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New World Update brings significant changes to skills and Stigmas.

New Vision Stigmas have been added for every class, number of skills have been improved. Less important skills have been integrated and many stigmas have been changed to automatically acquired skills.

Additionally, there have been many UI changes to make it simpler to look for information in-game, Stigmas slots have been reduced to 6 and Vision Stigmas and Enchanting Stigma System have been introduced.

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Class Skills Renewal

Class skills have been significantly renovated.

Below you can find pages with all the changes made to each class.

1. Many race-specific skills have been integrated into one. (Except summoning skills)

2. Ground/flight-only skills can now be used during flight/ground combat. (Example: Crippling Cut)

3. Similar skills have been integrated into one skill, some skills have been completely removed.

4. Efficiency of some skills has been increased.

5. New skills and Visions Stigmas have been added to each class.

6. Some skill chain trees have been changed.

7. Some stigmas have been changed to automatically acquired skills.

8. All stigmas can now be equipped freely without any pre-requisitions and the amount of available stigma slots has been reduced to 6.

Class Skills Renewal Details

New World Update - Skill Renewal
534ee6699eca8f3f57d50244.png Gladiator Skill Renewal C0041337539677e294f80574.png Templar Skill Renewal
5e5a157f130258c8fc19fe87.png Ranger Skill Renewal 461db2d6e1a0ccbba30e6a70.png Assassin Skill Renewal
151817b6189414f49617ef12.png Sorcerer Skill Renewal 5b8f9e75239c5df6876cb2b7.png Spiritmaster Skill Renewal
E3c6f4987fc57ba3e27bd63f.png Cleric Skill Renewal 20f25a52135f9033e220a3e8.png Chanter Skill Renewal
4c3e9b5c7301b1108ea913b7.png Gunner Skill Renewal 9dc29b092876ba74cb171105.png Aethertech Skill Renewal
D10e18fcbd9e254730989e0b.png Bard Skill Renewal

Skills Stage and Level Structure Changes

Skill's level and stage will progress along with the character from now on.

This change applies to both stigmas and automatically acquired skills.

- For example, before the New World Update Ambush I stigma had to be replaced by Ambush II stigma to rise the skill level.

- Since the update Ambush stigma levels along with the character, Ambush's level and stage will depend on the character's level.



① Name of the skill depends on it's stage
e.g.) Smite VI
② Level of the skill increases with each character level
e.g.) Smite VI Lv9
① Stage is no longer being added
② Skill's Level depends on the character's level
e.g.) Smite Lv13

Skill Window Improvements

Skill window has been changed. Details about each skill are better displayed, new skills are being displayed separately making them easier to distinguish.

- Skill and Function windows have been separated.
- In the skill windows you can see all usable skills, all information about a selected skill and if you check the box at the bottom of the window you can add all not acquired skills to the list.
- If you click on a skill you will see all details about it on the right panel.
- You can adjust the skill level by sliding the gauge bar and dragging the skill to your quick bar.
- Newly acquired skills will always be at the top of the window.


Skill Window


Option/Function Window

Skill Tooltips Improvements

Skill Tooltips have been changed.

- Shared cooldown, skill activation, attribute informations have been added.



4717046284db16e35c357c54.png Af6a39595bc7fa0ba9a978db.png

Stigma Renewal

Amount of Stigma slots has been reduced to 6, slots will open automatically from now on without the need to finish any quests.

- Some stigma skills have been changed to be automatically acquired skills.
- Stigma Shards are no longer required to equip any Stigmas.
- Greater Stigma trees have been removed, you can equip any stigma freely.
- Visions Stigmas and Stigma Enchanting System have been added.


Stigma system has been significantly changed


Visions Stigmas have been added


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