Memories of Eternity

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Level 999 / Recommended 999
Number of Repeats:
  1. Talk with Sanctum Keeper Ador.

  2. Talk with Ariel's Agent Viola.

  3. Investigate the tower fragment at Eternal Pool.

  4. Enter and investigate the Archives of Eternity.

  5. Defeat the Crystalized Shardgolem, who guards the entrance of the Atreia History Archives. ([14]/1)

  6. Examine the records contained in the Atreia History Archives.

  7. Go to the Human History Archives and examine the histories held there.

  8. Defeat the Lesser Fleshgolems who get in your way, and follow Leibo.

  9. Talk with Record Keeper Leibo.

  10. Examine the records contained in the Empyrean Lord's Archives.

  11. Defeat the Augmented Fleshgolem who gets in your way, and chase after Leibo.

  12. Talk with Record Keeper Leibo.

  13. Defeat Violent Bust and remove the seal in the Archive of All Knowledge.

  14. Defeat the unsealed Archdaeva and regain your power.

  15. Report the result to Agent Viola.

  16. Summary:
    Orders: Sanctum Keeper Ador is looking for you. Go to Ariel's Sanctuary and meet with him.