ stored items using the pet bag tab.
- Pack pets with the same bag capacity can trade bag contents.


[Pet Bag Info Screen]

- A pet’s Feeding Tab contains information about the pet.
- Check whether your pet is hungry, and see information about its food and treats.
- Feed the pet by dragging and dropping items into this window or directly onto the pet.


[Pet Feeding Info Screen]


1. Some dropped items that were previously marked as untradeable upon pickup can now be traded among group members for a short period.
- This doesn't apply to quest items and Abyss items.
- Only members of the group at the time of the drop can receive these items.
- The item's tooltip shows the remaining time. Once the countdown ends, its status changes to "untradeable."


2. Added a League system to allow Alliances to collaborate with each other.
- Select Menu - Community - League, or open the League screen using ‘SHIFT + L'.


- The Alliance leader can use the command "/LeagueInvite charactername" on another Alliance or by clicking on the "League invite" button in the League screen.
- Enter /League, /U, /u for League chat. This function can only be used by the League leader and the other Alliance leaders.
- The League leader can use /LeagueAlert in the chat screen to send a message to all League members.
- An Alliance leader who participates in a League still maintains the same Alliance configuration.
- Upon conquering a fortress or an artifact, the League leader's Legion receives an occupation pass.
- The League leader can set the entire League's looting method—either ‘free-for-all' or ‘leader only'. For rarer items, the options are the same as before–either ‘normal', ‘roll dice', or ‘settle instantly'.
3. Increased the number of items that can be listed at the Broker.
- Up to 15 items can now be listed.
- A slightly higher stage 2 fee is required to list items 11 through 15. (For up to 10 items, a stage 1 fee is required as before.)


4. Players may now set up a map that shows the quests that can be acquired.
- Options - Game Options- User Interface - Display Quest NPCs on Map.


- It shows all quests that can be acquired at your level and up to seven levels below.
- It only shows quests that can be acquired in your current zone.
- If many of these NPCs are in the same location, one marker will indicate all NPCs. Mouse over to see their names.
- The priority order is Pathfinding - Complete (ready to turn in) Quest - Unstarted Quest.
- The marker that appears over an NPC's head now appears for quests that are up to seven levels below yours.
- NPCs that are spawned for specific requirements are marked as [NPC *].


5. Added info boards added to show the location of functional NPCs in Sanctum and Pandaemonium.
- Info boards appear throughout both cities.
- Click an NPC name on the path info board to show his or her location, similar to the /pathfinding command.

6. A bookmark function has been added to let players see a list of frequently crafted items in the crafting screen.
- A checkbox to the left of each item on the crafting list allows you to add it to your bookmarks.
- Only the checked items will appear on the list when you select "Selected only" on the lower part of the crafting screen.
- You can bookmark up to 50 items from all crafting lists.
- The crafting screen's size will increase according to the amount of the information.


7. Added an animation that highlights newly acquired items in the inventory.
- All items obtained through looting, purchase, trading, and quest rewards are marked.
- The marking is similar to those used for new skills in the Skill menu.
- Items moved to a personal or account warehouse are not marked.


8. Damage reflected back to the player is now displayed in purple to make it easier to see.


9. The Legion names of your fellow Legion members will now appear in the same color.


- Introduced a short cooldown time to log back into the same character after logging out to character selection.

Fbbfe58722608a382ac6bdef.png 10. The account warehouse window can now be expanded and closed by clicking the "account warehouse" .


11. Added a perspective adjusting option in order to make it easier to see when fighting large monsters.
- You can toggle it by selecting Options - Game Options - Camera - Raise Camera Angle.



12. Added new shortcut keys.
- Shortcut keys for newly added functions (such as pet and League functions) are available.
- Other new shortcut keys include "memo pad" and "select nearest enemy PC."


13. The flight gauge will now light up when a player enters a region in which flight is permitted.


14. In order to prevent accidental item deletion, it can no longer be confirmed by hitting the ENTER key. Deletion must now be done by using the mouse to click on the confirmation button.
15. Added an option that plays Aion game sounds even when other windows are in focus.
- It can be set up through Options - Sound Options- Play game audio in background.

16. Initial entry information has been added to the "instance standby report."
- You can check via "/checkentry" or "Menu - Instance Info."


17. Added markers that indicate the locations of instance entrances.
- Mouse over the marker to see information about that instance.


