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Update Cheat Sheet

1. New Feather Ornaments have been added (Magical Acc, Crit Strike).

2. Some Rift Defence Quests have been updated.

3. Changed maximum entries for some instances.

4. New pet sound On/Off function has been added


1. Number of maximum entries to Azoturan Fortress, Indratu Fortress has been reduced.

Instance Entries Before Entries After
Azoturan Fortress Unlimited 5 entries a day
Indratu Fortress Unlimited 5 entries a day

2. Issue with the Steel Rake Cannon not working properly making the progress to the next boss impossible has been fixed.


1. Beritra's fight pattern in Makarna has been changed.

2. Issue with the final boss in Rentus Base's Fate and Rentus Base not following his skill pattern has been fixed.

3. ‘Piyama’ has been placed in front of Asmodian Fire Temple entrance due to Elyos attacking this NPC.

4. Names of some monsters in Alquimia Research Center have been changed.


1. Spiritmaster's skill Large-Scale Absorption can now be used from up to 25m away from the target depending on the weapon.

2. Tooltip of the Aethertech's skill Sprint Strike has been fixed.

3. Clerics skill Lightning Bolt of Retaliation (Step 5) consuming unusual amount of MP has been fixed.


1. Areas where some defence quests are triggered have been extended.

- In areas where relevant camps are and opposite race can attack.

Elyos Quests

Lv Quest Name Rewards

XP 50,007

Ancient Crown Bundle
Elysea Defense Medal Bundle


XP 291,412

Ancient Crown Bundle
Elysea Defense Medal Bundle

Asmodian Quests

Lv Quest Name Rewards

XP 50,007

Ancient Crown Bundle
Asmodae Defense Medal Bundle


XP 291,412

Ancient Crown Bundle
Asmodae Defense Medal Bundle

2. Rewards for some quests that are no longer unusable have been removed.

- ‘Scolopen Poison’ has been removed, 'Tripeed Fruit' has been removed from the ‘Harvesting Tripeed’ quest.


1. Buff tooltips are going to display the duration of active skills from now on.

- Aethertech: Mystic Tank, Id Shield, Increase Fighting Power
- Cleric: Sprint Skill






1. Two new Feather Ornaments have been added.

Elyos Feathers Asmodian Feathers Basic Attribute
468126c9ae934532c0a0d22e.png Kaisinel's Feathers: Weapon Damage Marchutan's Feathers: Weapon Damage Attack +1
468126c9ae934532c0a0d22e.png Kaisinel's Plume: Physical Crit Marchutan's Plume: Physical Crit Crit Strike +3
468126c9ae934532c0a0d22e.png Kaisinel's Plume: Magic Boost Marchutan's Plume: Magic Boost Magic Boost +5
468126c9ae934532c0a0d22e.png Kaisinel's Plume: Magic Accuracy Marchutan's Plume: Magic Accuracy Magical Acc +2

- New Feathers can be purchased from the Feather NPC in both capitals and can be looted with low probability from some instance bosses.
- Feathers Ornament box can now give two new Feathers.
- Enchanting new Feathers has following setting with bonus attributes after +5.

Basic Option Additional Affect after Upgrading
Crit Strike Feather Crit Strike +3 Each upgrade increases Crit Strike by 12 and HP by 150.
With each level beyond +5 there is a chance for additional Crit Strike.
Magical Acc Feather Magical Acc +2 Each upgrade increases Magical Acc by 8 and HP by 150.
With each level beyond +5 there is a chance for additional Magical Acc.

2. Tooltips of items from the Dragon Lord Beritra's Set will now show that there is a hidden effect when full set has been equipped.
3. Ceramium Coin's description has been changed.
- Original: A coin that can be used in Katalam.
- Updated: A coin given to a Daeva for outstanding performance.

4. Fixed issue with some instances removing candy effects.


1. Function to turn ON/OFF guardian pet sounds has been added.
- To check this function go to [Options - Sound Options - Function].
- If this function is turned ON (default setting) you will hear all alert sounds.
- If the box is unchecked you will no longer hear pet alert sounds.


Pet sounds ON/OFF function


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