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New Skills

3 Vision Stigmas and 1 regular Stigma have been added to the Assassin.

Vision Stigma becomes available when all 6 regular Stigmas have been equipped in particular combination (All regulars Stigmas must be enchantable).

Type Name Description
Stigma Dagger Oath Attacks from behind have a set probability of dealing additional damage and give you the possibility of being healed
Vision Stigma Flash Grenade Blinds opponents in the vicinity and reduces their magical precision, removes enemy character's target.
Lightning Ambush Character immediately moves behind an opponent and attacks them
Repeated Rune Carve The opponent suffers rune explosion damage and the rune is recarved at a set level

Changed Skills

Following skills have been changed.

Some skill effects have been altered, enhanced and some Stigma skills have been changed to automatically acquired skills.

Most of the skills unusable during flight will be usable from now on.

Lightning Slash A reduction effect has been added for magical precision and defence. Can now also be used while moving.
Signet Silence This is no longer specific to a faction. The cooldown time has been reduced and an attack speed reduction effect has been added.
Rune Burst This skilled is now learned automatically.
Cyclone Slash Can engrave a rune up to level 2 and has a set probability of turning an engraved rune into a level 5 rune.
Apply Deadly Poison A poison effect has been added that has a set probability of being activated.
Spelldodging Your own attack reduction has been removed and reduced.
Flurry A physical critical hit effect has been added.
Divine Strike The damage has been increased.

Removed Skills

Following skills have been removed.

Flight-only skills have been removed due to being inefficient.

Assassin Throw Dagger, Flying Dagger, Shadow Camouflage, Ancestral Radiant Rune, Ancestral Darkness Rune, Beastly Scar, Throw Shuriken, Explosive Burst, Agonizing Slash, Rune Swipe, Divine Rune, Radiant Rune, Darkness Rune, Needle Rune, Bursting Flame Strike, Apply Poison, Shadow Rage, Clear Focus, Strike of Darkness

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