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New Elyos Stronghold has been established in the Upper Abyss to keep an eye on Ereshkigal's Legion

New Elyos Stronghold has been added in the Typhoon Abyss Update. It's located in the Upper Abyss at 8:00.

It was constructed to watch Ereshkigal Legion's movements, it's heavily guarded and gives access to various features.

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Upper Abyss Map



Magos is located in the Upper Abyss at 8:00.

1. Players can teleport directly to the Stronghold from Signia.

2. You can also fly directly to the Stronghold from Teminon in the Lower Abyss, or move from the Western Shard.


Magos portal can be found in the main Signia city


Fly there directly from Teminon Fortress in the Lower Abyss

External Amenities

Magos Stronghold is protected by various NPCs.

Note, unlike Teminon Stronghold in the Lower Abyss, Magos is not surrounded by any barriers and can be accessed by anyone.


Magos is protected by many Sacred Images


and Guards

Internal Amenities

Inside Magos players can find basic features like an Obelisk, Warehouse, Trade Agents and Mailbox.

It's also the location where Blood Medal exchange NPCs are located.


Doors can only be used by Elyos


Brigade General of the Wings of Liberty Legion.
He will give you your new Mission


Basic equipment amenities and features


Battle Medal exchangers

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