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Many changes have been applied to Esterra/Nosra!

With the November 25th Update various changes have been applied to Esterra and Nosra.

Each High Daeva region can be divided into 4 level regions, level of field monsters there has been reduced and XP rewards for some quests have been significantly increased. Additionally, new PvP items have been added as rewards for killing opposite race's troops.

Update Cheat Sheet

1. New PvP Eternal Vow's Set has been added

2. Esterra/Nosra field monster's XP rewards have been increased, level and stats decreased

3. Esterra/Nosra quests will now ask you to kill 40 monsters instead of 60

4. Esterra/Nosra quest XP rewards have been increased

5. Library of Knowledge, Adma Ruins, Elemental Lord's Laboratory monsters will now give more XP

6. New emoticons have been added


1. New emoticons have been added.


2. Growth Aura will now maintain for 60 minutes after logging out.

3. An issue with temporary invincibility has been fixed.

4. Growth Aura did not charge in certain circumstances, this issue has been fixed.

5. The issue with some characters awkward positioning after using a mount has been fixed.

6. Reduced the volume of some battle sounds.


5 new emoticons have been added


Female character performing 'Charm'


1. Eternal Vow's Set has been added.

- There is a chance to obtain it by kill opposite race's troops infiltrating Esterra/Nosra.


Always look for infiltration troops


to have a chance to acquire PvP items

2. Eternal Oath's Set recommended level has been reduced from 77 to 75.

- Item stats have been adjusted to match the new recommended level.

3. The probability of obtaining Manastones from Library of Knowledge, Adma Ruins, Elemental Lord's Laboratory has been adjusted.

4. Issue with physical/healer shields from the Adma Ruins instance has been fixed.

5. You will now be able to extract Upgrade Stones from the Library of Knowledge's Maze Set.

6. Issue with characters displaying incorrectly while extracting items has been fixed.

7. Issue with characters displaying incorrectly when strengthening an item while riding a mount has been fixed.

8. Issue with Crafting Enhancement Stones has been fixed.

9. Issue with some Legion related items not being usable has been fixed.

10. Issue with not being able to use Soul Releasing Stone on an appearance-changed item has been fixed.

11. Issue with sound not playing correctly after using potions/foods/etc more than 3 times has been fixed.

12. Some bundles will now stack up to 1,000.

13. Experience details have been added to the Gold Star Aura's tooltip (PC room).

14. Omega Enchantment Stone's tooltip will now specify what will happen if you use it on High Daeva-only Items.

15. Issue with selling pets occurring when there are no items to sell has been fixed.

16. Issue with some items displaying incorrectly in the preview window has been fixed.

17. Issue with some item's appearance has been fixed.


1. Some Esterra/Nosra quests will now ask you to kill 40 monsters instead of 60.

2. Esterra/Nosra quests that could only be obtained every other day will now be acquirable after 1 day and 16h.

3. When a monster related to a Esterra/Nosra quest disappears it was not possible to continue that quest. This issue has been fixed.

4. Changed the number of coins you can obtain from some quests in a form of a bundle.

5. Not being able to obtain rewards for the Asmodian Library of Knowledge Missions has been fixed.

- If you finished the Asmodian Library of Knowledge Missions before 25.11 you will find missing rewards in your inventory after regular server inspection.

Race Mission Name

6. Issue with High Daevas not being able to use Beritra's Invasion Corridor in the quest has been fixed.

7. Issue with characters looking backwards while moving in the High Daeva Missions has been fixed.

8. High Daeva Mission quests will now give more details.


Reduced amount of objectives


Better XP rewards


1. When a High Daeva acquires Creativity, the window will now pop-up.

2. The time before you can re-join a Legion will now show seconds.

3. Ring Menu will no longer open when pushing special buttons (Ctrl, Alt, Shift).

4. Issue with loading screens displaying incorrectly under certain resolutions has been fixed.

5. Issue with extraction effect displaying after using Upgrade Stone extraction in the Strengthening/Modification Window has been fixed.

6. Issue with item icons displaying incorrectly when looting Signia/Vengar Invasion monsters has been fixed.

7. Upper Abyss Stronghold reinforcement related messages will only output in the Abyss.

8. After turning some settings off, some sounds would play incorrectly. This issue has been resolved.

9. Some preset settings have been fixed.

10. Some customizable values have been changed.


1. Esterra/Nosra field monsters will now give more experience.

2. Stats and level of some Esterra/Nosra monsters have been reduced.

3. Skills of some Esterra/Nosra file monsters have been changed.

4. Fixed motion errors of some Esterra/Nosra field monsters.

5. Esterra/Nosra quest rewards have been increased, monsters will now drop items more often.

6. Monsters in Library of Knowledge, Adma Ruins, Elemental Lord's Laboratory will now give more experience points.

7. Some corridors can now be used by High Daevas.

8. Issue with some unreachable gathering has been fixed.

9. Issue with sounds of some monsters and NPCs not being played has been fixed.


The maximum level in 2/4 regions has been decreased by 2


Unique monsters will give way more XP

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Instanced Dungeons

1. An exit portal has been added to the Territorial Battle instance.


1. Each time a High Daeva transforms, a message about newly available skills would be outputted multiple times. This has been fixed.

2. An issue with some Gunner's skill effects displaying incorrectly has been fixed.


1. Issue with characters getting stuck in some Nosra's objects has been fixed.

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