Soul Binding Release Function

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Soul Releasing Magic Stone

To release your soul from an item you will need a Unbinding Stone.

This item can be purchased for 5,000 Ancient Coins at Esterra stronghold (Elyos) or Nosra stronghold (Asmodians).


Elyos NPC


Asmodian NPC

Unbinding an Item

Unbinding an item can be preformed through the Strengthening/Modification Window.

Double-click on the Unbinding Stone in your inventory and after choosing a target item Strengthening/Modification Window will automatically open.

Once you click the Start Button item will once again become tradeable.


Use a Magic Stone to release your soul from an item


Strengthening/Modification Window preview

Feature Excluded from the Master Server

Soul Binding Release Function is only available on live servers.

On the Master Server players can still use packaging scrolls to trade items.


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