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High Daeva,

a hero born at the end of the 2nd period, he's the Aion's manifestation and Atreia's Protector.

Israphel used him as an excuse for the catastrophe, in order to protect Atreia from collapsing he was willing to sacrifice himself.

After using all his power High Daeva would have been destroyed, Siel used her powers to seal High Daeva's Power in time to preserve it from being destroyed.

“Atreia will once again be subjected to a crisis that only High Daeva can prevent. And once again we will have to protect Atreia. This is our destiny.”

High Daeva Evolution

When you perform the new level 65 missions, you will evolve into a High Daeva.

Each race has 2 missions, from them you will learn about lost memories and powers of the High Daeva.

You will automatically become level 66 upon completion, and you will evolve into a High Daeva.


Entering the Tower of Eternity


Face the power of the High Daeva

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High Daeva Growth

In 5.0, players can level up to 75.

High Daeva begins at level 66-69 with content localized around the stronghold, you will have access to relatively easy instances Adma Ruins and Elemental Lord's Laboratory. After 70-75 level players can enjoy more difficult instance Library of Knowledge and monsters located at the outskirts of the new region.

Classification Contents
Maximum Level Maximum level is 75.
Creativity High Daeva true power. Use Creativity to customize your character's combat abilities.
High Daeva-only Items High Daeva-only Items start at level 66. High Daeva items can be used regardless of the level.
High Daeva Power Flight High Daeva Wings have the ability of high-speed flight. Furthermore, the level-up and fall motions have been changed.
High Daeva Fields Areas of Esterra and Nosra are only available to High Daeva.
High Daeva Material Conversion High Daeva can use Morphing to create new items.
High Daeva Growth System High Daeva can utilize Growth Aura. Energy of Repose and Energy of Salvation will automatically disappear once you enter Esterra/Nosra and can no longer be recharged.


After reaching certain amount of experience with each level a Higher Daeva will receive Creativity points.

Creativity points can be used to enhance character's combat abilities, you can spend Creativity points at anything you want making each character somehow unique. [SHIFT + U] will open Creativity Window, it's possible to reassign Creativity points at any given time.

■ Amount of Creativity obtainable per level

Character Level 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75
Creativity to Acquire 6 14 14 16 17 18 20 22 25 32
Cumulative amount of Creativity 6 20 34 50 67 85 105 127 152 184


View of Creativity Window


You can invest Creativity in various ways

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High Daeva-only Items

High Daeva-only items can only be used by players level 66 and higher.

High Daeva-only items can be obtained from variety of content in Esterra / Nosra, some High Daeva items can be created through Morph Substances (sort of evolution process)

- High Daeva items can be used regardless of the level. However, if your level doesn't match the recommended level some item stats will be reduced.

- Some new features as Skill enchanting can apply.

- When enchanting fails the item will be destroyed, instead probability of enchanting an item is much higher.

- Probability of enchating an item by +2/+3 with one Omega Enchantment Stone has been increased, with High Daeva armours there is a chnace to increase item's level by +4 with just one stone.

- Primary Manastones can only be used on High Daeva items.


High Daeva items can be used regardless of the level


A Primary Manastone

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High Daeva Power Flight

1. High Daeva Wings have the power to boost flight just like Mounts have sprint abilities.

- Double click on the forward button to active the Power Flight.

- Darning Power Flight, Flight Times is consumed much faster.

- The speed can not be faster then what stats indicate.

- Power Flight will stop automatically when attacked.


Elyos during Power Flight


Asmodian during Power Flight

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High Daeva-only Fields

The Tower of Eternity can be accessed through a portal located in the new areas (Elyos: Esterra, Asmodian: Nosra).

Esterra and Nosra are places where High Daevas can grow, in this region monsters level 66-80 appear and various High Daeva-only content is available.

- Rifts open every hour.

- Some monsters have the ability to restor Growth Aura or change into a different monster.

- Some monsters have a specific type (Warrior/Assassin/Mage/Special)

- Environment of each region changes with time. Some areas can turn into fly zones and monsters that appear may completely change, some additional monsters may appear to infiltrate other regions.

- Under specific conditions a large-scale infiltration begins.

- Daevas can obtain various Mythical items from filed/named monsters and infiltration content.


Monster levels in the Elyos region


Monster levels in the Asmodian region

■ High Daeva Instances

Instanced Dungeon Entrance Level
Number of Entries Main Rewards
Library of Knowledge 66+
Group (6)
4 entries a week
Wednesday 9:00am
Maze Set
Chosen Guardian's Set
Adma Ruins Mon, Wed, Fri
From 9:00am, for 24 hours
Group (6)
2 entries a week
Wednesday 9:00am
Ruin Fiend's Set
Karemiwen's Gown
Elemental Lord's Laboratory Tue, Thur, Sat
From 9:00am, for 24 hours
Group (6)
2 entries a week
Wednesday 9:00am
Elemental Lord's Set
Galateia's Dress

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High Daeva Material Conversion

High Daevas can produce items using new Morph designs.

The most important Morph products are High Daeva Wings, Ancient Coins items from the Rune Tribe Set evolved into High Daeva equipment.

- New designs can be purchased at the Esterra/Nosra stronghold with Ancient Coins

- Most important manufacture items are Manufacture Stones obtainable from equipment extraction (level 66 items and higher).

- Spirit Stones will also be needed, they drop from field monsters.


Elyos Design Merchant


Asmodian Design Merchant

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High Daeva Growth System


High Daevas are governed by Growth Aura system.

Growth Aura increases experience acquired from hunting, gathering, and crafting by up to 50%.

Methods of recharging Growth Aura
1. There is a chance the Growth Aura will re-change after killing level 66+ monsters

2. Charges when completing some quests

3. When acquiring Creativity Points

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High Daeva: Successor of Eternity




High Daeva


Growth Aura


Regions · Dungeons



Sky Islands

Library of Knowledge

Adma Ruins

Elemental Lord's Laboratory

Arkhal's Hidden Space

General Items

High Daeva-only Items

High Daeva Wings

Primary Manastones

Strengthening/Modification Window

Enchantment Stone Dust

Soul Binding Release Function

Enhanced Lord's Feather

New Items Instance Items

Chosen Guardian's Set

Elemental Lord's Set

Ruin Fiend's Set

Arkhal's Set

Maze Set
Secret Maze Set
Old Holy Maze Set
Mystic Maze Set
Legendary Maze Set
Winding Maze Set
Endless Maze Set

Field Drop Items

Thunder Set
Full Moon Set
Firmament Set
Dawn Set
Sunset Set
Paradise Set
Pride Set
Demise Set
Heavens Set

Quest Rewards

Atreia Conqueror's Set

Morph Items

Rune Hero's Set

Joyous Fungie's Set
Whispering Woman's Set

Named · RvR Items

Eternal Vow's Set
Eternal Oath's Set
Eternal Hope's Set
Eternal Glory's Set

Eternal Honour's Set

Bygone Atreia Weapons


High Daeva Mission

Monarch Quests


High Daeva Material Conversion

Growth Item Changes

Additional Updates KR - Update November 18th 2015

KR - Update November 25th 2015

KR - Update December 9th 2015

KR - Update December 16th 2015

KR - Update December 23rd 2015

KR - Update December 30th 2015

KR - Update January 13th 2016

KR - Update January 27th 2016

KR - Update February 3rd 2016

KR - Update February 17th 2016

KR - Update February 24th 2016