KR - Update November 18th 2015

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1. Debuff removing effect of the Terraform skill has been fixed.

2. Issue with Transformation: Vessel of Earth's abnormal shock resistance has been fixed.

3. Issue with Spiritmaster's motion while using Vacuum Choke displaying incorrectly has been fixed.

4. Issue with Detonate's FX effect displaying incorrectly has been fixed.

5. Issue with Mech appearance after using Mercurial Blast skill has been fixed.

6. Issue with fire/water/land/wind FX effect not applying to characters inside Mechs has been fixed.


1. Atreia Conqueror's String Instrument's casting speed has been fixed.

2. Issue with some stats of Rune Tribe items not matching items used in the morphing process has been fixed.

3. You will now be able to re-tune weapons and armours from the Elemental Lord's Laboratory and Adma Ruins instance.

4. Berdin's Lucky Star and [Event] Berdin's Lucky Star's tooltip has been changed.

5. Recovery Tea can now be used by High Daevas level 66 and higher.


1. Issue with skill enhancement details in an item's tooltip displaying incorrectly in the Trade Broker window has been fixed.

2. Issu with not being able to strengthen a breakthrough item in the Strengthening/Modification Window under Upgrade Stone Tab has been fixed.

3. Legion Buff description has been added at the bottom of the Legion Search Window.

4. Issue with Tourunrunerk Play Guide not always detecting new events after a player leveled up has been fixed.

5. Some loading tips have been changed.

Instanced Dungeons

1. Issue with Soul Absorption skill used by boss monsters in the Library of Knowledge instance not always releasing players has been fixed.

2. Difficulty of boss monsters in the Library of Knowledge instance has been adjusted.

3. Issue with Field Artillery inside the Jormungand Marching Route displaying incorrectly has been fixed.


1. Quest rewards for some Esterra / Nosra infiltration quests have been changed.

2. You will now be able to obtain a fragment of the Tower of Eternity after talking to the agent in the High Daeva Elyos Mission , Asmodian .

3. Esterra / Nosra regional quests will now have more details.

4. Some quests will now reward players with supplements.

5. Typos in some quests have been fixed.


1. Issue with characters inside Mechs displaying incorrectly when using custom motion cards has been fixed.

2. Issue with levitating monition on female characters displaying incorrectly has been fixed.

3. New facial expressions have been added to the character customization.

4. Characters will now reflect light to better show skin tones.


1. You now have a chance to restore Growth Aura after killing monsters in the Adma Ruins and Elemental Lord's Laboratory.

2. Placement of some Esterra monsters has been changed.

3. Stats of some Esterra / Nosra monsters have been changed.

4. Titles of some Nosra NPCs have been changed.

5. Skill effects of some Esterra / Nosra monsters have been changed.

6. Issue with some NPC weapons displaying incorrectly has been fixed.

7. Fixed some typos in NPC dialogues.

8. When a High Daeva kills a monster a red/blue light effect is being applied when the monster's body disappears.

- The same effect will apply when a High Daeva is in a Group/Alliance/League.


1. Issue with large-scale infiltration not ending after an hour has been fixed.

2. Archon Protection Frigate Bombardier will now emerge when the lard-scale infiltration begins.

3. Nosra's terrain has been fixed.

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