KR - Update December 30th 2015

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The amount of Creativity has been increased and a new Legion buff has been added!

December 30th Update significantly increased the amount of Creativity a player can acquire.

Additionally, new Legion buff has been added.

Update Cheat Sheet

1. The amount of obtainable Creativity has been increased. For a limited time, Creativity reset will only cost 1 Kinah

2. Atreia Pass rewards have changed

3. New Legion buff has been added

4. The difficulty of Esterra/Nosra infiltration troops has been lowered, experience reward has been increased

5. New PCroom benefits


1. The amount of Creativity a High Daeva can acquire with each level has been increased.

- If you have already levelled up the difference will be paid the next time you reach the Creativity point.

- For a certain amount of time resetting Creativity will only require 1 Kinah, the price will not increase with each reset.

HD Evolution 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75
Before 1 6 6 7 8 9 10 12 14 16 18
After 1 9 9 11 12 13 15 17 20 23 27

2. Issue with character displaying incorrectly while riding Wind Kirrus has been fixed.


1.New Legion buff has been added.

- To receive a 5% XP buff, a Legion must be at least level 3 and at least 5 members (but not more than 9) must be online.

- When at least 10 players are on-line the members will benefit from a 10% experience buff.

Legion buff with 5-9 players on-line


2. Issue with Legion benefits not applying even when the conditions were met has been fixed.

- Issue with Legion benefits on the integrated server has been fixed.


1. Starting from January 1st, 2016 rewards from the Atreia Pass have changed.

- You can obtain a daily reward every time you log in to the game, go to the ‘Reward Box’ to check available rewards.

- 28 days cumulative reward can only be obtained by High Daeva, the box will contain a Mythical High Daeva gear.

- Anniversary reward will now only be obtainable by characters level 66 and higher instead of 46 and will contain new items.

[Stamp] Anniversary Consumables Box

Before After
[Stamp] Noble Illusion Godstone Box 5

[Stamp] Noble Ancient Manastone Box 5
[Stamp] Noble Composite Manastone Box 5
[Stamp] Noble Manastone Pouch 20
[Stamp] Tempering Solution (7 days) 5
[Stamp] Greater Felicitous Socketing (Heroic) 1
[Stamp] Greater Felicitous Socketing (Mythic) 1
Ceramium Medal 20

[Stamp] Archdaeva Manastone Box 3

[Jakurerk] Shining Illusion Godstone Box 5
[Stamp] Plastic Surgery Ticket 1
[Stamp] Major Felicitous Socketing (Eternal) 1
[Stamp] Major Felicitous Socketing (Mythic) 1
[Stamp] Stigma Bundle 3

2. The system message will now include the amount of AP or Kinah to Augment/Condition an item.

- When you don't have enough Kinah/AP to Augment/Condition an item a system message will be outputted.

3. Issue with Creativity icon overlapping broker icon has been fixed.

4. Issue with additional benefits buff displaying even if it shouldn't has been fixed.

5. 모르헤임 결계탑 지역에 동일한 거점 이동이 중복으로 설정되어 있는 현상을 수정하였습니다.

6. Some tips have been changed and new ones added.

7. The game ending screen has been changed.


1. Issue with mobs from the Library of Knowledge instance not using their skills has been fixed.

2. Issue with artifacts in the Library of Knowledge not activating has been fixed.

3. Settings of Esterra, Nosra infiltration troops have been changed.

- Grade of troops has been changed, combat pattern difficulty has been lowered.

- XP reward has been increased.

- Level has been lowered.

4. Size of Guardian's Trap and Archon's Trap in Esterra, Nosra has been reduced.

5. Type-specific dummies have been placed in Esterra, Nosra.

6. Issue with some NPCs spawning twice has been fixed.


1. Issue with some Esterra, Nosra monsters dropping items that do not match the level has been fixed.


1. Terath Dredgion, Oriel/Pernon, Empyrean Crucible quests will now only startable within certain level ranges.

2. PVP quests have been added to Esterra/Nosra.

3. quest will now specify the location of the teleportation device.

4. Steps in the and quests have changed.


1. Issue with character displaying incorrectly when using Springing Slice with a two-handed weapon has been fixed.


1. Nosra's terrain has been fixed.


1. New PCroom benefits have been added.

- When connecting from a PCroom you will acquire additional 30% XP from hunting/gathering/crafting.

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