Cursed Argent Manor

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- Available for level 65 and higher
- Solo instance
- 7 entries a week (Wed 9:00)
- Entrance located at every Territory in Signia, Vengar
- Requires 1 Aetheric Field Piece


- Score and time based ranking system
- Mainly regular grade level 65 monsters
- Transformation into various elements


- Honourable Ancient Spirit's Set
- Noble Ancient Spirit's Set
- Abyss Points, Composite Manastones, Stigma Bundles, Ancient Coins




3 entires a week (Wed 9:00)



Abyss Points and Mythical gear from a solo instance!

Cursed Argent Manor is a solo instance available for players level 65 and higher.

Ranking system based instance, large amount of Abyss Points, equipment items, Composite Manastones can be obtained based on the final score.

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Background Story

Due to the Invasion, Sarpan has been destroyed. Drakan Zadra Spellweaver sensing the incoming danger moved Argent Manor somewhere between time and space. However, the Mansion was too big for Zadra and he started to lose his mind. When Zadra woke up he didn't know who he was and all his memories were gone. Now, Elyos and Asmodians are trying to sneak into the Cursed Argent Manor and steal the research on the experiment.


You have up to 15min to finish the instance


Mythical grade items can be obtained


Entrances to the Cursed Argent Manor are located in each Territory in Signia and Vengar.

After clicking on the passage entrance, choose the 2nd passage and 1 Aetheric Field Piece will be consumed. (Entrance can be used by anyone, not only by members of the occupying Legion)

Entry item Aetheric Field Piece
Aetheric Field Piece can be obtained from various quests or dropped from filed monsters in Kaldor, Akaron, Signia, Vengar.


3 possible Elyos entrances in Signia


3 possible Asmodian entrances in Vengar


After clicking on the Enchantment Passage entrance


you can only enter the instance if you posses an Aetheric Field Shard

Map Structure

Cursed Argent Manor can be divided into 5 regions.

To proceed you will have to finish the main objective in each region. When you kill the final boss, the instance stops and rewards are paid based on the final score.


The main object Explanation
Starting Point When you enter you have 1min to prepare. The battle begins after 1min or when you open the door.
Corridor Cursed Argent Manor is divided into 4 regions, corridors can be used to move between them.
Manor Guide Doesn't give points but drops Fuel. 2 in the 1st section, 1 in the 2nd section.
Fully Repaired Hetgolem Gives 1000 points when reactivated using Fuel.
Elemental Iron Prison Named monsters. Can be destroyed from elemental attacks.
Forgetful Zadra The last named. Uses multiple defensive skills. Pay attention to the fire as it will follow the player.
Treasure Box Additional compensation can be obtained from 4 Treasure Boxes.


Cursed Argent Manor


Check our guide to the Cursed Argent Manor.


Please check from which quests you can obtain Pieces of Enchantment.


Cursed Argent Manor reward information.
Cursed argent npc.png


List of NPCs in the Cursed Argent Manor.

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