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Customizable skill system, select any skill you want!

Stigma Stones are imbued with the souls of past Daevas. The power of these souls allows one to equip the stone and receive an ability they would not normally be able to use due to their class or level.

Some stones give the bearer a passive skill such as the ability to equip a weapon not normally available to their class, while other stones can allow the use of offensive or defensive abilities.


New World Update - 2014. 12. 3.
1. Amount of Stigma Slots has been reduced from 12 to 6.
2. Some Stigma skills are now learned automatically.
3. To equip a Stigma Stone you will need Kinah instead of Stigma Shards.
4. Greater Stigma Trees have been removed.
5. Vision Stigma system has been added.
6. Stigma Enchanting has been added.

TIP. Damaged Stigmas?
In New World Update old Stigma Stone are no longer usable. All Stigma Stones can be exchnaged for Kinah or Abyss Points.

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Recover Kinah and Abyss Points from Damaged Stigmas

Stigma Mission

To use Stigma Stones you must finish a mission first.

Stigma mission becomes available when a player reaches level 20. After finishing the quest stigma slots become available.

- Elyos Mission: - Asmodian Mission:

Note that before New World Update you had to complete a quest for every Greater Stigma Slot.

However, with the New World Update every Stigma slot opens automatically when a player reaches certain level.

Stigma Slots and Expansion

There are 6 Stigma Slots.

To aquip any Stigma Stones you must first finish a mission, after that Stigma Slots will unlock automatically. To determine how many Slots are available and what Stigmas have been equipped open Stigma Tab in your character's profile window (P). There are 3 types of Stigma Slots.


After completing a Stigma Mission slots will unlock automatically at specific levels

Type Restrictions
1 Superb Stigma Unlocks at level 55.
Can be filled with General, Greater or Superb Stigma.
2 Greater Stigma Unlocks at level 45 and 50.
Can be filled with General, Greater Stigma.
3 General Stigma Unlocks at level 20, 30 and 40.
Can be filled with General Stigma.

- Stigma slots open automatically.

- There are no quests to expend Stigma Slots.

Equipping Stigmas

To replace or remove a Stigma speak to a Stigma Master.

Stigma Masters can be found in all major cities.

Equipping Stigmas

- Once you have spoken to the Stigma Master and asked that they assist you with equipping a Stigma Stone, your profile window will open to the Stigma tab.
- Drag the stone you wish to equip to an available slot. Once the stone is placed a confirmation window will pop up asking you to confirm this action. This window also informs you of the cost (in Kinah) of equipping the stone.
- Open the skill iwndow (K) and move your new skill to the quickbar.

Replacing Stigmas

- If you wish to replace an existing Stigma Stone, you must first remove it.

- This action must be done by the Stigma Master, however it does not cost anything to do this.


Talk to a Stigma Master to equip or remove Stigmas


Stigma Masters can equip or remove your Stigmas

Vision Stigma

When all 6 equipped Stigmas are NOT limited a Vision Stigma will automatically appear.

Depending on the combination of equipped Stigmas, each class can unlock one out of 3 Vison Stigmas.

Vision Stigma appears only when all 6 equipped Stigmas can be enchanted.

- When at least one of equipped Stigmas is limited, Vision Stigma will not appear.

The type of Vision Stigma depends on the combination of equipped Stigmas.

- Example #1. When you equip offensive or defensive Stigmas an offensive or defensive Vision Stigma will appear.

- Example #2. When you equip a mix of offensive and defensive Stigmas a hybrid Vision Stigma will apear.


Vision Stigma will be automatically added when you equip 6 Stigmas


Type of Vision Stigma depends on the combination of equipped Stigmas

Enchanting Stigmas

Stigma enchanting has been added.

Talk to a Stigma Master and open Stigma Enchanting window. To enchant a Stigma you must sacrifice a second copy of that stone. Right now only an unenchanted Stigma can be used as a resource in Stigma enchanting.


Stigma Master is in charge of Stigma enchanting


Same Stigma has to be used as a material

Sacesful/Failed Enchanting

- If you succeed, Stigma Skill's performance will increase. Material Stigma will disappear.

- If you fail to enchant a Stigma, both stones will be destroyed.


Stigma enchanting can either succeed or fail


failure will destroy both stigmas

Stigma Buffs

If you succeed, Stigma Skill's performance will increase.

The type of the boost depends on the Stigma's type.


- Some Stigma's damage may increase.

- Some Stigma's MP cost may decrease.

- Some Stigma's cooldown may reduce.


Unenchanted Stigma


Reduced cooldown

How to Obtain Stigmas

Stigmas can be divided into limited and Greater Stigmas.

Note, with New World Update characters will receive a number of bundle with limited Stigmas corresponding to the character's level. After opening a bundle player can choose a desired Stigma.

Greater Stigma

Greater Stigmas can be traded and enchanted.

When all 6 slots are filled with Greater Stigmas a Vision Stigma becomes available. Can be obtained from some filed monsters and instance bosses.

- Monsters will only drop stigma of corresponding level.

- Greater Stigmas can be lotted from bosses in Lost Rentus Base, Tiamat's Hidden Space, Lost Refuge.

Limited Stigma

Limited Stigmas can not be traded or enchanted.

If any of the equipped Stigmas is limited a Vision Stigma will not appear.

- It's possible to buy limited Stigmas with Kinah at Signia · Vengar main base.

- Limited Stigmas can also be acquired as rewards for various quests.


Limited Stigmas can be purchased with Kinah


However, limited Stigmas do not unlock Vision Stigmas
and can not be enchanted


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