18. You can now see "tip" that previously appeared only on loading screens in your chat window after the zone loads, in case you missed them during loading.
19. When listing an item at the Broker for the second time, the previous price for the item will also appear.
- The broker screen now defaults to the item's last listed price. You can delete it and choose a new price if you like.
20. Players may now clear the text from a chat window.
- Right click the chat tab, and click 'clear tab' in the context menu.
21. Fixed a problem with the quest journal that caused the scroll bar to move and a random quest to be selected when the player selected a quest.
22. Fixed a problem that the caused the mouseover information window of a target (monster, NPC, etc.) not to disappear when it overlapped another window.
23. When a user tries to purchase an item they have themselves listed at the Broker, a message pertaining to the item will now appear.
24. The Crafting window's Check button will now correctly adjust according to the resolution.
25. Fixed a bug that caused the options for moving and using an item to be unavailable when changing the location of an item in personal and account warehouses.
26. Fixed an unnecessary system message when applying for an Alliance including 1 Alliance Captain and 4 Alliance Vice Captains using <Recruit Alliance> that prevented chatting.
27. Added “enchantment stone, manastone, godstone and Dye subcategories under Category -> Consumables -> Remodel.in the Broker window to classify remodeled items more specifically
28. Fixed a bug that caused players to accidentally relocate their skill icons on the quickbar by clicking th right and left mouse buttons at the same time.
29. Fixed a problem that caused the left and right sides of the server select screen to be cut off at certain resolutions.
30. System messages will now display correctly when the player buys back an item from a vendor.
31. System messages will now display correctly when the player sells or buys back an item with the price of 0 Kinah.
32. When a group leader leaves and the leadership is automatically delegated to another group member, dead group members are now ineligible.
33. Monsters that are more than 10 levels lower than the character hunting them will no longer drop items.
34. Added a new AionTweet service that allows players to post to Twitter directly from within the game. This function can be found in Menu > Additional Functions.
- Clicking the AionTweet menu option will bring up a dialog allowing Twitter users to connect to their Twitter account,
- Click on [Get PIN], and a Twitter login page will automatically open in your browser


- Once you log into Twitter, you will be given a unique PIN.



- Go back to your Aion client and enter this PIN.


35. Changed the system message, "Press Enter 'Confirm Destruction' to destroy it" to "Enter 'Confirm Destruction' to destroy it."
36. Changed uses of “Reject Group” to “Unavailable”, to match existing terminology.
37. New cubes will now be named “Cube #” instead of “Expanded Cube #” when a character expands their cube. (Note that this will not apply to existing cubes.)
38. Shortened the following menu options so as to fit better in the space.
- “[Web] Aion Homepage” to “Aion Homepage”
- “[Web] Aion Answers” to “AionOnline.com”
- “[Web] Game Guide” to “Game Guide”
39. Changed the following terms in chat tab options to fit better in the space.

40. Changed the following terms in the Broker window to fit better in the space.


41. Changed the following terms in the Instance Info window to fit better in the space.


42. Many other minor tweaks to UI text and sizing to make things fit better.

43. The /loc and /location commands have been removed and can no longer be used.


1. Changed the initial appearance time and respawn rate of some named monsters in Heiron’s Island of Eternity. They no longer drop some items.
- "Watcher Zapiel" no longer drops weapons, shields, or chest armor.
- "Bulwark Jeshuchi" no longer drops weapons or leg armor.
- "Guardian Vingeveu" no longer drops Heroic grade pauldrons.
2. Increased the stats of some Guard NPCs in Eltnen, Heiron, Morheim, and Beluslan, and added new Guard NPCs.
3. MuMu Lookout now correctly appear in the MuMu Village area of Altgard.
4. Fixed a bug causing some monsters’ weapons not to display.
5. Fixed a bug where some melee monsters were able to execute ranged attacks.
6. Fixed a bug causing some monsters not to be able to execute a series of skills correctly.
7. The tooltip for the “Summon Illusion Gate” buff used by the three Awakened bosses in the Abyss Top layer (“Awakened Krotan Lord”, “Awakened Kysis Duke”, and “Awakened Miren Prince”) will now vary according to the situation.
8. Fixed a bug causing some guard NPC in the Abyss and Balaurea not to attack enemies attacking an allied PC.
9. Fixed typos, spelling, punctuation, and incorrect gendering of NPCs in many dictionary entries and tooltips.
10. Corrected uses of certain monsters’ names, where the name or the spelling was incorrect.
- Sandstorm Spirit’s dictionary entry incorrectly called it a Sand Storm Spirit.
- Some MuMus were incorrectly called Mumus.
11. Renamed Fertile Terra Spirit to Bountiful Spirit to match other references.
12. Changed many incorrect references from Guardian Deity General(s) to Guardian General(s).
13. Changed the titles of the following NPCs from crafting “Experts” to “Masters, now that they can train players as crafting Masters.
- [Sanctum] Diana, Vulcanus, and Anteros.
- [Pandaemonium] and Kinterun, Logi and Honir.
14. Renamed some Brohum monsters in Brusthonin to better match their character models.
- Bow-holding level 48 “Brohum Sentinels” became “Brohum Lookouts”.
- Spear-holding level 48 “Brohum Lookouts” became “Brohum Lookouts”.
15. Renamed level 47 “Anubite Sentinel” mobs in Brusthonin to “Anubite Lookouts” to distinguish them from the Anubite Sentinel mobs in Heiron.

16. Changed level 40 “Spy” mob for the Heiron quest “To Catch a Spy” to “Snoop” to distinguish it from the Spy mobs in Verteron.