Arkhal's Hidden Space

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- Available for levels 66 and higher
- 3 entries a week (Wed 9:00)
-Entrance in Esterra (E) and Nosra (A)
- Additional Instance Admission System
- Server-Wide Recruitment available


- Level 70 monsters
- Can be finished fairly fast


- Arkhal's Accessories
- Godstone Bundle




1 entry a week (Wed 9:00)

Get rid of Akhal occupying the Beritra's Oracle!

Akhal’s Beritra Oracle was designed for level 70 players.

This instance has a very simple internal structure, you will have 10min to destroy 3 generators. If you succeed you will face the messenger that drops level 73 items from the Arkhal's Set and a Godstone Bundle.

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Akhal’s Beritra Oracle can be accessed 3 times a week.

Elyos entrance is located in Esterra, Asmodian entrance is located in Nosra, use flight path to go directly to the entrance. Additional Instance Admission System available.


Elyos Entrance

Asmodian Entrance


Map Structure


Internal structure is very simple.

In the middle of the Beritra's Oracle you can find a named monster,

that is protected by an invincible shield that can only be removed by destroying 3 generators.


Akhal’s Beritra Oracle progress is as follows.

■ 1st. Destroy 3 protective devices

1. Artifact makes Akhal invincible. (As long as Akhal is protected it won't attack players)

2. In order to make Akhal vulnerable, you must destroy 3 protective devices within 10min period.

- Additional monsters will appear each time a generator is attacked.

- If you do not destroy all 3 devices within 10min your group will be teleported back to the starting point and you will have to start over.

■ 2nd. Battle with Akhal

1. Once the battle starts, Akhal will use powerful skills targeting anything in the outskirts of the map. You should prepare for the battle before attacking the boss.

2. Akhal will summon a large number of monsters. It will inflict great damage and use powerful wide-area and mental attacks.


A device protecting Akhal

You must destroy all 3 devices within 10min



Each time you attack a generator a number of monsters will appear

Akhal's protectors will be running around the map



Akhal will use a lot of powerful attacks

Akhal can drop a Illusion Godstone Bundle



Arkhal's Hidden Space
Arkhal main.png


Main information about the instance.
Arkhal npc.png


List of all NPCs that can be found inside the instance.
Arkhal drop.png


Check what items you can find in the Arkhal's Hidden Space.
Arkhal quest.png


Information on available quests.

High Daeva: Successor of Eternity

Elyos High Daeva Guide


Asmodian High Daeva Guide



High Daeva


Growth Aura


Regions · Dungeons



Sky Islands

Library of Knowledge

Adma Ruins

Elemental Lord's Laboratory

Arkhal's Hidden Space

General Items

High Daeva-only Items

High Daeva Wings

Primary Manastones

Strengthening/Modification Window

Magic Powder

Soul Binding Release Function

Enhanced Lord's Feather

New Items Instance Items

Chosen Guardian's Set

Elemental Lord's Set

Ruin Fiend's Set

Arkhal's Set

Maze Set
Secret Maze Set
Old Holy Maze Set
Mystic Maze Set
Legendary Maze Set
Winding Maze Set
Endless Maze Set

Field Drop Items

Thunder Set
Full Moon Set
Firmament Set
Dawn Set
Sunset Set
Paradise Set
Pride Set
Demise Set
Heavens Set

Quest Rewards

Atreia Conqueror's Set

Morph Items

Rune Hero's Set

Joyous Fungie's Set
Whispering Woman's Set

Named · RvR Items

Eternal Vow's Set
Eternal Oath's Set
Eternal Hope's Set
Eternal Glory's Set

Eternal Honour's Set

Bygone Atreia Weapons


High Daeva Mission

Monarch Quests

Elyos Quests Levels 66-70

Asmodian Quests Levels 66-70


High Daeva Material Conversion

Growth Item Changes

Additional Updates KR - Update November 18th 2015

KR - Update November 25th 2015

KR - Update December 9th 2015

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