Territorial Battle

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- Available for level 65 and higher
- 2 entries a week (Wed 9:00)
- Alliance (12)
- Entrance located at every Territory in Signia, Vengar
- Requires 1 Stonespear Key


- Score and time based ranking system
- Waves of various monsters


- Abyss Points, Honour Points
- Ceranium Medals




- 1 entry a week (Wed 9:00)



Legions, show your solidarity in the Territorial Battle!

Explore new lands and counter Balaur with the drastically dropping manpower. To solve this problem Elyos/Asmodian headquarters have decided to strengthen private Legions. Enforcing legions to to take responsibilities as guardians of the new world.

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Background Story

An ancient fighting ground used to settle tribal disputes, Territorial Battle is a place of religious and cultural importance to the mysterious and newly encountered Aquan people. For the same reason the Aquan use this place as a spiritual focus, Daevas have annexed the territory as a battleground, but whether there is any real power in the Territorial Battle remains to be seen.


Territorial Battle is a competitive content designed for Legions.

- You can apply to the Territorial Battle at every base in Signia and Vengar.

- Territorial Battle is available twice a week and the Legion that achieved the highest score in each base will take control of it.

- Territorial Battle compensation will be paid depending on the results and ranking of the Legion, when you occupy a base additional benefits will be available.


Elyos Territories in Signia


Asmodian Territories in Vengar

Registration Conditions

- Only Legion level 6 and higher can participate. (You can only apply on your faction's map)

- Only Brigade General can sing up for a Territory or appointed Deputies/Centurions.

- You can register by clicking [Select the territory] at the bottom of the Legion window under the Territorial Battle tab.


You can register by selecting a territory in the Legion window


You can register at any location

Territorial Battle Tasks

To enter a Territorial Battle Square Challenge you will need a key.

You can receive keys by completing legion tasks. (At least one person in the Alliance needs to be in possession of the key to enter the square)

- Only legion level 6 and higher can accept Territorial Battle Tasks.

- You can start Territory Tasks from the Legion window.

Elyos Territorial Battle Tasks Asmodian Territorial Battle Tasks


Only legion level 6 and higher can perform Territory tasks


The key is necessary to take part in Territorial Battle challage

Territorial Battle, the Square Challenge

Square Challenges are located in every Territorial Battle and rewards are based on play time and the final score. You will need a key to enter the square.

Entry Conditions Entry Item Number of Entries Compensation
Square Challenge(Territorial Battle) Level 65Alliance
12 people
Key of Challenge
(One in the Alliance)
Once a WeekResets every Wed. 9:00am Rank CompensationTerritory Ranking Compensation


Tower Defence, Protect the tower from continuous
waves of monsters


From time to time more powerful monsters will appear

■ Square Challenge Rank Rewards

- Rewards are based on the play time and the final score.

- Depending on the rank all participants will be rewarded with Ceranium Medals, Ancient Manastones, Composite Manastones, Ancient Relics and Enchantment Stones}}


Brigade General is going to receive Rank 1~3 rewards via mail based on the final ranking.

■ Territorial Battle Rank Compensation

Rank Compensation Details
Rank 1 Legion Victory Reward Box Major Blessed Augment: Level 2 × 1
Territory Battle Contribution Bundle × 20
Rift Key Opens a Rift to the opposite faction's map.
[Title] Territorial Battle Last for 7 days.
HP +200, Speed +5%, Atk Speed +1%, Casting Speed +1%
Rank 2 Legion Victory Reward Box Major Blessed Augment: Level 2 × 1
Territory Battle Contribution Bundle × 20
Rank 3 Legion Victory Reward Box Territory Battle Contribution Bundle × 20

■ Benefits for the Occupying Legion

- A Legion can occupy only 1 Territory for one week and each territory is going to be displayed on the map.

- Legion members have access to special teleport devices and various functional NPCs. (Different then the NPCs outside the Territory)

- Legion occupying a Territory receives a special Defender buff in the surrounding area. (PvP Defences increased, Infiltrator Detection available)

- Brigade General can use a special Rift Key to open a Rift leading to the opposite faction's land. (Limited to once a week)

· Rift can be used by up to 72 people regardless of the legion they are in.

■ Territory Specific NPCs

Elyos Territory Asmodian Territory Functions
Nixkaion Campsite Walqule Campsite Shugo buying Abyss items (Most efficient)
Dragon Lord's Ruins Dragon Lord's Ruins Site Shugo buying Strife items (Most efficient)
War Supply Storage War Supply Depot Shugo buying Ancient Relics (Most efficient)


Structure of a Territorial Battle