Adma Ruins

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- Available for levels 66 and higher
- Group (6)
- Entrance opens every Mon, Wed, Fri at 9:00 and stays open for 24h
- 2 entries a week (Wed 9:00)
-Elyos entrance in Esterra, Asmodian entrance in Nosra
- Additional Instance Admission System
- Server-Wide Recruitment available


- Level 67 monsters
- Fairly easy and fast


- Ruin Fiend's Set
- Women-only appearance change items




1 entry a week (Wed 9:00)

Farm your first High Daeva items!

Adma Ruins is a casual instance. It's the right place to challenge right after turning into a High Daeva.

Internal structure has been simplified, kill the final boss to obtain Mythical level 69 items.

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Adma Ruins is available twice a week.

Elyos entrance in located in Esterra, Asmodian entrance is located in Nosra. It's close to the main base and shouldn't be hard to find.

However, the entrance to the Adma Ruins instance appears only every <Monday, Wednesday and Friday> at 9:00a.m. and remains for 24h. If the entrance is not available keep in mind that similar instance, Elemental Lord's Laboratory is available every <Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday> with entrance appearing at 9:00a.m. and remaining for 24h.


Elyos entrance in Esterra

Asmodian entrance in Nosra


Map Structure


Adma Ruins is a small instance.

In the instance you can find 3 special mob. The final boss should not be difficult if you play with caution.



1st named, despite it's elite ranking should not be too difficult

Be aware of many ads



Princess Karemiwen is the 2nd elite monster

She will drop manastones and maybe even a treasure key



Evil Spirit is the final boss

Watch out for aoe fears



It will drop a Mythical level 69 equipment

Apperance remodeling items can be looted from the treasure box



Adma Ruins
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Main information about the instance.
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List of all NPCs that can be found inside the instance.
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Check what items you can find in the Adma Ruins.
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Information on available quests.

High Daeva: Successor of Eternity

Elyos High Daeva Guide


Asmodian High Daeva Guide



High Daeva


Growth Aura


Regions · Dungeons



Sky Islands

Library of Knowledge

Adma Ruins

Elemental Lord's Laboratory

Arkhal's Hidden Space

General Items

High Daeva-only Items

High Daeva Wings

Primary Manastones

Strengthening/Modification Window

Magic Powder

Soul Binding Release Function

Enhanced Lord's Feather

New Items Instance Items

Chosen Guardian's Set

Elemental Lord's Set

Ruin Fiend's Set

Arkhal's Set

Maze Set
Secret Maze Set
Old Holy Maze Set
Mystic Maze Set
Legendary Maze Set
Winding Maze Set
Endless Maze Set

Field Drop Items

Thunder Set
Full Moon Set
Firmament Set
Dawn Set
Sunset Set
Paradise Set
Pride Set
Demise Set
Heavens Set

Quest Rewards

Atreia Conqueror's Set

Morph Items

Rune Hero's Set

Joyous Fungie's Set
Whispering Woman's Set

Named · RvR Items

Eternal Vow's Set
Eternal Oath's Set
Eternal Hope's Set
Eternal Glory's Set

Eternal Honour's Set

Bygone Atreia Weapons


High Daeva Mission

Monarch Quests

Elyos Quests Levels 66-70

Asmodian Quests Levels 66-70


High Daeva Material Conversion

Growth Item Changes

Additional Updates KR - Update November 18th 2015

KR - Update November 25th 2015

KR - Update December 9th 2015

KR - Update December 16th 2015

KR - Update December 23rd 2015

KR - Update December 30th 2015

KR - Update January 13th 2016

KR - Update January 27th 2016

KR - Update February 3rd 2016

KR - Update February 17th 2016

KR - Update February 24th 2016

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