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Uncover new large scale content, Chaos Rifts!

Chaos Rifts are massive Space-Time Rifts that appear in Signia and Vengar.

A Chaos Rift can be accessed by up to 144 players and is surrounded by naturally occurring large race battles because of various rewards. In particular, when a Chaos Rift opens a Guardian General appears and once defeated compensates players with Honour Points and special rewards.

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- Chaos Rifts have fixed schedule and can be accessed by up to 144 players.

- When a Chaos Rift opens, powerful monsters will appear in it's vicinity.

- When a Chaos Rift opens, a Guardian General will appear in the nearby defence base.

- You will receive special compensation for killing Chaos Rift monsters and the Guardian General.


Chaos Rift looks like regular Space-Time Rift


but can be used by up to 144 people

Time Table

Chaos Rifts have fixed appearance schedule.

You can check Space-Time Rift schedule HERE.









Vengar Signia


Signia Vengar Signia Vengar Signia Vengar

Elyos: Signia > Vengar


Chaos Rifts in Signia


Arrival points in Vengar

Asmodian: Vengar > Signia


Chaos Rifts in Vengar


Arrival points in Signia


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