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During the Cataclysm, the Tower of Eternity was shattered. When this occurred Atreia was sundered into two halves, leaving a base for the tower on each half of the world. Between the tower’s bases a great disharmonious resonance began to flow. This is where the Abyss lies.

After centuries have passed, the two factions, Elysean and Asmodian, began to discover entry points into the realm of the Abyss from their homelands. Many of the expeditions sent to explore these gates never returned. Finally, gates to permanent portions of the Abyss were found. These are now known as an Abyssal Gate. This part of the Abyss was soon to be called Reshanta.

In the lower portion of the Reshanta both the Elysean and Asmodians have set up large fortresses in which to stage their conquering of the Abyss. To the north east the Asmodians have settled Primum Landing, within an ancient fortress revived to house their Archons. In the south west, the Elysean forces have built a shining fortress among the ruins Teminon Landing to house their Legionaires.
Within the Abyss the Asmodians and Elyos have not only each other to face but the denizens of Reshanta as well. This includes the Balaur who have found there way back to the realm of Atreia. Using their Dredgion Battleships, the Balaur are able to reach the whole of the Abyss.

Entering the Abyss


In order to enter the Abyss both factions require that you complete a series of tests to prove your knowledge, strength, and ableness to survive the harsh environment of the Abyss. These tests are given to you when you reach level 25 (45 since the 5.3 Update), and upon completion of the final test you will be able to use the one of the Abyss gates available to you.


Race Campaign Quest Line


Gate Locations:

Elysean Verteron Citadel Eltnen Fortress New Heiron Gate
Asmodian Altgard Fortress Morheim Fortress Beluslan Fortress

Safety in the Abyss

The gates will lead to your faction’s main fortifications within the Abyss. Because of the aetheric fields surrounding each factions fortress, this will be the only safe place for you while venturing here. You will be able to find the same amenities within these forts as with any other major city or town in Atreia. You will also have access to Abyss Point Contribution vendors that sell various items useful for defending yourself in the harsh environment.

Elyos Asmodian
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Teminon Landing Primum Landing

Travelling in the Abyss

The Abyss is a large expanse with many hazards. Simply getting from one place to another by normal means of travel can be quite dangerous. However, there are some ways to speed things along in order to get you where you need to be when required.


Moving around the abyss normally requires flight. This is due to the nature of the land masses and their island like structures. However these islands are not seperated by water but by space. In the aether enriched abyss, you will be able to fly anywhere. Be wary though, as with any other flyable area, you are still limited by your bodies stamina and can only fly for so long before needing to rest your wings.

There are also Flight Rings within the area that will help by refreshing portions of your flight timer as well as giving you a speed buff for a short period of time. Along with the rings their are many items that will help to improve your flight attributes: Improving Flight.


Inter-layer travel:

The upper and lower levels of the abyss are seperated by vast expanses of space. While it is possible to fly to one level or another, it is quite a difficult task without some help. In order to reach the upper and lower portions of the abyss an Abyss Layer Teleporter is available that will safely move you up or down when needed.

To move between layers speak with the following


Western Shard of Latesrar Eastern Shard of Latesrar
Elyos Echo(Lower Layer)
Tiberius(Upper Layer)
Septimus(Lower Layer)
Theon(Upper Layer)
Asmodian Peroniad(Lower Layer)
Riudona(Upper Layer)
Mure(Lower Layer)
Hwiath(Upper Layer)



Within the Abyss, Teleporters are available in your factions landing as well as some of the capturable fortresses. In order to use these, your faction will need to be in control of the fortress you are attempting to travel to or from.

Combat in the Abyss


Combat in Reshanta is much like anywhere else in Atreia. However, because you can fly anywhere in the Abyss, you may find yourself in flight when fighting. You may find some skills no longer available in flight, though you can also find that your passive flight skills will take effect and you will receive bonuses depending on the class you have picked.


As with anywhere else, when you defeat an opponent of the opposite faction, or an NPC from the Baluar, you will receive Abyss Points. These points are used to increase your Abyss Rank. As you advance into the higher ranks you will find you have access to unique skills available to those ranks. Only the highest ranks will have access to these skills, and each rank is limited to the number of people who can hold them on each faction.


However, if you are defeated by a player of the opposite faction or a Balaur NPC, rather than taking on experience debt, you will lose Abyss Points based on the difference in levels between you and your opponent. This can also lead to the loss of Abyss Ranking.

You may also use your Abyss Points to purchase rewards from Contribution Vendors. These items can be special weapons, armor, accessories, or consumables. Just remember that as you spend Abyss Points you may also go down in Rank.

More on Abyss Points and their rewards.

Fortresses and Artifacts


Fortresses are the footholds within the Abyss. When under control of a player faction, that faction will have access to various ameneties allowing them easier access to supplies closer to the frontlines of battle. In order to take control of a fortress a siege must be laid on it and the it’s Guardian must be defeated.

More about Fortresses.

Siege Times


Artifacts are strategic points throughout the Abyss. When under the control of the Asmodian or Elysean forces they can be used to inflict a number of varying effects on the opposing faction. These can be anything from damage to movement impairing affects. Controlling the artifacta near fortresses can be the deciding factor in a castle siege. However, the Artifacts are not required to be under controll in order to take or maintain a fortresses ownership.

More About Artifacts

Dredgion Battleships

In an effort to destroy the forces of the Elyos and Asmodians, the Five Balaur Lords have sent their Dredgion battleships to wreak havoc within the Abyss. These powerful monstrosities carry weapons that can fire on Daevas who get too close, blasting them from the skies. They also are the troop carriers for the Balaur and carry thousands of Baluar soldiers to drop as they please throughout the Abyss.


In order to defeat the the Dredgion, the Elyos and Asmodian forces must find a way to enter it and destroy it from within.

Exiting the Abyss

Each landing has three portals that will allow you to leave the Abyss. Each of these portals will take you to their corresponding zones depending upon where you may need to go to either meet with your legion and friends, or to continue your adventures in another zone.

Landing Portal Name Location
Primum Landing Altgard Teleport Device Primum Plaza
Morheim Teleport Device Russet Plaza
Beluslan Teleport Device Primum Wharf
Teminon Landing Verteron Teleport Tower Teminon Wharf
Eltnen Teleport Tower Latis Plaza
Heiron Teleport Tower Teminon’s Leap