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One of three Asmodian organizations. To join a player must be at least level 40.

This group focuses on PVP related tasks and rewards you with Crusader Tokens which can later be exchanged for things like high-performance titles.

■ 3 Asmodian Organizations

Daily Quest Organization

Quest Content

Field Wardens Picking and delivering items collected from monsters
Blood Crusade Helping your race
Charlirunerk's Daemons Killing specific monsters or delivering items

How to Join


After joining an organization you will receive
a new quest every day.


Daily quest to kill Elyos in given area

Players can sight up for this organization at the Temple of Oblivion in Vengar. After signing up, Blood Crusade will send you a special task every day.

Pandaemonium Headquarters have requested you to kil a certain number of Elyos. Players who have completed the daily quest will be rewarded with small amount of Crusader Tokens and experience points.

Quest rewards can be collected and exchanged for things like high performance titles.

Quest List

Depending on your level, Blood Crusade will send you different daily quests.

Level 40 Daily Quests

Lv Quest Name Rewards

XP 1,180,870

Crusader Token 1
General Blood Crusade Supplies 1

Level 50 Daily Quests

Lv Quest Name Rewards

XP 3,632,997

Crusader Token 5
Fine Blood Crusade Supplies 1


XP 3,773,237

Crusader Token 3
Fine Blood Crusade Supplies 1


XP 1,477,634

Crusader Token 5


XP 1,477,634

Crusader Token 10

Level 60 Daily Quests

Lv Quest Name Rewards

XP 1,965,437

Crusader Token 6


XP 1,965,437

Crusader Token 12


Blood Crusade tokens can be collected and exnchaged for desired items.

Blood Crusade exchange NPCs can be found in Abyss Stronghold, Rhonnam Refugee Village in Gelkmaros and Temple of Oblivion in Vengar.

Rewards Description

Bold Crusader's Wings
Noble Crusader's Wings
Bold Chief Crusader's Wings
Noble Chief Crusader's Wings
Wings of The Circle
Courageous Silverine Wings
Wise Silverine Wings
Noble Silverine Wings
Smart Silverine Wings
Courageous Greenkeeper's Wings
Wise Greenkeeper's Wings
Noble Greenkeeper's Wings
Smart Greenkeeper's Wings
Major Blood Crusade Reward
Greater Blood Crusade Reward
Blood Crusade Reward
Lesser Blood Crusade Reward
Petra Contribution Decorations Chest
[Title] Blood Champion
[Title] Blood Sentinel
[Title] Blood Conqueror
[Title] Blood Phalanx
Petra Contribution Decorations Chest
[Title] Blood Champion
[Title] Blood Sentinel
[Title] Blood Conqueror
[Title] Blood Phalanx
[Title] Fixer
[Title] Katalam Punitive Force's Hero
Headquarters Medal Box
Desert Naeda Egg
Heiron Kitter Egg
[Souvenir] Pompo Statuette

Blood Crusade rewards are usually the most desired ones.
Remember that expiration time of a title depends on it's type.


Winds of Destiny. Rhapsody 1 - New World Update
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Siege Changes
Character Skill Renewal
Stigma Renewal

Gladiator Skill Renewal
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Changes to Existing Areas
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Other Information
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Main NPC Changes
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New Instances
[65] Makarna
[65] Territorial Battle

Hard Mode Instances
[65] Lost Rentus Base
[65] Lost Refuge
[65] Tiamat's Hidden Space
Renewed Instances
[65] Sealed Hall of Knowledge
[63] Rune Tribe Refuge
[63] Jormungand's Bridge
[60] Tiamat's Hideout
[60] Mantor
[57] Rentus Base
[57] Tiamat's Fortress
[55] Aturam Sky Fortress
Item Dragon Lord Beritra's Set
Mighty Balaur's Set
55th Brigade General Set
Honourable Conquest Set
Improved Dragon Lord's Twisted Weapons
Enhanced Deformed Catalium Weapons
Deep Sea Set
Marine Set
Lord Beritra's Set
Darkness Set
55th Soldier's Set
Revived Land's Set
Elyos Legionary's Premium Set
Asmodian Legionary's Premium Set
New Wings
New Mounts
Organization System Organization System Renewal

Elyos Organizations
Alabaster Order
Radiant Ops
Token Conversion

Asmodian Organizations
Field Wardens
Blood Crusade
Charlirunerk's Daemons
Token Conversion
Etc. Existing Content
Beritra's Invasion
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