Tiamat's Hidden Space

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- Available for levels 65 and higher
- Alliance (up to 12 people)
- Entrance on the opposite race's map Signia/Vengar
- Available once a day (resets at 9:00am)
- Server-Wide Recruitment available


- Tiamat's Hideout hard mode version
- Proceed just like in Tiamat's Hideout but face stronger monsters.


- Mythical Weapons / Shields
- Evolution materials for extendable weapons
- Mythical Wings

Get rid of Tiamat once again!

Tiamat's Hidden Space is a harder version of existing Tiamat's Hideout.

Players level 65 can face more powerful Tiamat, Mighty Balaur's Set and evolution materials can be obtained this instance.

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Tiamat's Hidden Space does not share an entrance with Tiamat's Hideout.

Asmodian Tiamat's Hidden Space entrance is located in Signia.

Elyos Tiamat's Hidden Space entrance is located in Vengar.


Elyos entrance in Vengar (6 o'clock)


Asmodian entrance in Signia (12 o'clock)

To travel to Signia or Vengar make sure to use a Space-Time Rift. Rift C will leave you in a close proximity to Tiamat's Hidden Space entrance.

You can enter this instance only through an entrance on the opposite faction's map.

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Internal structure is the same as Tiamat's Hideout.

Tiamat in the centre and 4 incarnation hiding in 4 small rooms.



Calindi Flamelord Compensation

- Blood Mark 10

- Greater Supplements (Mythic) 10~30

Tiamat Compensation

- Mighty Balaur's Set

- Tiamat's Glimmering Wings

- Improved Dragon Lord's Twisted Weapons (Materials required for the evolution)

- Glimmering Treasure Chest of Dragon Lord Tiamat (Composite Manastones, Crafting Materials)

- Stigma Sack


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55th Brigade General Set
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