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Update on January 13th, 2016 brought many improvements to Atreia.

High Daeva regions have been connected to more locations, you will now be able to create twice as long macros.

Additionally, new High Daeva quests, and various improvements have been added.

Update Cheat Sheet

1. Assembly materials from the Library of Knowledge can now be traded

2. Esterra, Nosra returning scrolls are now cheaper

3. New High Daeva quests added

4. The number and length of macros has been increased

5. Looting Pet enhancements

6. Abyss quests and hunting objects have been improved

7. New traveling path have been added to Esterra, Nosra

Instanced Dungeon

1. The issue with bombardment damage in Jormungand Marching Route and Steel Wall Bastion Battlefield not applying to characters of certain level has been fixed.

2. Level of defence guards and gargoyles in battlefield-type instance has been increased.


1. New weekly quests have been added to Esterra/Nosra.

Race Quest Start Prior Quest
Elyos Alexandria
Asmodian Phyndar

2. New repeatable level 66~67 quests have been added to Esterra/Nosra.

Race Quest Start Prior Quest
Elyos Akuaris
Asmodian Vigdis

3. Progression of (E), (A) has been changed.

- The way you collect Archon/Guardian's traps in Esterra/Nosra has been changed.

- Hunting step has been removed.

4. An issue with preventing Asmodians from starting this quest has been fixed.

5. An issue with wrong rewards being distributed for finishing Gelkmaros missions has been fixed.

6. Not being able to see rewards for when accepting the task has been fixed.

7. An issue that was preventing level 51 or higher players from accepting (E), (A) has been fixed.

8. Some Alchemy 'Work Order' quest designs have been changed.

9. Typos in some Esterra/Nosra quests have been fixed.


1. Reseting Creativity will no longer cost 1 Kinah.

- The amount of Kinah required to reset Creativity will depend on the character's level and number of already performed resets. (Resets for 1 Kinah will not be included into the accumulative number of resets.)

2. Maximum number and length of macros have been increased.

Division Before After
Number of Macros 12 24
Max number of letters 256 512

3. An issue with Atreia Pass not granting the 1st-day reward has been fixed, players will receive rewards for 2 days the next day.

4. After clicking on an alert message for the Workshop buffs you would be redirected to a page about New/Returning Daeva benefits. This issue has been fixed.

- After clicking on the link, you will now be presented with a purchase page for the Shugo Workshop buffs.

5. Issue with the character portrait displaying incorrectly has been fixed.

6. Some loading tips have been fixed.


1. An issue with Skill Buffs not applying for certain classes has been fixed..

2. An issue that was adding 0.1s cooldowns to skills that normally do not have any cooldown has been fixed.


1. Material items from the Library of Knowledge can now be traded.

2. Return Scroll's settings have been changed.

- the scroll can now be used to move to Esterra or Nosra.

- Return Scroll's price has been lowered.


Integrated Scroll's price has been lowered


You can now purchase Esterra/Nosra return Scrolls

3. Returning scrolls to Ariel's Crucible Sanctuary in Esterra, and Azphel's Crucible Temple in Nosra have been added.

- Returning scrolls can be purchased in Esterra - Ariel's Crucible Sanctuary, Nosra - Azphel's Crucible Temple and can only be used by players level 65 or higher.

4. Missing designs have been added to merchants in the main cities and housing areas.

Area NPC Title Elyos NPC Asmodian NPC
<Equipment Patterns Merchant> Moray Nanuz
<Design Merchant> Usiros Alran
<Armour Patterns Trader> Toinon Erph
<Patterns Trader> Hagiaphilia Morgev
<Equipment Patterns Merchant> Addichi Jeth
<Design Merchant> Kess Benthe
<Armour Patterns Trader> Siloson Briganta
<Patterns Trader> Melina Gravir

5. An issue with Christmas Candle costume displaying incorrectly on Asmodian characters has been fixed.


1. Looting pets will now be able to pick up untradeable items that would normally require a confirmation.

- While in a Group/Alliance, you will still need to manually pick up and confirm untradable items.

2. An issue with cooldown for the Gift and Pet Mood icon not appearing has been fixed.


Improved looting pet


1. Re-emerge time for objects related to Upper Abyss garrisons has been reduced.

2. Re-emerge time for garrison protectors has been reduced.

3. NPCs related to Garrison quests will now re-appear faster.


Garrison Commanders will now appear more frequently


Quest objectives will now re-appear faster


1. The number of Abyss Points you can get from some monsters and infiltration troops in Esterra and Nosra has been increased.

2. Names of some infiltration NPCs in Nosra have been changed.

3. An issue with some elite monsters in Nosra not dropping any Kinah has been fixed.

4. Tiamaranta Key exchanger, Denald, in Vengar not working properly has been fixed.

5. The amount of experience from Beritra's Invasion monsters has been changed.

6. An issue with misplaced dummies in Esterra's Ariel's Crucible Sanctuary has been fixed.


1. You can now use teleportation-related skills in sanctuaries around each fortress.


1. New teleportation routs have been added.

Race Connection Type
Elyos EsterraAkaron


Teleport Inc.
EsterraMagos Corridor
Asmodian NosraAkaron


Teleport Inc.
NosraTokanu Corridor


Esterra connections


Nosra connections

2. An issue with some geysers in Gelkmaros not working properly has been fixed.

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