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Update Cheat Sheet 1. Enchanting stats have been increased significantly.

2. To enchant a Breakthrough item you will need Kinah and All-Powerful Enchantment Stone.

3. You can now enchant items to +15 much easier.

4. After +21 you will receive much better stats.


1. All items will now be automatically Breakthrough when you reach the maximum enchantment level, to further enchant an item you will need Kinah and All-Powerful Enchantment Stone.
- The amount of Kinah required depends on the item's grade and enchantment level.
- Existing Breakthrough items will not consume Kinah until failure.
- The amount of Kinah required for next level will be shown in the enchanting window.


① Required Kinah
② Amount of Kinah required for next level

2. Breakthrough no longer requires Inert Amplification Tool, Amplification Stone.
- Inert Amplification Tool and Amplification Stone from now on will be 'damaged'.
- Inert Amplification Tool can no longer be purchased and can be resoled to any NPC.
- Amplification Stone can no longer be looted, you can resell your leftovers for Kinah at a special NPC in your main city.

Type Elyos NPC Asmodian NPC
Buyer Arados Pochuren
  • Those NPCs on the Test Server might not be available.

3. New enchanting benefits have been added to Omega Enchantment Stone.
- When enchanting a weapon or an armour piece beyond +11 using an All-Powerful Enchantment Stone level will only drop by one in case of failure.

  • However, if the item is already beyond it's maximum enchantment level a failure will reduce it's level to the maximum value.
  • Failing to enchant any item from the Dragon series will result in destroying the item.

- The probability of enchanting an item by +2 or +3 with just one All-Powerful Enchantment Stone has been increased.

4. When enchanting armours some bonuses have been increased and new ones added.
- Enchanting armours will now increase Attack, Magic Boost.
- The amount of HP given when enchanting armours has been increased.

5. Stats received after enchanting a weapon/armour beyond +21 will be doubled.
- ex.) You can see a compression below

Item Type Bonuses for every +1 between +1~+20 Bonuses for every +1 beyond +21

Attack +2

Attack +4

Leather Top

HP +22
Physical Def +4
Strike Resist +4
Magical Defence +3
Attack +1
Magic Boost +4

HP +44
Physical Def +8
Strike Resist +8
Magical Defence +6
Attack +2
Magic Boost +8

6. When enchanting a shield beyond +21 you will now receive HP, Physical Def, Magic Suppression with each level.

Enchanting +1~+10 Enchanting +11~+20 Enchanting beyond +21
Bonuses per +1
enchanting level

Damage Reduction +2%

Block +30

Physical Def +50
HP +100
Magic Suppression +20

7. Some items that could not be Breakthrough can now be enchanted without limitations.


1. Tempering Solution's tooltip has been changed.

2. [Abyss Points] Damaged Summon Healing Servant I~III tooltip has been fixed.


1. Issues with a Vision Stigma Debilitating Incantation not always reducing some stats have been fixed.

2. Issue with Cleric's Noble Grace and Chanter's Word of Protection duplicating effects has been fixed.


1. A loading progress bar has been added to the initial launching of AION.


Initial UI and loading screen has been changed

2. Issue with Aetherogenetics Lab icon not appearing for Asmodian characters on [World Map - Instanced Zone] has been fixed.

3. When connecting to an expired account you will now be able to move directly to the shop.


Expired Account details window


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