Whispering Woman's Set

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Asmodian items for appearance remodelling. Can be produced with High Daeva Material Conversion.

Asmodian can buy necessary designs in the Nosra' main base for Ancient Coins, the main ingredient, Phantom Tiger's Stone, can be collected from quests.

Lv Quest Name Rewards

XP 85,792,608

Ancient Coin 10
Plain Mark Bundle 1


XP 85,792,608

Ancient Coin 10
Plain Mark Bundle 1

Elyos can also create these items but the difficulty is much higher. Necessary designs can be obtained from occupied territories in Nosra. The main material, Phantom Tiger's Stone, can be collected from various spy quests and some named monsters.

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Weapons / Shields

Name Attack Accuracy Magic Boost Magical Acc Secondary Attributes

Phantom Tiger's Greatsword366 - 3869710314

Phantom Tiger's Harp324 - 3600783424

Phantom Tiger's Cipher-blade315 - 328753434

Phantom Tiger's Orb282 - 3450813394

Phantom Tiger's Polearm279 - 5198710314

Phantom Tiger's Aethercannon269 - 4490793394

Phantom Tiger's Bow261 - 3549210294

Phantom Tiger's Staff228 - 342971813434

Phantom Tiger's Pistol219 - 2430753454

Phantom Tiger's Spellbook219 - 2430773434

Phantom Tiger's Sword179 - 2209210314

Phantom Tiger's Mace171 - 257971773394

Phantom Tiger's Dagger162 - 1809210314

Name Block Damage Reduction Secondary Attributes

Phantom Tiger's Shield101540%


Name Physical Def Magic Resist Magic Suppression Secondary Attributes

Phantom Tiger's Tunic234165213

Phantom Tiger's Pants187132170

Phantom Tiger's Pauldrons14099127

Phantom Tiger's Gloves14099127

Phantom Tiger's Shoes14099127


Name Physical Def Magic Resist Magic Suppression Evasion Secondary Attributes

Phantom Tiger's Hat936685110

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