KR - Update January 27th 2016

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Update Cheat Sheet

1. Growth Aura has been improved

2. Top Maze set can no be looted from bosses in the Library of Knowledge

3. Items that can buff certain skills have been improved

4. Golden Star UI has been improved

5. Some functional NPCs have been added to Esterra/Nosra


1. Acquisition effect and setting of the Growth Aura have been changed.

- A buff icon will now appear when you restore some of your Growth Aura, and a special effect will appear around your character. (Growth Aura tooltip will no longer appear over the XP bar.)

Growth Aura Acquisition Effect Growth Aura Icon
79b2febe74ddf3a92d73091b.png 796a97c7538d8208cf1d32cd.png

- The effect of the Growth Aura has been increased from 50% more experience to 60%.

- Depending on the character level, Growth Aura maximum value will differ (100% charge). However, the amount of Growth Aura a single action can charge is always the same, regardless of the level.

- Growth Aura will no longer be charged to 100% during the initial connection. Instead, it will charge from killing monsters and instance bosses up to 10 times instead of 5. (Resets daily at 9:00)

- Probability of charging the Growth Aura after killing a monster has been increased.

2. After connecting to the game or re-connecting after a DC, you will now automatically summon the pet you had before the disconnection.

- Pet will maintain the actions you set it to do.

Instanced Dungeon

1. The top Maze items that could be created by enhancing basic Maze items in Esterra/Nosra will now drop from bosses in the Library of Knowledge.


1. The way the Skill Buffs are applied to items has been changed.

- Skills that can not be used when the item is equipped have been removed.

- Skill that an item can buff will now match the item's settings.

(Ex. Plate – Block(Templer related skills) / Plate – Parry(Gladiator related skills)

- These changes only apply to items acquired after the update.

2. NPCs selling only Morph designs for the Rune Hero's Set have been added.

- Old NPCs no longer sell those designs.

- The new NPC is standing next to the existing High Daeva Morph Designs seller.

Race NPC Location
Elyos Pandarus Ariel's Sanctuary
Asmodian Teyar Azphel's Sanctuary

3. Names of returning scrolls will now match the region's name they teleport players to.

4. An issue with [Event] Popstar Harp Skin being enchantable has been fixed.

5. An issue with some parts of Maces that could acquired from the Sauro War Depot displaying red has been fixed.


1. UI for the Golden Star Aura has been improved.

- The tooltip will now be more clear, and the XP boost as well as boost for playing from a PC room will now be displayed in green.

Before After
E786f0c569bdc6ca37d42dc5.png 4d8fcb504d99ece48e8ee5f5.png

- Charge status (%) has been added to the corner of the Golden Star Aura Icon.

- Golden Star Aura icon will differ wether you play from a PC room or not.

General Connection PC Room Connection
Less than 50% 67fc9b65334475094059f067.png 97d7a893c1c8f6c7da8f85f9.png
More than 50% E2e6ab568ce0a1ee398182db.png 642fac9b4401339db8ec4fa9.png

- If the Golden Star Aura drops below 50% or you charge it from more than 50%, a system message will be displayed.

2. Misleading message about acquired experience for players in PC rooms has been corrected.


1. Esterra/Nosra quests can now be shared among party members.

- However, quests that can only be completed on one character like (E), (A) can not be shared.

2. Rewards for following quests have been changed.

Race Quest Before After

Oblivion Shard Brilliant Archdaeva Manastone Bundle

3. An issue with items necessary for the Asmodian quest not assembling has been fixed.

4. Issue with quest markers not displaying above objects in the quest has been fixed.

5. The Ancient Cube in the quest can now be located.


1. Legion Warehouse has been added to Esterra/Nosra.

2. Flying monsters in Esterra/Nosra will now return to the original position if no damage is being inflicted to them for some time.

3. Drop rate of monsters in Esterra/Nosra has been adjusted.

4. An issue with some Esterra/Nosra bosses having incorrect stats has been fixed.

5. Forest Klawfly Queen's level has been reduced.

6. Attributes from High Daeva Manastone will now apply to summoned spirits, energies, etc. summoned by the player.

7. An issue with characters on mounts displaying incorrectly has been fixed.

8. The level of dummies in Esterra, Nosra has been changed from level 75 to level 1.

9. 각 종족 대도시에 배치된 Legion 문장담당관 NPC의 일부 대화 내용이 잘못 출력되는 현상을 수정하였습니다.

10. An issue with objects in Ariel's Sanctuary in Esterra not being usable has been fixed.


1. You can now give your Deputies/Centurions the right to accept new legion members.

- To assign additional rights, check the 'Invite to Legion/Accept Admission' boxes under [Legion] – [Legion Menu] – [Set Permissions].

- When a new admission is pending, a system notification will be send to every approved legion member.

- A player can join a legion only when an approved Legion member accepts the admission.


1. Spirit's Empowerment's tooltip has been fixed.


1. An issue that was allowing players to place Kisks near Rift exit points in Esterra has been fixed.


1. Sometimes after starting the game, characters and NPCs were displaying incorrectly. This issue has been fixed.

2. The maximum frame-rate (FPS) has been increased to 120.

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