KR - Update December 23rd 2015

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Update Cheat Sheet

1. Enhanced Lord's Feathers have been added. (Obtainable by evolving a +10 traditional Feather)

2. Upgrading a Feather is much easier (Feather does not get destroyed upon failed upgrading)

3. The number of possible buffs has been increased


1. Enhanced Lord's Feathers have been added.

- The item can be obtained by evolving a +10 Kaisinel/Marchutan Feather.

- The item will not be destroyed when you fail to upgrade it, upgrade level will reset.

2. When you fail to upgrade a Feather ornament, it will no longer be destroyed and its upgrade level will remain.

3. Bonuses of some items have been corrected.

4. The probability of obtaining Manastones from Esterra, Nosra monsters has been increased.

5. Details how to obtain Funshroom's Stone and Phantom Tiger's Stone have been added to the descriptions.

6. The issue with some items displaying incorrectly has been fixed.


1. New Returning Daeva quests leading to the Abyss and Esterra/Nosra have been added.

Elyos Asmodian

2. Steps of some Returning Daeva quests have been changed.

- Steps of the Elyos and Asmodian have changed.

- Available levels of some Returning Daeva quests have been changed.

Elyos Asmodian

- Experience reward for some quests has been changed.

3. Changed the range you can attack an objects from related to the Elyos and Asmodian quest.

4. Issue with Beritra Box appearing again for the quest has been fixed.

5. Issue with some cut scenes displaying incorrectly has been fixed.


1. ‘Medium-size infiltration’ in Esterra/Nosra will no longer start between 2 a.m. and 11 a.m.

2. A portal leading to Esterra/Nosra has been added to the Returning Daeva Sanctuary.

3. A portal leading to the entrance of the Kromede's Trial instance has been added to the Returning Daeva Sanctuary.

4. Training dummies have been placed in Esterra, Nosra.

5. Wings of some NPCs being invisible have now been fixed.


1. When applying to a Legion, you will now be able to search through a list of Legion members you can talk to.

- When you choose to join a Legion, you will be able to see the list of applicants.



1. The number of buffs a player can have has been increased.

2. The expiration time of Workshop buffs in the chat will now display correctly.

3. A shadow effect has been added to the item's name in its tooltip.





4. Some tips have been fixed and new ones added.


1. Acceleration Cheer's description has been fixed.


1. ‘어둠의 회당’ region has been added to Nosra.

2. 잉기스온 지역의 카스파 숲에서 카스파 언덕으로 바람길 이용 시 카스파 언덕에서 바람길이 재 탑승되는 현상을 수정하였습니다.

3. Issue with the number of monsters placed in Nosra has been fixed.

4. Issue with Esterra Rifts being placed too high has been fixed.


1. Issue with sounds not being played under some circumstances has been fixed.

2. Issue with sounds around the character not playing when moving too fast has been fixed.

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