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Update Cheat Sheet

1. Cursed Argent Manor instance has been added

2. Rank limitations to participate in Pangaea siege have been removed. Battle Medal daily quests have been added

3. New Sanctum/Pandaemonium Gargoyle have been added

4. Mail UI improvements

Instanced Dungeon

1. 2nd enchantment passage has been revealed.
- Cursed Argent Manor Entrance is located in each Signia/Vengar Territorial Battle.
- Aetheric Field Piece can be obtained from various quests and dropped from filed monsters in Kaldor, Akaron, Signia, Vengar.

Instanced Dungeon Level · Group Entries · Reset Time Features
Cursed Argent Manor 65 · Solo 7 entries
We 9:00am
- Aetheric Field Piece required to enter
- Entrance located in each Signia/Vengar Territorial Battle
- Rank System. Takes less then 15min to complete
- Abyss Points, Mythical grade items, Composite Manastones

2. Issue with housing buffs not applying on the Rookie/Integrated Server has been fixed.

3. Issue with Flame Controlling Devices in Runatorium disappearing before the casting time was over has been fixed.

4. Issue with Mantor boss that drops 1 Improved Life Drain Bomb not spawning again after resurrecting has been fixed.


1. A Pangaea Corridor ‘Advance Corridor for Distinguished Service’ without any rank restrictions has been added.
- When all available ‘Advance Corridor (Governors), (Officers and higher), (Top 100)’ slots have not been filled it's going to be possible to apply through the new Corridor without any rank restrictions in order to get 100 participants in the siege.
- 5min into the Pangaea siege ‘Advance Corridor (Officers and higher), (Top 100), (Governor)’ will disappear and ‘Advance Corridor for Distinguished Service’ will appear for 5min.

Entrance Type Rank Holds for Available Slots
Advance Corridor (Governors) Governor only Opens 10min before siege starts
(Disappears after 5min)
1 person
Advance Corridor (Top 100) Top 100 in the Abyss Ranking First apply, up to 49 people
Advance Corridor (Officers and higher) 1-Star and higher First apply, up to 50 people
Advance Corridor for Distinguished Service Unlimited Opens 5min before siege starts
(Disappears after 5min)
Fills all missing slots up to a total of 100 people participating in the siege

2. Advance Corridor (Governors), (Officers and higher), (Top 100) are now going to disappear after 5min instead of 10min.

3. Additional Balaur monsters have been placed in Pangaea.

4. Problem with not being able to move to Pangaea after admission time has been fixed.


1. When you apply to Pangaea siege you will now see how many available slots are left.


2. New features have been added to the Mailbox.
- Clicking on the letter icon in the right bottom corner of your screen will show you the mail's title and the sender's name.
· You can only check the title and sender's name, the actual letter can only be opened through the Mailbox.
- Ability to remember the recent recipient has been added.
· Name of the recent recipient is not going to be saved if you log out/reconnect.


Mail confirmation icon


Last recipient's name is going to be saved

3. Settlement window has been added.
- Hover you mouse over the icon to see the total amount of Kinah all your items have been sold for, click on the icon to see all sold items.
· You can only check sold items, any changes can only be done through a Broker Agent.


Settlement icon

4. Issue with Sanctum map displaying incorrectly has been fixed.


1. Eltnen, Morheim, Heiron, Beluslan Base Chiefs re-emerge time has been reduced.

2. Rift exit location in the Eracus Temple Cavern area in Eltnen has been changed.

3. Issue with some Vengar NPCs with weird motions has been fixed.

4. Teleport Gargoyles have been added to main Elyos/Asmodian cities.


Exalted Path Gargoyle Teleport


Pandaemonium Plaza Gargoyle Teleport

5. Some Elyos/Asmodian teleport Gargoyles have been removed.

Area Removed Gargoyle
Sanctum Cloister of Kaisinel Gargoyle
Pandaemonium Convent of Marchutan Gargoyle

6. Areas where monsters drop Pieces of Enchantment have been extended.

Before After






7. Monsters that appear after destroying Balaur Barricades in Dark Poeta will now give XP and DP.


1. New ‘Aetheric Field Fragment’ related quests have been added.

Lv Quest Name Rewards

XP 5,169,830

Kinah 301,320

Aetheric Field Fragment 1


XP 5,169,830

Kinah 301,320

Aetheric Field Fragment 1


XP 5,169,830

Kinah 301,320

Aetheric Field Piece 1


XP 5,169,830

Kinah 301,320

Aetheric Field Fragment 1


XP 5,169,830

Kinah 301,320

Aetheric Field Fragment 1


XP 5,169,830

Kinah 301,320

Aetheric Field Piece 1


XP 5,169,830

Kinah 301,320

Aetheric Field Piece 1

2. Issue with ‘Beritra's Darkness’ not being acquirable for has been fixed.

3. Typos in some dialogues/dictionary entries have been fixed.

4. New daily quests have been added to Pangaea when it's not under siege.
- Quests are available when your faction controls Garrisons in the outskirts of the fortress.

- Depending on the fortress ownership you will have to hunt either Vanguards or Scout Troops.


Occupy Pangaea Garrison to start the daily quests


Progress through the quest on the islands around


1. Issue with movement transparency not always remaining has been fixed.
- Transparency is not going to be removed if you write something in the chat.
- Transparency is not going to disappear if an emote was caused by certain words typed in the chat. However, the Transparency will disappear if you use chat emote command (/Wave, /Smile, /Laugh).


1. Issue with some incorrect rewards has been fixed.

2. Some Fabled accessories level 50 and below will now be Upgradable (Awakening).
- They can be upgraded up to level 5, just like most of existing accessories.


1. Area around Alquimia Research Centre's entrance in Beluslan has been modified.

2. Terrain in the Theobomos Lab has been modified.


1. Issue with incorrect number of coupons displaying on the character selection window has been fixed.

Winds of Destiny. Rhapsody 1 - New World Update
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[65] Sealed Hall of Knowledge
[63] Rune Tribe Refuge
[63] Jormungand's Bridge
[60] Tiamat's Hideout
[60] Mantor
[57] Rentus Base
[57] Tiamat's Fortress
[55] Aturam Sky Fortress
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