KR - Update December 16th 2015

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Update Cheat Sheet

1. The difficulty of Arkhal's Hidden Space has been adjusted

2. Additional Instance Admission System has been extended

3. Base teleportation cd has been reduced (10 min > 1 min)

4. More details about characters in the Hall of Fame have been added

5. Esterra, Nosra daily quests added

Instanced Dungeons

1. Arkhal's Hidden Space's difficulty has been lowered.

- Damage of monsters that appear after 10min has been lowered.

2. Issue with double spawn in the Arkhal's Hidden Space has been fixed.

3. Akhal’s flame attack will no longer affect players at the starting point.

4. Bosses that appear in the 'Trillonerk's Gold Vault' area inside the Trillonerk's Gold Vault instance will now give more experience.

5. Additional Instance Admission System will now support more instances.

Instanced Dungeons
Nochsana Training Camp

Azoturan Fortress

Steel Rake

Indratu Fortress

Draupnir Cave

Dark Poeta

Udas Temple

Lower Udas Temple

Beshmundir Temple

Rentus Base

Tiamat's Fortress

Tiamat's Shelter


1. Event settings will now be displayed in a form of an icon.


2. Changed the transparent map icon in the Map(M) window.

3. Unwanted messages will no longer be displayed when closing the Guild (G) window when you are not in any Legion.

4. Base teleportation cooldown has been reduced from 10min to 1min.

5. Information about ‘Hall of Fame’ competition winers has been added.

6. Issue with some hair colours and dyes not displaying in the preview window has been fixed.


1. New Esterra//Nosra daily quests have been added.

- Complete (Elyos) or (Asmodian) on at least one character to start following quests.

Race Quest Area



2. After closing the dialog before completing the quest it was impossible to complete the task. This issue has been fixed.

3. Issue with wings not displaying in some quests has been fixed.

4. Issue with some quest's prerequisites has been fixed.

5. Typos in some quests have been fixed.


1. Speed bonuses will no longer get corrected based on the level difference between the character and the item's recommended level .

- Attack Speed, Casting Speed, Movement Speed and Flight Speed will no longer be corrected when the character doesn't match the recommended level.

2. Cooldowns on some bundle items have been removed.

3. High Daevas will now be able to open ‘Patrol's Blessing Box’.

4. When a character level 55 or higher opens a ‘Daevanion Patrol's Weapons/Armour Chest’ he will also receive a ‘Daevanion Elite Patrol's Weapons /Armour Chest’.

5. Conqueror of Atreia's Mystic Spaulders has been renamed.

6. Some quests items will no longer share cooldown.


1. Splendor of Recovery's and Splendor of Purification's description has been changed.


1. After logging out, your DP will remain for an 1h instead of 10min.


1. Visibility range of the infiltration troops in Esterra/Nosra has been reduced.

2. Issue with level 74 monsters being placed in the Nosra's Cursed Gorge area has been fixed.

3. Guard NPCs have been placed in the dock area in Nosra.

4. Names of some monsters in Esterra, Nosra have been changed.

5. Placement of some monsters in Esterra has been changed.

6. Arrival point will now be specified when talking to the Asmodian Draupnir Cave teleportation device.

7. 특정 상황에서 공중 속박 당한 NPC의 위치가 어색하게 표현되는 현상을 수정하였습니다.


1. Issue with Honour Points not being deduced from the Brigade General after losing a fort has been fixed.


1. Placement of some monsters in Nosra has been changed.

2. Arrival point of some Esterra and Nosra Rifts has been charged.

3. Nosra's terrain has been fixed.

4. Oriel's terrain has been fixed.

5. Issue with wrong images being displayed in the Convent of Marchutan has been fixed.

6. Starting conditions for the medium-size infiltration of the Sky Islands have been changed.

Before After
1min after a faction starts to infiltrate Sky Islands at any given time 1. A Force Commander appears on the Sky Island

2. The timer starts when opponents start to infiltrate the island

7. Exit location of some Signia Rifts has been changed.

8. Hard to reach gatherable in Esterra have been moved.

9. You will now be able to teleport to the New Start Legion in Signia from any location.

High Daeva: Successor of Eternity




High Daeva


Growth Aura


Regions · Dungeons



Sky Islands

Library of Knowledge

Adma Ruins

Elemental Lord's Laboratory

Arkhal's Hidden Space

General Items

High Daeva-only Items

High Daeva Wings

Primary Manastones

Strengthening/Modification Window

Enchantment Stone Dust

Soul Binding Release Function

Enhanced Lord's Feather

New Items Instance Items

Chosen Guardian's Set

Elemental Lord's Set

Ruin Fiend's Set

Arkhal's Set

Maze Set
Secret Maze Set
Old Holy Maze Set
Mystic Maze Set
Legendary Maze Set
Winding Maze Set
Endless Maze Set

Field Drop Items

Thunder Set
Full Moon Set
Firmament Set
Dawn Set
Sunset Set
Paradise Set
Pride Set
Demise Set
Heavens Set

Quest Rewards

Atreia Conqueror's Set

Morph Items

Rune Hero's Set

Joyous Fungie's Set
Whispering Woman's Set

Named · RvR Items

Eternal Vow's Set
Eternal Oath's Set
Eternal Hope's Set
Eternal Glory's Set

Eternal Honour's Set

Bygone Atreia Weapons


High Daeva Mission

Monarch Quests


High Daeva Material Conversion

Growth Item Changes

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