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High Daeva New Instance, Arkhal's Hidden Space Update!

In the December 9th Update, a new instance Arkhal's Hidden Space has been added.

Arkhal's Hidden Space was designed for level 70 players, and can be finished relatively fast. Among rewards players can find new Arkhal's Set and Illusion Gondstone Bundles. Additionally, Beritra's Invasion will now start at a fixed time, and various convenient improvements have been applied.

Update Cheat Sheet

1. New instance Arkhal's Hidden Space added.

2. Beritra's Invasion will now start at 8p.m. GP rewards have been adjusted.

3. Jormungand Marching Route and Runatorium entry times have been changed.

4. Quests will now be automatically registered in the Quest Tracker and limits have been removed.

5. New UI effect has been added when you acquire Creativity for the first time.

Instanced Dungeon

1. Arkhal's Hidden Space instance has been added.

- Entrance located in Esterra/Nosra.

- The number of entries can be increased with Kinah, details are as follows.

Instanced Dungeon Level


Number of Entries Main Rewards
Arkhal's Hidden Space 66+

Group (6)

3 entries a week

Wednesday 9:00am

Arkhal's Set

Akhal Illusion Godstone Bundle

  • Akhal is protected by a barrier that requires 3 generators to be killed within 10min a period, when all generators have been killed Beritra's messenger becomes vulnerable.
  • If you do not destroy all protective devices within 10min period all players will be teleported to the beginning of the instance and all devices will have to be destroyed once again.


Elyos Entrance


Asmodian Entrance

2. Jormungand Marching Route and Runatorium entry times have been changed.

Battlefield Progress Day Progress Time
Jormungand Marching Route Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun 12:00 ~14:00
Runatorium Mon, Wed, Fri 12:00 ~14:00

3. Some score rules in the Arena of Cooperation have been changed.

- In the 3rd round, the 1st Team will acquire twice as many points.

4. The issue with Kuhara the Volatile's ( Lost Rentus Base ) debuff not working on characters level 70 or higher has been fixed.


1. Arkhal's Hidden Space quests have been added.

Race Quest NPC
Elyos Viola
Asmodian Peregrine

  • After completing above quests you can proceed with repeatable quests from an NPC standing in front of the instance's entrance.

2. Some quests will now reward you with Oblivion Shard instead of Oblivion Shard.

3. When you used the skill mention in the Elyos quest / Asmodian more times than the quest ask you to the counter would reset. This issue has been fixed.

4. The re-emerge time of the 'Prometheus' NPC for the quest has been reduced.

5. New Returning Daeva quests have been added.

Race Quest

6. Issue with the Asmodian Mission requesting frozen materials to be gathered has been fixed.

7. Issue with the Asmodian quest rewarding players with frozen materials has been fixed.

8. XP rewards and level of some growth quests have been adjusted.

9. You will now be able to skip cutscenes in High Daeva Missions.

10. Typos in some quests have been fixed.

11. Issue with quests where Elyos/Asmodian characters were showing without thier wings has been fixed.


1. Issue with items that can be re-identify showing incorrect stats when equipped has been fixed..

2. Physical stats of Archdaeva's Remodeled Danuar Spaulders and Archdaeva's Reformed Danuar Spaulders have been changed to magical ones.

3. Fixed cooldown of some bundle type items.

4. Aetheric Field Fragment can now be stored in the private warehouse.

5. Atreia Pass's anniversary gift's tooltip has been changed.

6. Upgrade Stone's tooltip has been changed.

7. Issue with Voluspar's icon displaying incorrectly has been fixed.

8. Issue with some items displaying incorrectly has been fixed.


1. Settings of the Oblivion Shard used to reset Creativity have been changed.

- ① Term, ② Trade-ability, ③ Tradeable items are consumed first.

2. Information about crafting materials obtainable from extracting High Daeva items have been added to the extraction tab in the Strengthening/Modification Window.

3. Additional effect has been added when a High Daeva recevies Creativity.

- When a High Daeva reaches required amount of XP a finger icon will appear on the XP bar. The effect will not disappear until you click on the icon.

- Because of the new effect the Creativity window will no longer automatically pop-up.

- The effect will only output when a High Daeva receives Creativity for the first time.

- Additionally, information about the Creativity has also been added to the important tips.

4. Quest Tracker has been improved.

- Newly acquired quest will now automatically be added to the quest tracker.

- The number of quests you can track has been increased.

5. A shadow effect has been added to quest reward list.

Before After
D97bd6f6ccb2d986288ac16a.png 9b83138a6b6db83615542649.png

6. The issue with broker window displaying incorrectly in some instances has been fixed.


1. Issue with Elyos/Asmodian that are using ninja/levitation motion displaying incorrectly after leaving combat stance has been fixed.


1. Beritra's Invasion times have been changed.

Days Time Before Time After
Specific days in different locations Randomly between 18:00 ~ 22:00 At 20:00
On the 11th day of each month in all regions At 21:00 At 20:00

2. Honour Point rewards for the Beritra's Invasion have been changed.

Region Change
Signia, Vengar Honour Points removed
Akaron, Kaldor, Abyss Honour Points increased

3. Step Enchantment stone -> Upgrade Powder Exchange NPC has been removed.

4. Some monsters in Nosra have been renamed.

5. Icon when hovering over Esterra and Nosra flags have been changed.

6. Issue with some Esterra objects not being locatable has been fixed.


1. Transformation: Vessel of Wind's tooltip has been fixed.


1. Length of some Windstreams in Esterra has been changed.

2. The issue with some sounds outputting incorrectly in Esterra has been fixed.

3. Incorrect signs in Sanctum/Pandaemonium have been fixed.

4. Some misplaced gatherable in Esterra have been moved.

5. Re-emerge time of collectibles in Esterra will now match the ones from Nosra.

6. The issue with movement speed being reduced in some Nosra's areas has been fixed.

High Daeva: Successor of Eternity




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