KR - Update February 24th 2016

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Update Cheat Sheet
1. Recommended level for some High Daeva items has been reduced.

2. Advance Search function has been added to the broker.


1. Recommended level for some High Daeva items can now be reduced.

- Does not apply to already generated items, new recommended level only applies to items acquired after the update.

- The scope of the item's recommended level reduction is based on probability.

Example) When a reduction is applied, a piece of armor that was recommended for a level 71 will now be recommended for level 66


Originally recommended for level 71 or higher


After the update, when you acquire this item, it might
have reduced recommended level


1. You will now see item's enchantment level on the broker.

2. Advance Search function has been added to the broker.

- You are now able to serach by enchantment/upgrade level and skill buffs.

- Advance Search activates when you select one of the categories.

- To find item with particular skill buff you must type in the buff's name.


3. Fog of War will only apply to unreachable areas.

4. Stronghold icon has been added to the map of some areas.

- Click on the stronghold icon to immediately move to the selected location.

Race Location
Elyos Heiron - Middleton
Asmodian Ishalgen - The Forsaken Hollow

Beluslan - Frost Spirit Valley

Beluslan - Southgate

Beluslan - Fang Troll Encampment

5. Issue with notepad resetting after moving between live and master server has been fixed.

6. Issue with Growth Icon displaying incorrectly has been fixed.

7. Typos in the Battery Saving Mode tooltip have been fixed.


1. Issue with Creativity applying incorrectly has been fixed.


1. On the right side of the XP quest reword you will now see a % value.

- It will show by how much the quest will increase your current level.


% value of a quest reward

2. Issues with some Esterra, Nosra quests not showing progress on the map have been fixed.

Race Quest


3. Issue with Ancient Starturtle not appearing for the Asmodian Quest has been fixed.

4. Information in the quest guide for following quests have been corrected.

- Quest name: /


1. Issue with flages in Esterra and Nosra exploration areas not re-appearing has been fixed.

2. Issue with boss patterns in the Library of Knowledge have been fixed.

3. New NPCs that sell some level 60 collectibles have been added to Esterra and Nosra.

NPC Area
Yuseko Nosra - Azphel's Sanctuary
Bouman Esterra - Ariel's Sanctuary


4. Location and arrival point of teleportation statues in Poeta - Daminu Forest, Ishalgen - Anturoon Crossing have been changed.


1. Issue with Esterra windstreams not working properly has been fixed.

2. It was impossible to place Kisks in some areas of Esterra. This issue has been fixed.


High Daeva: Successor of Eternity




High Daeva


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